Hips and pelvis opening

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Once you have experienced and learned to work your hips and English fluency, you begin to understand the concept of forward bending better. This flexion is born in the hip joint and not in the spine. The pelvis becomes a stable part of the body, providing center to the postures, to give rise to the obvious stretching of the spine, lengthening of the sides and thus improve the space in the body, generating mobility and a calmer and calmer breathing in asanas. Materials needed: a blanket, a yoga belt, and a chair.

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén, I welcome you to my yoga class

in which today we are going to deal specially with the work on the hips opening

and the work of the pelvic musculature for people who may have some shortening in this area or even lack of mobility

at the level of the hips

Let's start then with baddha konasana and we are going to need the help of a blanket that I am sitting on and a belt that we are going to pass over us, at the height of the English and you pass it just under your feet

Make sure that the belt back belt to be just below the sacrum without sitting on it

Once here, always close the belt, pulling the belt backwards let the feet come as close as possible to the pelvis, unless it bothers too much the area of the hips or the lumbar area, in which case they should be slightly separated from the pelvis

We put the belt back on the back, you pull it out with your hands

the buttocks to the sides and outwards and with the help of the hands we are also going to take out the thighs also backwards to improve the movement of the hips and so on your flexibility

Once this is done, you pick up ankles, calves or knees, the case is that the spine has to start from the center of the posture without reaching to lean forward for the moment

With the help of the hands you make a little attraction with them on the legs so that the whole spine grows towards the sky, after the sacrum has descended towards the ground, with the shoulders down and back the trunk is that of Tadasana and gently directing the dorsals towards the sternum allows and observes as the chest opens

Slowly let your legs fall down

towards the ground And let the groins loosen up

Breathe calmly

To pronounce now more the space in the opening of the hips, with the help of the hands we are going to separate the feet from each other as if they were as if they were a book, we're going to open them up, the feet have to have the intention to open up as well so it has to be active

with your hands you have to put enough effort to make them open as much as possible

Once here feel how when you open your feet the hips are also opening more and more and the knees are dropping towards the ground, in this case the spine has to lean forward but always stretched

When breathing in stretch well the spine towards the sky and when you exhale bend a little bit more, separate a little bit the soles of the feet a little bit more, and let the knees fall a little bit more, like this all the muscles of the pelvis and the hip joint are opened

and strengthen


Let's go back to the center, we're going to keep the soles of our feet open without holding them, and make sure that the ischiae regain contact with the blanket again in this case

Once this is done, let's support the left arm on the left thigh, without letting yourself fall on it, push it move the shoulder away from the ear and with the other hand you push the other one as well thigh towards the ground as well

Observe how little by little and with your breathing the hips are opening, the legs are yielding to the ground

and each time you gain more and more openness in them

Breathe and work with it, with the breath


Good, back to the center and we do the same thing on the other side, this time it will be the right arm that rests on that leg

Remember that you have to keep the soles of your feet well separated from each other

to quickly access the space and opening in the hips, and the other hand pushes the other thigh towards the floor

And let the groin not pull back, let the groin slowly release a little bit more with the exhalation

Breathe calmly

and let the hips open up and relax

You return to the center, you go back to pick up again with the hands the tibias to straighten the spine towards the sky and observes how little by little the legs have been lowering more and more and the hips have been opening up more

Stretch your spine well towards the sky

Breathe calmly with your eyes wide

Levering with the hands on the legs, straighten again your spine towards the sky keeping the gaze straight ahead and calm

And feel how little by little the hips have been giving way more and more

Good, we got out of the posture, you loosen the belt well, we take it out and set it aside

With the same blanket we are going to put it on on this side of the mat, we are going to sit on it and we're going to go to the side right

We bend the right leg, we are not going to bring the knee too far back for the moment so as not to force the lumbar area too much, that we have to be especially careful in the hip area

and in the pelvis area in general

We pull out only the left buttock, keep the sole of the right foot parallel to the straight leg, and once we're here we're going to do something similar to the previous posture, place your hand on the thigh, your left hand on the blanket and with your left leg very firm you stretch out well the spine upwards

With the help of your hand allows the thigh to yield more and more towards the ground and the intention is to create space once again

between groin and armpit, in order to better stretch the spine, and thus protect your lumbar area

Breathe calmly

We now do the same on the other side

With the legs stretched out, you go to the left side and you bend your leg

Okay, you keep your foot parallel again to the straight leg and you pull only the right buttock out to the side and backward

Once there, it's now the left hand that pushes that thigh towards the floor, the right hand comfortably supported on the blanket and the right leg very firm

Straightens the spine well and feel how from the thrust of the hand the groin moves away from the armpit creating much more space on that side

Breathes calmly

Back to the center, you sit in the center of the blankets, Dandasana

Okay, we put the blanket aside

to lie down on our backs

Let's take the belt again, we're going to open a little bit more

and we're going to place it at both heels, Urdhva prasarita padasana

We lengthen it a little bit more, that is, right at the heels and with the feet again hip-width apart so that the sacrum can enter better, the lower back feels more protected and we can access more clearly to the groin area, hips

The groin enters deep and the sacrum completely supported on the floor, spine completely stretched backward and very long sides

The belly sinks and the throat softens

Bring all your attention to the right groin, entering

Keep the leg steady and without altering this gesture you put out your left leg, leaving them on the ground, Supta padangusthasana I

That's it, watch the sensation, space and ease

in the right groin

Stretch out your sides, breathe calmly

Raise your left leg, you place it back between the belt, Urdhva prasarita padasana

Two very deep groins, both legs very firm, both sides very long and we do the same with the right leg, without losing any of what you have built up on your left leg

You extend your right leg on the ground and you let the groin go in much further

Put all the consciousness in the immobility and in the calm posture

and let your breath integrate with the asana

Slowly, we put the belt aside

You stretch both legs to do supdha tadasana

With the help of your hands you hold your head and check that the posture is centered on the mat

Back neck, the nape of the neck very long, legs very firm ,arms relaxed and the coccyx coming in more and more

Let the belly sink

And from here supta Eka pada Pavanamuktasana, right leg to the tower

You change legs

All the while having full awareness on the groin being worked, in this case on the left

All the time having the awareness that the pelvis remains in the left side of the pelvis

stable, the sides are elongated and now with both legs at the same time pavana muktasana

Sacrum in contact with the floor and from there, let the groin go deep, the hips to be much more relaxed, have more mobility and that the sides are clearly elongated towards the rear


Slowly, turn on your left side, with the help of your hands you sit up to sit down again and do baddha konasana again

We place a blanket again and sit on it, we place again the belt as we did before, under the sacrum, at the level of the groin, below the feet and always checking that the belt will be closed backwards

I can probably get a little bit closer now the feet towards the pubis

In this way, we will see that the hips have loosened a little bit more

We correct the back belt

Okay, and from here first badha konasana

We separate with the help of of the hands the feet outward, as a book, letting the hips go opening more as we did before and little by little with a flexion from the hips you're leaning forward

We're not going to make it to the ground

Keep in mind that we are working a little bit at a time

with the breathing, with the adapted postures, so that your hips will open up more and more without damaging, respecting them

So it stretches the column with an inspiration and on the exhale go down a little more, where you get to, without forcing

You return to the center, taking advantage of a deep breath, You bring your hands behind you resting on the blanket, and bending your elbows you stretch your spine forward, up and back, opening the chest a lot

And we can go a little bit further with our hands behind us

and then forward

Baddha konasana again

Virabhadrasana in baddha konasana ,one twist

Keeping the sacrum coming down bring your right hand back holding the blanket, the other hand on the corresponding leg, stretch the spine well and then exhaling turn

Breathe in and stretch the spine well, and when you exhale you turn a little bit more

Breathe in

Back to the center

We change sides

Stretch the spine with an inspiration and when exhaling you go spinning progressively now to the left side

and slowly you come back

Baddha konasana

Breathe in calmly

Loosen the belt and we prepare for the final relaxation

We take off the belt

We use the blanket to place it now and support the head

And we take the chair to put the legs on them

Why do we use the chair? In this way when placing the legs on it we are going to facilitate the calm and relax in the area sacrolumbar

We place the legs, the blanket in contact with the shoulders, arms relaxed to the sides and little by little lower your gaze until your eyes close

Loosen your back

Arms and legs

Take a couple of deep breaths

And with the next exhalation leave your whole body at the same time on the ground

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