Inhabiting the body and its sensations

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Hatha Yoga and organic movement The practice that I propose is focused on fully and consciously inhabiting your body and finding your inner home during movement, that place where you can rest deeply, where you can remain without tension, and with minimal effort sustain the movement of your body. The intention is that through dynamic yoga postures and breathing, the obstacles that prevent the body from returning to the natural and intrinsic balance that sustains it can be removed. The session consists of a dynamic series of asanas and a deep relaxation space where the body is inhabited from a space of stillness and awareness.


My name is Marta Tena

It is nice to be here with you today, in this sunset! Share this yoga practice

My proposal for today is simple, and perhaps, at the same time complex

It is about inhabit the body and its sensations, fully and consciously, during the session

Find on the movement that place inside

That internal home, which allows us to feel in balance, where we can be with minimal tension

With the necessary tension to hold, movement, postures

I encourage you to enjoy it

To start cross your legs in Sukhasana

You can put one leg in front of the other or cross from the ankles

Use the supports you need, for this start of the session

Likewise raising the pelvis a little, to lower your knees

You can use a rolled mat, a blanket or anything you have in the house or even the elements that you can find in yoga stores

And when you feel that you have been in a comfortable posture, close your eyes

Observe your body from the inside

Trying to inhabit it, completely

Relating to your breath

Dialoguing with the respiration

Observing their dialogue too

With the force of gravity and with the rest of the structures of your body

How air enters and leaves

How it involves more some parts of your body and less the others

Becoming aware of the places that remain in tension and those places where there is more relaxation

Bringing the hands to the center of your heart

Let's take three deep breaths in and out

Your next inhalation

When you finish the cycles, take your hands to the instep that remains, with the leg that is in front

Inhaling, bring your chest forward

Breathing out, round your spinal column

Inhaling go forward

Exhaling, the spine

Help yourself, with the arms, but do not introduce a movement with the shoulders

It is the chest the one that starts the movement

The pelvis follows the chest

A dynamic movement, trying to find that space of balance, that space of ease on the movement

And nothing in the center

Breathing out in a fully and deeply way

In your next inhalation, bring your hands to your shoulders

Four fingers ahead and thumbs behind

Inhaling, bring your torso In a slight twist to the left

Exhaling, to the right

The glance continues the movement

Looking back relaxed the neck

Try to get into a dynamic, continuous movement

Finding the strength that sustains it with the minimum effort

Don't lose the connection with your body

Inhabit it fully in movement

If a thought comes let it go and come back to this movement, here and now

Continuing with the movement, dynamic of torsion

The torso, the arms goes up little by little, towards the sky

Hands hang down, fingers relaxed

Maybe the twist starts to get smaller, as the arms keep going up

Until the arms are stretched, palms are brought together

A tiny twist continues that stops in the center

It grows a little more, towards the sky

Inhale deeply

Breathing out, relax your arms

Supporting you behind, close to your torso

Change the crossing of the legs

Adjust your posture

You can help yourself by sticking your buttocks out to the sides

Feeling your sit bones firmly rooted

On your next inhale, raise your arms, cross your fingers and take them behind the neck

Inhaling, flex sideways your spinal column

Exhaling, to the other side

Inhaling to the right

Breathing out

Sorry, inhaling to the left, exhaling to the right

Try to find a smooth and fluid movement

Take care of your cervicals

Allow them to grow during all time

Do not put your head forward

In the exhalation relax your arms

Leading them in the mat

On your next inhalation, grow a little more in the center

Breathing out carry your arm in the direction to the mat

Your spine bends laterally, raise the opposite arm, make a big arch

Inhaling, the spine is aligned

Exhaling it flexes to the other side

Make a dynamic movement

If your pelvis rises, lower a little less

We are going to work with the solidity of the base in the posture

The elbow backwards, the shoulder opens

And on your next inhalation bring both arms to the sky

Cross your fingers, bring your palms up

Stretch your arms and your spinal column

Breathing out relax your arms

Bring them to the Earth, close to the base of your body, bring them together put one scapula close to the other one

Open your chest

Open gently your chin, backwards in comfortably way

Go back to the center

Observe from Sukhasana, an easy posture, with the spine aligned, the glance inwards, what happens inside you

Putting the palms of your hands together, cross your fingers

The bases also together

Start making a movement of eight

Test your wrists

We are going to look for the comfort

Inhabit the body, from that place without tension

Easy and change the direction

Release the wrists, the hands

Relax them on your knees

Taking your left leg, support your foot in the space between the elbow and the knee

If you can, take it to a horizontal position with respect to the mat

And, start to balance your leg, as if it was a baby

Try to keep the spinal column lined up, growing, not sinking

If you can bring it closer to the base of your body

Grabbing the foot with the hand

If you can be, the thumb, with the two fingers and the thumb of the hand

On your next exhalation, stretch your leg, laterally

Keep your spine aligned

Inhaling, bring it closer

Breathing out stretch

Massaging the foot a little, we let it rest

Take the other leg

Grab it with your elbows

With the space between your elbows, trying to stay parallel to the Earth

Bringing it closer little by little, towards your chest

Swinging it, cradling it like it was a baby

Breathing on the movement

Trying to inhabit it with the minimum tension

Grabbing the thumb

In your next exhalation stretch your leg

Inhaling fold it

Placing plant with plant

This time grab both thumbs with both hands

We are going to enter in a dynamic posture

Inhaling, grow up in this pose from the angle bound

On the exhalation, stretch one leg

Try not to lose the spine alignment

Let's alternate

Stretching both legs

First one, then the other

And later, both of them

Putting them together, we stretch one, then the other and both of them

Next time that you enter the lotus position, hold

Try not to sink into your lower back

Perhaps, you can use a support to help you

If with the posture you go backwards

On your next exhalation, bring the soles of your feet together

On your next exhalation, open your legs again

Put them together again

One last time

And rest

Close your legs

Easy position

Observe your internal landscape

Possible stress points trying to relax them through the exhalation

Placing yourself above your knees and take your right hand, close to your base

On your next exhalation as if they were pulling your pelvis into the sky, arch your spine

The left arm arches

From the right side, it completely opens

On the exhalation, returning to the front, relaxing the buttocks, bringing your torso forward

Changing sides, supports the left arm, arch your spine, arm back

And in your next exhalation rest in Balasana

With the buttocks over heels, forehead on the mat and arms either forward or to the sides of the body

I encourage you to continue inhabiting your body, to remain present in you and your feelings

Helping you with your hands, lean on the base of your feet

With the hands leaning on the mat, stretching the knees, placing the soles of the feet, at a distance of the width of the hips

The hands are either resting on the mat or relaxing downwards

The force of gravity is what drives your torso towards the floor

Slightly bending the knees, go up vertebra to vertebra, intertwining the fingers of the hands, behind you, bring the scapulae together

On your next exhalation open your chest by flexing your torso from the hip

Bring arms to the sky, forehead towards knees

Relax your arms at the sides of your body

A little bit deeper, Uttanasana

Bending your knees, go up vertebra to vertebra

Stretching the right foot in front, the left behind

Put it in front first, then slightly inward

The torso towards the right leg that is stretched out

Interlace the fingers of your hands, bring the scapulae together and on your exhale, keeping both legs straight, flex the torso from the hip

Bringing the navel towards the thigh

Relaxing the arms inside the right leg

Open a little more your left leg back, bend right knee

Stand on the tip of the left foot

Arms, good support

The back leg doesn't support, the knee remains active, stretched out

Bringing the forearms to the mat

We are coming back on your hands

Bring your hands to your knees

Palms together, extend your body slightly back

Come down hands

And supporting the feet, the hands close to the right foot, take momentum

Resting the hands on the sides of the right foot

Relax your torso forward

Bending the knee slightly, go up vertebra to vertebra

Place your foot right facing forward

The left over there and slightly the right also forward

The torso leans towards the left leg interlocking the fingers of the hands

Bring your scapulae together and on the exhalation, flex the trunk from the hip

Relaxing the hands, inside the foot, open the right foot a little more and stand on the tip, sinking your body, opening your hips wide


Right, well active

Don't put your knee down

Bring your forearms to the mat

Climbing again on the base, rest your hands on your knee and joining hands in prayer mode, slightly extend your spine back, lowering arms


The right foot back

Stretch your left leg well, with your hands on both sides, relax your torso well

And slightly bending the left knee, go up vertebra to vertebra in a round shape

Take a step long, put both feet together open

The width of the hips

Breathing in, raise your arms skyward

Breathing out, press your trunk from the hips, extending as far as you can the chest back

Legs well stretched

Relax your torso forward


Grabbing legs from behind, helps a little bit to go deeper, into the posture, to ally yourself with the force of gravity

And relaxing the hands, going up vertebra to vertebra in a round shape

Opening a little more

Your feet

Place one hand, crossing the inside over the foot or to the side

The other too

Adjust the aperture you need at this time, to keep the spine lined up like a table

Head in alignment with the rest of the


The pelvis is well active

Don't sink into the posture

Placing your hands on the mat, put your feet together again, an opening of the width of the hips

Relax your torso forward


Your knees, relax your head

Try to create a balanced structure with your body, maintain posture with minimal effort

And supporting the buttocks, the spine

Bring your knees to your chest

Stretching the legs

The feet in flexion, on point, embrace the knees again

Inhaling, legs are stretched

Pointed flex

Knees bend, and once again


Your legs

Relax your body

Your breathing

Now inhabiting your body from this another place, of stillness


But again

Looking minimum tension

With each exhale, allowing your body to relax

Allowing them to fall


Let the thoughts fall

The experiences of your day

Let the weight of your bones fall

Of your muscles, organs, entrails

All falling towards Earth

And with each exhale, you are falling a little deeper, inhabiting your body a little more

Through your next inhale

Connect with your body and the sensations presents here and now

Gently introduce some movement into your body

Try to avoid inertia

Feeling deeply, what are your needs here and now

Allowing a movement leads to the other, and following

This movement, looking for a way to sit up, a path that involves minimal tension

Put your hands together in the center of your chest

To close the session, let's take three deep breaths, inhaling fully and emptying, also your body on each exhale

Thanks a lot

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