Lil' Yogis: Learning to Meditate

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Welcome to Lil' Yogis, a fun and enlightening new animated series where spiritual learning is made fun and easy for all ages. Get ready to dive into an exciting new adventure of spirituality with Lil' Yogis: Learn to Meditate!

Namaste everybody, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and we're all about to embark on another wonderful class

It's so fun to learn and today little Sahasrara is going to teach us all about chakras

Hi everybody, I'm Little Crown

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How's everybody this morning? We're great Little Crown

Ready to start another day of enlightened learning? What is this class gonna be about? I can't wait to get learning

I want to learn everything there's to know about everything and today's topic is gonna be a great place to start from

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Well let's not wait anymore you guys

Let's get the class started and find out what today's topic is

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What are we waiting for? Are you ready Little Yogis? Today we're going to learn all about meditation

Meditation has tons of physical and psychological benefits

For one, meditation helps keep us physically and emotionally balanced at all times

The most important thing that meditation teaches us is to remain calm, delve deep within, and discover our inner peace and tranquility

The best thing about meditation is that once you're familiar with the technique you can do it from anywhere and at any time

Meditation will immediately free your mind, body, and soul from the complexities of life

It's a powerful technique which can elevate our awareness level and help us heal from within

It brings forth the hidden emotions we keep deep within our subconscious mind that are at times the root cause of so many problems in our life

Knowingly or unknowingly, we carry the weight of emotions like anger, arrogance, or jealousy

Such emotions have a very harmful impact on our mind and body

Did you know these emotions affect our personality too? That's true! They keep us negative and regressive

For example, if someone is behaving badly or when things don't go according to our liking, then they become a major cause of tension

When this happens, we feel miserable

Nobody's life is without any problems

Meditation can help us with this

It gives the right solution for almost all of our problems

When we meditate, issues come to the surface which needs our attention

What's really amazing about meditation is that it helps us identify the problem and then eliminates the cause responsible for our unhappiness

Whenever we come across an undesirable situation which provokes anger or fear within us, it's best to move the attention of the mind towards forgiveness

Once we forgive the individual or situation responsible for creating that particular trouble in our life, it relives us from the feelings of anger and hurt

That makes the problem lose its importance and it stops bothering us

You'll notice that mental agitation is immediately reduced after meditation

With continuous practice, we can achieve the target to be more forgiving and less angry or fearful

But remember little yogi, for this to happen, meditation has to be done regularly so that it becomes a habit

When you meditate regularly, it overcomes stress, panic, and anxiety, all of which contributes towards internal happiness

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Let's keep learning

No matter what your condition is or position in life, it's important to remain happy

But the problem is that our happiness depends on the circumstances with which we are surrounded

Therefore, our happiness is very elusive and temporary in nature

You can say it has a very short shelf life

Even those who are blessed with everything experience void as if something is missing from their life

These sensations tend to steal our joy and gravitate us toward sorrow

To seek inner peace which is a source of eternal happiness, we need to initiate ourselves to the technique of meditation

During meditation, we are at ease

We're not affected by circumstances, thoughts, and feelings

The moment we get disentangled from thoughts and feelings, we emerge in the state of ease where we start finding that elusive internal happiness

This internal happiness gathered during meditation helps us to face all sorts of situations

Our perspective towards life broadens and can feel that we are better for ourselves and for everyone around us

We're all prone to both negative and positive thoughts, and each of these thoughts triggers positive or negative emotions

Positive thoughts provide joy, happiness, peace, and harmony

Negative thoughts trigger anger, fear, anxiety, worry, or frustration

Unfortunately, all of us are in the habit of nurturing negative thoughts or emotions

Positive thoughts remain in the memory for a very short period of time

It's mainly the negative thoughts which rule the roost, one could say

Over a period of time, we try to suppress or ignore the negative emotions which keep on growing within us until they take a form of a disease

So the best way to get rid of all these negative emotions is to forgive and release your negative energy through meditation

Sit in a quiet place and feel your emotions through meditation

Gradually release them and recover your good health

But how do we meditate? Let's find out

If you want to meditate, try to find a separate room or a corner in the house free from noise or any unnecessary vibrations

Wear comfortable clothes

Try to keep your mind away from distractions before doing meditation

It's best to attempt meditation either early in the morning or at dusk

Sit in a comfortable position and ensure you don't slouch while sitting

For concentration, you need to focus on a particular unmoving spot or anything that inspires and calms you

Some people focus on their breath as this pranic energy controls body, soul, and mind

Once you're able to focus, delve deep within

When you do this, you'll come across various thoughts like clouds drifting in the sky

Let them pass

Just ensure that you don't cling to them

Gradually shift your mind to your inner stillness

All of a sudden, you'll experience a complete vacuum

This is the moment you realize about the absolute truth

This is the moment where you can let go of your past, present, and future

Meditation needs practice, patience, and time

Do not become impatient and don't ever get disheartened or frustrated

Initially, you can devote 20 minutes and then increase up to one hour

With experience, you can do it at any time or at any place

Once you're able to maneuver the reins of your mind, you can attain the state of bliss at any hour of the day

You might ask yourself, what will I experience while doing meditation? Let's explore that

Wow, our journey into today's topic is underway, little yogis

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Meditation awakens the deepest dimensions of reality

When we move deep within, while meditating, we get exposed to that domain which is timeless, formless, and empty

Here our thoughts of past and future disappear

Even awareness of the world and our biological form gradually melt away

As we move further, we explore the infinite nature of this unique dimension where there is no beginning and no end

In this zone, we discover the extraordinary and limitless freedom from all sorts of suffering or pain

Here, seen and unseen, known and unknown, blend together and appear as one rather than two

This domain is not an abstract idea, but an actual dimension which sees into meditators experience

All those who explore this realm tell us that the world is merely an illusion and consciousness is an absolute reality

Cool, right? When we emerge at this plane, we experience lots of peace, which serves as a great purpose of existence

When we are in perfect concentration, the soul becomes actually free from the gross elements of the body and the mind too, and it explores itself from within

Even if we discover this dimension for a brief period, we experience a timeless and blissful state

Doesn't that sound amazing? Did you know meditation is so powerful it can even cure ailments? Yep, you heard right

As we've seen, meditation can reduce stress, but it can also relieve the body from several ailments such as asthma, headache, heart disease, high blood pressure or insomnia

It increases the gray matter in the brain too

Gray matter regulates our emotions, speech, self-control, muscle movement and even the power of decision-making

It enhances our immune functions and releases stress related to aging

Meditation is very beneficial for students too, as it improves their memory power, ability to think creatively, enable them to do multitasking and enhances the power of concentration

Meditation reduces anxiety, depression, negative emotions and feelings of loneliness

It inclines the mind towards compassion, care and concern

Scientists have been able to prove that meditation has reduced several stress triggered medical conditions

Habitual meditation helps so many individuals to overcome phobias and obsessive compulsive behavior

Mindful meditation builds the pattern of constructive thinking and improves self-esteem

The mental discipline one develops with meditation helps the mind avoid triggers and unwanted impulses

There are so many styles of meditation and each one has a different effect

It's important to find that type of meditation you enjoy doing and continue to practice throughout your life

You can practice two or three techniques at the same time and enjoy all their benefits

Later on you can settle for the practice which suits your personality the most, as each practice has different effects on the mind, body and soul

Some techniques of meditation have a subtle effect and some change you from within

It's important to journal your progress whatever technique you're following

It'll give a clear picture of the technique which you want to follow

But whatever you meditate, whatever kind of meditation practice that you choose, the overall impact is gonna tilt the scales of your life towards a happier, healthier and more peaceful you

Let's check out Zen meditation

Zen meditation comes from the Buddhist school but I bet you already knew that

This meditation needs to be done with tons of depth and power

In other forms of meditation we focus individually on body, breath and mind

But in Zen meditation we need to concentrate on all of them simultaneously

Wow! Sounds pretty cool but how do we do it? How inspirational that was! Your wisdom is first-class little crown

Your voice is so pretty and your knowledge is so inspiring

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Strap on your seat belts little yogis

Away we go and some more facts and wisdom

Yeah! Before we begin our Zen meditation, it's important to check our posture

We should always sit on the floor in a cross-legged position

The spine should be erect

Head and neck should be aligned with it

One can also sit in a half lotus position, which means your left foot should rest on top of the right thigh and the other leg should be tucked in

If you can, you might want to sit in the full lotus position where each foot is placed on the opposite thigh

One can sit in these for a longer duration if one has practiced for a long time

Now, slightly tuck in your chin

Your eyelids should partially cover your eyes

Hands are comfortably kept in your lap

One on the other leg

Thumbs of the hand should join each other and form this cosmic mudra

Breathe normally and with each exhalation, count from one to ten

Gradually, we should bring our awareness on our physical and emotional aspects, but dismiss any kind of thoughts and just think about nothing

When and where should we practice Zen meditation? Let's find out! Zen meditation should be practiced during the early hours of the day, preferably before sunrise

At that time, we have a clear and fresh mind because we have just come out of sound sleep

When we do meditation in a relaxed state of mind, we get the maximum benefit

We should select a quiet corner of the house

Once we find a time and place that works for us, we should stick to the same time and place at least in the beginning

It'll help us become efficient in doing this meditation

One should do Zen meditation with complete patience and perseverance

It's important to remain neutral towards any thought that arises during meditation

Do not react or get emotional on seeing them

Simply observe them and let them go, just like clouds in the sky

The thoughts that arise will finally exhaust themselves and you'll experience this inner quietness, which will slowly and surely lead you to the spiritual path

Let's explore the benefits of Zen meditation

Zen meditation has numerous psychological and physiological benefits

It enhances the concentration and guides us to live in the present moment

It gives clarity to our mind and completely relaxes the body from deep within

It sorts away the trivial dilemmas which unnecessarily disturb our mind

After the practice of Zen meditation, our approach towards life becomes all the more positive

In addition, Zen meditation has the power to cure ailments

Isn't Zen meditation the greatest? How utterly amazing! I'm so inspired right now

I feel so calm and centered

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Inner peace is my middle name

It's the best way to be

Let's all strive for inner peace

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Inner peace and loads of learning

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Let's do it

All right, follow me into a whole new world of incredible facts

Another kind of meditation is called loving-kindness meditation

Let's look into it

In this kind of meditation, we visualize that the heart is full of love and kindness

We eliminate thoughts of jealousy, anger, and frustration and instead fill our heart with unconditional love for ourselves and others

Over a period of time, we will receive the same love and compassion from other people

The more we send the message of love, the more we receive it in return

Makes sense, doesn't it? Once you start practicing love-kindness meditation with full dedication, you'll see the changes within and around you

This kind of meditation is also known as Metta meditation

How do we practice loving-kindness meditation? For this meditation, we need to find a quiet place and sit comfortably

We can either sit on a chair with feet flat on the floor or with folded legs on the ground

The spine should be erect, head and neck and shoulders should be in the same alignment as that of the spine

Then try to concentrate on your breath

With each inhalation and exhalation, focus on the middle of the chest and gradually shift the focus towards your heart region

Try to arouse the feeling of unconditional love for yourself and others

The moment that feeling arises within you, form a connection with it

Then evoke the feelings of love and benevolence for everyone around you

Even if you become across some sort of resentment or grief or regret, just let it go by forgiving yourself or those people or circumstances who were responsible for it

Don't try to judge anyone, just create a feeling of love and kindness towards other people and yourself and it won't only heal you from within but it'll also nurture your relations with warm care and concern

It will transcend the barriers formed by the ego, wrath or rivalry

With time, loving-kindness meditation will even replace the feeling of ill will towards your enemies

Amazing meditation isn't it? What are the benefits of loving-kindness meditation? Let's check them out

If you practice loving-kindness meditation, every relation around you is going to bloom and grow

Love is the most essential key to unlock the marvels of each and every relationship in your life

It encompasses and embodies aspects like selflessness, compassion and consciousness

You realize it's not at all that important that your opinions, ideas, beliefs or assumptions click with everyone

There will be clashes but the feeling of pure love which arises during love-kindness meditation will wipe away all the differences in one go

When you give unconditional love and support to anyone, it can be your parents, siblings or friends

You'll receive the same in return

You'll always perceive calmness, respect and trust in everyone

Loving-kindness meditation will bring you in touch with the limitless harmony and bliss within you and around you

It will enhance your vitality, vigor and enthusiasm for life

If you're wondering what you should focus on while doing loving-kindness meditation, I'm here to tell you

The best way to open and energize yourself is simply to love yourself and others

When you develop love and kindness, you enhance your overall well-being

Therefore, you should focus on the love, forgiveness and kindness while doing introspection during loving-kindness meditation

Now there's a ton of cosmic, divine and pure love that's present within our inner pool but we remain oblivious to that because our mind is always so busy with silly life issues

But through loving-kindness meditation, we can find nourishment from within and bring forward the essence of love by filling our heart with love, care and compassion

Facts and knowledge

How cool! I feel enlightened already

And there's so much more to cover

I can't wait to see my friends so I can tell them all about what I've learned today

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Oh yeah? How about I give you more facts for you to gab about, little throat? Yes, that's what I'm talking about

Let's keep the knowledge rolling

Another very cool meditation technique is called Body Scan Meditation

What is it? Let's find out

Body Scan Meditation is a wonderful technique that enables us to get rid of stress-related ailments

Sometimes aches and pains like headaches or a backache become such a nuisance

It's believed that these physical pains are correlated to our emotions

These emotions need to be released and if they don't, they can become the main cause of several problems in our body and mind

When we mentally scan our body from head to toe, we tend to bring awareness to each body part and learn to coordinate the subtle sensations which we experience while scanning the body

How much time does it take to practice Body Scan Meditation? It ideally requires 20 to 45 minutes and it should be practiced either in the morning hours or when you're about to go to sleep

Once you become efficient with this practice, you can do it at any time

And now for the big question

How do you practice Body Scan Meditation? You should wear comfortable clothes and find a quiet place where you can do your practice

Then you can either lie down, sit, or even stand comfortably on your feet

Now bring the focus towards your body and close your eyes

Inhale deeply

And while doing this, your abdomen should expand and with each exhalation your abdomen should relax

After that, breathe normally

Now visualize your feet and connect with each sensation you feel there

Then take your focus towards your legs

Gently observe your calf muscles, knees, knee joints, hips, and pelvic region

In case you experience any stiffness in any of those parts, try to relax them

Next, gently bring your focus to the stomach

Let go of any tension from its muscles

After this, switch your focus on both the arms and hands

Soften your shoulder muscles, arms, forearms, palms, and fingers

Relax your chest

Now notice your throat region behind the neck

Keep releasing any tension you find

Moving on to your face

Soften your facial muscles and relax your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears

Completely relax your mind and then gently scan your whole body from head to toe

What are the benefits of body scan meditation? This meditation has several physical benefits

It also improves emotional health

It erases the fatigue from deep within and it's very beneficial for those who are suffering from insomnia or any type of anxiety disorder

Body scan meditation relieves the body from stress and physical pain

With each practice, you become mindful and aware of your present moment

What else can you gain from body scan meditation? Let's check it out! After regularly practicing body scan meditations, you can easily add the intent of wellness in the ailing part of your body

Usually, we are so lost in the humdrum of life that we tend to live in our head rather than a body

We easily lose the connection with our body and not notice the various sensations that are always trying to communicate with us

During body scan meditation, we establish the connection with our sensory organs and feel much more grounded and in touch with our present environment

Slippery sun salutations! These facts are blowing my third eye wide open, little crown! My knowledge is growing and my mind is getting stronger

I'll be super little Sora soon

Let's keep going then

What do you say, little yogis? Yeah! More amazing facts coming right up! Let's move on to another type of practice called Transcendental Meditation and find out all about it

Transcendental meditation is a simple yet efficient way to settle down the mind and induce a state of relaxed awareness

Transcendental meditation comes to us from the ancient Vedic traditions

During this meditation, we breathe normally and simply focus on a mantra

These mantras are from powerful texts and have a profound effect on the mind and body

Transcendental meditation needs to be practiced twice a day for 20 minutes or so

How do we practice transcendental meditation? To practice transcendental meditation, we sit in a comfortable position with closed eyes and silently repeat a mantra

It's the sound of the mantra in your mind which initiates the calmness and peace within you

You don't need to erase any unnecessary thoughts before starting the meditation

Instead, you simply observe them and then let them go

Your focus is completely on the mantra

Which mantra should you use during transcendental meditation? The selection of a mantra is done by a certified transcendental meditation teacher who selects a mantra especially for you after talking to you

In fact, the instructor assigns the mantra only after observing the personal characteristics of an individual

They also ensure that you follow the technique correctly

You might be wondering why we need to learn transcendental meditation from a professionally trained teacher

Well, this technique needs to be done under supervision so that the practitioner learns the meditation correctly

Once learned, transcendental meditation can be done with great spontaneity and in a natural and effortless way

The instructions are designed according to the requirements of each person

After four consecutive meetings with the instructor, you are initiated into the practice

Let's check out the benefits of transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation is practiced by millions of people all over the world

It minimizes anxiety, reduces stress, and lowers blood pressure

Other practices of meditation require long-term effort

But with this meditation, one can notice the benefits within a few days

It strengthens immunity and increases metabolism

It reduces the symptoms of depression, and can even cure insomnia

Transcendental meditation has even helped autistic patients as it's successful in curing autism spectrum disorders

Even people suffering from Alzheimer's have benefited from transcendental meditation

Just a few minutes of quiet relaxation can leave you mentally and physically refreshed

Your relationships start improving

You excel in every front of life

The deep psychological rest of this meditation can do wonders for you and those all around you

Double wow! That's what I call learning! Can we hear more, Lil' Quown? If you insist

We insist! Alright then, if you're so eager to learn more, let's get to it

If you love what we've learned so far, these next facts will leave you electrified

Spiritual knowledge! Here we come! Another powerful practice is called mindfulness meditation

Let's find out more about it

In mindfulness meditation, we concentrate on our breath and gradually shift our focus to our consciousness, while being aware of surroundings all the time

We enjoy the bliss of the present moment and without being judgmental about the past happenings and future plans

Mindfulness meditation brings unresolved issues to the surface

Once troubling issues come to the front, the calm mind seeks the answer from the subconscious mind

We introspect these issues without any attachment and do not judge them at all

Once we detach from them, we experience immense calmness, peace and happiness

We patiently accept the ways and measures suggested by the subconscious mind and move on

After that, your awareness shifts towards the present

In this way, your inner pool of peace remains unaffected by any turmoil of life

The worries about the past and future become less and less

You become happy, healthy and stress-free

How do you perform mindfulness meditation, you ask? Well, let me tell you about it

To practice mindfulness meditation, you need to select a room or a corner that can provide you with a quiet space

There, you can hang something that inspires you or even burn incense sticks or candles to soothe your nervous system

You can sit on the mat with a soft cushion beneath you or you can sit in a comfortable chair

Sit in the upright posture

Your hands should rest on your thighs

Initially, the gaze can settle on the floor

Now, try to bring focus to your body, then gradually to your breath

Just keep breathing normally

Don't try to change the pattern of your breath

Slowly, you'll experience the stillness within and around you

Now, try to shift your focus deep within your consciousness

You will feel calm and centered

In case annoying thoughts bother you, don't try to forcefully push them away

Just observe them without being judgmental

They will linger there for some time and then they will leave you

Just remain mindful of your body, breath and surroundings, even your thoughts throughout your practice

Did you know that visualization can help you in mindfulness meditation? Mindfulness meditation can be practiced by using a technique called visualization, which means forming a mental image of something

Visualization enhances the level of consciousness and self-awareness so that you can focus your mind and raise the energy level in your body

Once the body relaxes and the mind concentrates, the visualization meditation technique is applied to engage the imagination

This practice has tons of health benefits, which include boosting immunity, relieving insomnia and reducing stress

Mindfulness meditation can help us in today's world

How does it do this? The best thing about mindfulness meditation is that it can be practiced anywhere at any time of the day

It can be incorporated in our routine, even when we're doing our day-to-day activities, like walking, eating or standing

For this, we need to do every activity in a complete mindful meditative mode

Mindfulness meditation focuses our mind towards positive thoughts and feelings

Nowadays, with our hectic lifestyle, we all end up overthinking and getting lost in thoughts

This is due to the negative information which quietly sleeps in our mind from all around us

Our subconscious mind stores these unwanted elements, and during deep sleep, our brain tries to store out this irrelevant information

As a result, we don't get proper sleep

The next day, we get up with a muddled mind and find even more chaos in our lives

According to mindful meditation, we need to be mindful about our body, breath and mind, then observe the events without judging or attaching ourselves with them

We try to reconnect with the rhythm of the universe

One can hear its pace only when one connects with the stillness of the inner consciousness

The best thing about mindfulness meditation is that it enables us to tap the potential of our subconscious mind, which even we aren't aware of

The only thing you need to do is earnestly practice and try to teach the brain to avoid being judgmental

Initially, you need a quiet space to practice, but as you master the technique, you can do it in any kind of surrounding

This practice will instantly recharge your energy level and give peace and quiet to the mind


Amazing! That was a chakraful and a brainful

You know it, little folk

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We are the little yogis after all

Super cool little yogis ready to soak up more facts and knowledge, little crown

Let's get this spiritual journey going then

Let's discover another awesome meditation technique called breath awareness meditation

In this meditation, the complete focus is on breathing

If your mind wanders and deviates, then simply observe your breath and you can bring it back into focus

You must have noticed little yogis that whenever we're angry or scared, our breath becomes faster and shorter

But when we're relaxed, it becomes longer and deeper

That's because there's a deep connection between emotions and our breathing pattern

During breathing awareness meditation, we bring clarity, balance, and peace to our mind by focusing on our breath

Once our mind becomes relaxed, then it functions well

How should we do breath awareness meditation? Firstly, you should sit in a comfortable and stable place

It can be on the floor or in a chair

Close your eyes

You might feel sleepy

If so, you should practice with your eyes open

Or you can lower your gaze towards the floor

Now bring your focus towards your breath

Observe its pattern while inhaling and exhaling from your nostrils

Focus on the rising and falling of the chest and abdomen

Pay attention to the smallest sensations

If your mind wanders, don't try to force it

Be calm and quiet

Simply observe your thoughts for some time and then gently bring your focus back to your breath

Continue with the practice after some time and you'll feel relaxed and stress-free

Let's discover how breath awareness meditation can help us

Stress-related problems are increasing day by day, but breath awareness meditation promotes tranquility and inner stillness

It keeps our mind calm and balanced

The best thing about this technique is that it's very simple

We only have to watch our breath and while observing it, you shouldn't try to change it

Just continue to breathe normally

You'll find that your mind will disengage itself from the thoughts that don't matter and gradually develop the skill of doing things with awareness

Your power of concentration will enhance too

There'll be a surge in positive emotions while negative emotions will become less and less

Your ability to multitask will increase too

Sounds great, doesn't it? How long should we practice and when should we practice breath awareness meditation? Well, let's find out

In the beginning, you can practice for 10 minutes or so, but over a period of time, you can stretch it to 30 minutes

Breath awareness meditation can be practiced at any point of the day, but it just ensures that your mind and your other faculties are attentive

Avoid doing it if you're feeling sleepy or about to sleep

Interested? Let me give you a few more tips for practicing breath awareness meditation

Always breathe from the nose

If you're doing this practice with open eyes, then keep your gaze downwards

You can silently say these words to yourself that I'm breathing in while inhaling and I'm breathing out while exhaling

The moment you're comfortable with the flow of breath, you can stop saying these words and acknowledge the peace that comes through the stillness

Once you finish the practice, take a few moments and be with yourself before moving on with your day

Easy, isn't it? Paint me orange and call me a celebrity floor sign

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There's more where that came from, little sacral

Count me in

I'm ready to get my learning on, little crown

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My seventh chakra is bursting with the knowledge to share

Let's get to it

Has anybody here ever heard of Kundalini Yoga? Of course

Meditation through Kundalini Yoga is a unique and phenomenal experience

It transcends the barrier of our superficial and hectic lifestyle

It brings peace and harmony to our core

It also does away with the habits which begins to control our lives over a period of time

It cleanses our minds from deep within and helps us stay completely in the present

It shows the path of the union with cosmic divine powers and allows us to live in complete harmony

Sounds like a winner

How do we begin practicing meditation according to Kundalini Yoga? Sit in a comfortable pasture, in a quiet place

You can sit on the mat or a soft rug

Sit straight and partially cover your eyes with your eyelids, but slowly you can close more than that and allow a slight light to come through your eyelids

Relax your body but ensure that you neither sulk nor slouch

Sit up straight

If you can't hold the posture for too long, you can place a small pillow beneath you as it'll ease the pressure on the lower back

It's important to keep your spine straight because it plays an important role in controlling and coordinating our nervous system

Now notice your breath

Try to focus on each inhalation and exhalation

Generally we breathe 14 to 16 counts per minute, but you can lower it as you practice

It has to be very gradual, steady, and should happen consciously

While meditating, you can chant any mantra of your choice which should synchronize with your breath

Soon it will become rhythmical

This will erase any unnecessary thoughts clouding your subconscious mind

And in case your mind loses focus, try to concentrate on your breath and mantra

Initially you can do it for five to eight minutes and later on with practice you can continue for a longer period of time

Which mantra should be chanted during Kundalini meditation? Let's look into it

Usually Sat Nam mantra is used by the practitioners of Kundalini yoga

Sat means truth and Nam means identity

This mantra is a pathway to inner consciousness, but one shouldn't confine to any word or language

It's better to just chant words from your faith or anything which elevates your mind and soul

It's important that they should provide the vibes of positivity, happiness, and peace

Chanting has a very special effect on the brain

It energizes your chakra system and opens up the blockages where you've been holding your fears, worries, and anxieties

Roads can be many, but the final destination is the one that is of bliss, happiness, and peace

Remember little yogis, your awareness of breath is very important while chanting your mantra

Almost all the types of meditations focus on the flow of breath

Some may suggest some specific pattern or elongate the length of inhalation and exhalation, but breath remains the focal point of the practice as it is deeply related to our energy level and mood

Always follow the guidelines as suggested or learned under the guidance of a suitable instructor

Initially, if you come across a problem in doing breathing techniques, you can stop, you can take a break, and start fresh

When your breathing pattern improves with your meditation, it rejuvenates and enhances your metabolism

Your mind becomes calm and learns to be at ease

Meditation is an amazing way to change your life for the better

And that takes us to the end of today's yoga class

What did you think? Talk about a chakra to the system

My third eye's really been open today

Mine too

This is the best yoga school ever

I wouldn't trade it for anything else in this world or any other world, right? Exactly

Our little crown is the best instructor a little yogi could possibly hope for

That's right

Let's hear three cheers for a little crown

Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Thank you, everybody

Teaching you was my pleasure

Until the next time, namaste


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