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Proposal of exercises to work breathing.

Namaste In this video we are going to do a pranayama proposal

Pranayamas or breathing exercises with different purposes

Before starting I recommend you to find a comfortable sitting position

One of them would be with a brick and a cushion for example to sit on raised with our sacrum elevated

And so our knees fall forward and our back is straight and our back is upright which makes us is of great interest, especially for that our chest our lungs, have enough space to practice the pranayama exercises

The first pranayama exercise that I propose is called Anuloma Viloma

which we would do without retention

If you have already practiced Yoga before maybe you know what I'm talking about

If you don't nothing happens that I explain it here

This pranayama exercise is useful for us to maintain a good balance when we feel because with low self-esteem or emotionally affected

What can be normal throughout pregnancy

A way to rebalance our brain is through this breathing

So that we are not on the super negative side, or maybe we're too excited so that we don't get to calm ourselves down, to find that balance, a way to rebalance ourselves with the breath is this exercise

For this we will carry with our right hand our index and middle finger between the eyebrows that would be the sixth chakra

The third eye

Like this we got align all our energy

There to become conscious and now we would support our right thumb, in our right nostril

Inhaling, we lift the ring finger and little finger, inhaling through the left nostril and when exhaling we support pinky and ring finger and raise the right thumb and exhale through the nostril right

And now we repeat the same, inhaling right nostril exhaling, support you thumb

Exhale from the left

Inhale on the left

Exhale on the right

You can count so that inhalation and exhalation have the same length

Inhale one two Three, exhale

One, two three

You can do longer,

Inhale, one, two three four five

Exhale one two three four, five


One two, three four five


One two three four five

You may repeat this exercise the times that you need to connect with your breath

If you have anxiety, for instance you are under a lot of stress by anyone for any reason that disturbs your equilibrium you can practice this type of pranayama

Another pranayama that I propose to you especially for pregnant women we are going to be very hot

This is due to among other things to the excess of blood volume, that we have more volume blood to move, our heart is not accustomed to that capacity, so that generates us heat, not because our body is still working In a Our body is working with overexertion

So to soothe that heat that we can perceive there is a breath called the SAFTA breath

That helps to cool down the body

There are two ways to do it

If you have the ability to place the tongue like this like a a little circle

Then you can do the breathing with the tongue, if I'm not going to do the first, the first example would be, inhaling through the tongue exhaling through the nose

Inhaling and exhaling

If you're not able to make that gesture with your tongue

just do it through your teeth

Place your tongue between your teeth as if you were smiling

You inhale

You exhale through your nose

When you do this kind of pranayama exercises

Do it in a quiet place where you can be alone better, well otherwise nothing happens but where you can really concentrate on your breathing, so you don't hyperventilate

or suddenly feel a sense of dizziness

This is why it is important to keep the count on the inhalation and exhalation, so as not to inhale too much and then exhale or exhale enough or vice versa

It depends on each person and people that the inhalation makes it stronger and the exhalation is hard for them

And people that the opposite happens to them, then see what is your case and count and count how long it takes you

Another type of breathing we can do also directed then to for stress, a little bit of anxiety or even for better concentration than during pregnancy

unintentionally, because well as our whole organism is focused on only one thing

Well, many times we have a little memory loss or absent-mindedness

which are normal during pregnancy

But what if we have to face a job interview

a meeting, then we can do this pranayama exercise, before

To connect with our internal part and to keep our mind more focused

It's called bhramari breathing or bee breathing

So what we're going to do, is to cover our ears with our index and middle fingers and inhale through the nose and when exhaling, make a small noise

Like an M You inhale through your nose

You exhale with the m, through the nose as well

This is going to make you feel

Looking to feel more inward, not looking inward in some way

And finally a breath that we can practice when we are doing yoga or any kind of exercise a little bit more physical, it's the breath Ujjayi or ocean breath

The only thing that the exhalation when being pregnant is more convenient to do it through the mouth

Because in this way we are also favoring these facial respirations to the birth

What happens when we exhale through the mouth

When we exhale through the mouth our sphincters relax, our perineal area, our pelvic floor

In the exhalation the sphincters relax and you taste it

Inhale and exhale through the mouth

You may bring your attention to that area of your body and observe what happens so, that's a way also to prepare us to push

To relieve, the contractions

What we have to imagine in the ujjayi breathing, is to imagine the sound of the the sound of the sea, ujjayi means that ocean breathing

A wave coming would be the inhalation

And the departing wave the exhalation, it is also important that inhalation and exhalation have the same path

So we would inhale through the nose

Exhale we would do through the mouth

And this is going to give us a lot of strength of determination

At the same time tranquility

And so what I was telling you you can practice during our yoga practice or stretching that we want to do or to relieve pains such as contractions of Braxton Hicks, which we will suffer especially in the last trimester of pregnancy

where we can simply feel our abdomen getting hard

and we have the whole belly like very hard, very compressed or we can even feel discomfort in the lower abdomen similar to when we have our period

So, this type of breathing is going to help us a little bit, relieve this discomfort or in the face when we go into labor

well, it's going to help us too

hold this breath that gives us strength, that gives us determination, that keeps us in the present moment

And as I was telling you in the inhalation, so it probably contracts the sphincters a little bit but on the exhalation is going to relax completely

And this would be the proposed breathing exercises or pranayama


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