CLASS 1. Secret Yoga Club: Dominant Moon

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Open yourself to the power of your inner Moon and discover its mysteries! The Moon exerts a strong influence on us. In turn, the inspiration of the moon is very present in Yoga, from salutations to the moon, postures that reflect its phases, to periods in which no physical practice is done due to its intense influence, New and Full Moon.

Hello my name is Carla Sanchez and I welcome you to this practice, inspired by a Secret Yoga Club workshop entitled "Dominant Moon"

I want to share with you something very special and that is that Secret Yoga is now going to be inside Conscious Television

our own virtual space, where we are going to collect the best of our monthly workshops

to take it home so you can practice it whenever you want

today's workshop, today's class, is very special and very inspiring, as the title says "Dominant Moon", it's inspired by the moon

In the lunar star that influences us in many things, just as it moves the tides imagine it that is what moves in your body, it moves everything

It has to do with hair growth, the phases of the moon also influence the menstrual cycle

and on your emotions so today we are going to explore that lunar energy that Shakti, the femininity

and go through all the phases from crescent to waning moon

new and dark moon, full moon of fullness I hope you enjoy it very much And above all that you open up to your subconscious

to the subtle, to the mysterious of the moon, Namaste

Place yourself with me With your feet parallel to the width of your hips Remember that the hip is not the width of the pelvis, that this is a mistake that we girls tend to make a lot, we thought that the hip is a very big thing, the hip is the joint that joins the leg to your pelvis so watch your feet And you'll see that the distance is much smaller how to place a hand between the two feet position yourself, spread your little toes open them creating a firm support and feel how the four corners of the foot are rooted to the ground

activates the legs towards the center, brings the sacrum downward activating the abdomen long and tucked trunk, turn the shoulders down, back, opening the chest arms active, hands active, chin parallel to the ground Tadasana mountain pose close your eyes here and begin to breathe with consciousness Don't lose the actions of your body feel like in this simple posture

There is a lot of activity Tadasana helps you to create presence inhale and exhale always through the nose inhale and exhale always through the nose Observing the rhythm of this breathing Looking inward taking distance from everything that has happened during the day or what is still to do Then None of that matters now Now there is only your body your breath and the consciousness waking up little by little open the eyes, raise the arms upwards in a circle join hands together, look at them, inhale, exhale, open again sideways inhale raise arms, up, look at hands exhaling re-open brushing the air with fingers Once again inhaling and raising the arms join hands exhaling open Raise your arms towards the sky holding the left wrist with the right hand Extend a little bit more do not lose the activity of the legs inhale, exhaling lean towards the right side, opening the left side look to the left side helping to open a little more Legs are very strong also buttocks protecting the lumbar area You go back to the center, change the grip of the hand now holding the right one

Reach towards the sky inhale, exhale leaning to the left look to the right opening even more the side, neck very long return to the center, hands apart, stretch, inhaling, exhaling open flex forward hands on the sides of the feet, head drops, bend knees a little to create more space in the sacrum comfortable legs You hold your elbows with your hands and let your trunk fall down heavily Relax the cervical vertebrae and you can move the head to the sides a little bit

checking if there is tension in the area or not

Stop the movement and start to move like a pendulum the trunk sidewards very slow don't be in a hurry feel how they open on the sides stop in the center, release your arms, hands on the sides of the feet, lengthen your back bend your knees more, plant your hands on the ground and walk backwards into downward facing downward dog, Adho Mukha Shvanasana

Release your head completely, check that your feet are still parallel to the width of your hips, here you can check it

because you're looking at them and slowly bring your knees to the ground very long back feel the support to your hands, forcefully push downward stretching the elbows inhale open the chest inhale open the chest exhaling rounded, contract the abdomen releasing the air inhale, open, explore the movement of the spine Exhaling round curves upward inhale, open cow exhale like an angry cat curling backwards one more inhale opening exhaling curving your spine inhale open exhale, bend the elbows and very slowly bring the chest to the ground chin stay, be careful with the elbows the tendency is that they open, bring them to the sides feel the great extension of your back and slowly stretch out your legs

Activate them, lengthen them, walk one step backwards with one foot, the other one feeling instep downward pressure, knees straightened, buttocks contracting buckle the elbows to the sides pressing with the hands on the floor, you raise the chest to Cobra little one we don't stretch elbows, inhale, exhaling go down inhale up chest exhale down to the floor exhale to the ground Inhaling Cobra Bhujangasana exhale pelvis back, support toes, child's pose support the forehead, bring the buttocks as close to the heels as you can, this is a variation walk with the hands to the right side move forward, move forward as far as you can without the knees and pelvis moving, fingertips touching the floor raise the wrists and drop the head and chest downwards Maybe you touch with your forehead, maybe not, it doesn't matter

the arms are active and you feel how the left side of the trunk opens up notice the breath, moving the ribs return to the center, make sure the hands are shoulder width apart Rounding the back, transfer the weight to the hands

Open your chest inhale Exhaling you round in cat inhale open, exhale rounded, inhale chest open, exhale rounded inhale open, exhale rounded, inhale open chest, exhale rounded one last time inhales opening the chest exhale flexing the elbows slowly controlling the force, bring the chest downwards support also the chin, stay Breathing Ashtangasana eight points on the floor Stretching the legs completely Step backward away from the foot, the other foot Activate thighs, activate glutes, elbows close to the sides, three times Cobra inhale lift the chest, exhale lower, inhale upward exhale, one more time inhaling open up exhaling bring the pelvis backwards, support the toes stretches the arms very much, walks with the hands to the left side Opening the right side Fingertips touching the ground, raising the wrists and dropping chest and head Going to the right, to the left we begin to explore the phases of the moon you go back to the center Separation of hands the same as the width of your shoulders transfer the weight forward, towards the rounded hands enjoying that movement inhaling open, exhaling flex upwards inhaling open, exhaling flex upwards inhaling open, exhaling flexes upwards inhaling open, exhaling flex upwards inhaling open, exhaling flex upwards inhale open, exhale inhale open, exhale round off Once again, inhale opening the chest, exhaling bringing the pelvis backwards And upwards entering in Adho Mukha Shvanasana or inverted V If you are in doubt about the distance between your feet and between your hands you can bring your weight forward to enter the plank The shoulders should be just above the wrists, you may have to take a small step back

a little step forward every body is different from here stretching a lot, I carry the pelvis again up and back, try to ground your heels Let go of your head three wide and deep breaths Arms very active, abdomen inward, thighs strong bending the right knee and twist the trunk to the left in torsion is a great stretch of the left leg, look under the armpit

turn as far as you can and come back to the center

stretching the knee, stay there for a moment, find balance now flexing the left knee and turning to the right side Stretch your leg, balance your hips rounding your back forward transfer the weight to your hands slowly, slowly, slowly enjoying the path, inhale, exhaling knees, bending elbows, chest and chin to the floor Ashtangasana stretching the legs places hands on the sides of the mat, fingertips touching the floor elbows up, legs very very strong, buttocks, activate also the abdomen although it's kind of strange here And pressing down with the hands raising the rounded trunk, Cobra variation inhaling, exhaling lowering inhale up rounded, exhaling chest to the floor Once again, inhale upward exhaling turns to the right not only the head but also the shoulders, inhale to the center exhaling turn to the left inhaling in the center exhaling down slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly Hands under the shoulders, buckle the elbows Baby Cobra, inhale Exhaling pelvis up and back Adho Mukha Shvanasana three wide and calm breaths If it's within your practice you can look for Ujjayi breathing which calms you and renews your energy at the same time look forward, start to walk slowly, towards the beginning of the mat, little by little bend your knees bring your hands to your waist or hips lengthen your back forward create space with the shoulders in relation to the cervicals and pressing with the feet on the floor with strength raise the trunk and little by little the legs are stretched out Take a deep breath and let your hands fall to the sides of the body join hands in front of the heart With the eyes closed in this moment where you are already more connected more connected With your practice with your body I invite you to create an intention For this class an intention is motivation, it's to give it momentum to every movement, to every asana, to every gesture and to every sensation we are very much exploring the energy of the moon Open yourself to it Open your heart and open your mind Open yourself to its mysteries and dedicate the practice some woman, some Shakti you know someone you might miss, someone who needs all your energy someone who is far away or someone who is already gone to that energy that lives in your memory You can also dedicate it to the planet Mother Earth

Let's chant a mantra together three times with a deep breath and exhale through the mouth inhale inhale ? Oommmm ? ? Oommmm ? ? Oommmm ? stay connected To that ancestral vibration You open your eyes, we start with the first greeting to the moon, it's a preparatory greeting

gentle, let's work very slowly, posture by posture to integrate these sensations

from the hands on the chest, bring them forward in offering to open them up And offer your energy open your arms wide to the sides tracing a full moon bring the hands to the lumbar area the legs are very active protect them from here gently expand your chest upward opening, opening, opening in a very smooth and controlled extension Be careful that the head does not fall to the ground, look at the sky inhaling, exhaling you come back to the vertical and the arms do the same path a wide circle coming back to you inhaling, exhale bending forward, hands at the sides of the feet, head drops if you need to bend your knees a little bit, do it you bring the right leg back in a big step, knee straightened take care that the knee always falls at ankle level, alignment Lengthen your chest raise your left arm by twisting and twisting, open your chest We trace a single in line from hand to hand, the pelvis is heavy, but the legs are very strong

inhaling, exhaling, hand to ground Walk with your hands all the way to the right side until the trunk is in the middle with your legs, Prasarita feet parallel to each other Hands under the shoulders lengthen the trunk forward, inhale, exhale and let it fall, maybe you can support the elbows, maybe not, it doesn't matter at all

what is important is that your legs are strong, notice the support of your feet firmly on the ground

Lengthen the trunk forward, open the right foot a little bit

to the side, to start flexing the knee to that side, we don't go down much in this first lap

we want to start opening up the hips, hands in front to help you keep your balance

try to keep the left knee strong and straight

Slowly transfer the weight to the other side there will be a little bit of the left foot and shift the pelvis there breathing walks with his hands all to the left, turning the trunk, we are again with one leg flexed and the other stretched out, lengthens Hands to the ground go to plank, a lot of strength here, abdomen inwards Shoulders in line with wrists, neck long inhale, when exhaling support the knees bring the pelvis a little bit backwards Toes touching the ground takes a big step forward with the hands, inhale exhaling let the heart fall to the ground Anahatasana You can rest your chin or forehead whichever is more comfortable for you

breathing without haste this is one of the lunar aspects, we are slowly going deepening Slowly the legs are going to stretch backwards at the same time that the trunk is going forward crawling like a snake Hands under the shoulders, elbows close to the sides, strong legs

Inhales, chest up to Cobra exhaling, bring the pelvis back upward Adho Mukha Shvanasana three wide and calm breaths raise the right leg far up and back, prepare a big step, bring the foot straight in front between the hands, lengthen the spine look straight ahead, support the fingertips of the left hand well

to raise the right arm turning again in torsion, you will see that it is a cyclic salute

Look up if the neck allows it If we can't look to the side or even to the ground inhale, exhaling hand to ground Walk with your two hands to the right side, moving forward, moving forward so that the trunk is again in the center back to the back center Hands under the shoulders lengthen the back inhaling Exhale the trunk falls Maybe you can support elbows, maybe not Breathe Extend the spine to the front Slightly open the toes of the right foot To flex the knee and go to that side without going down too much we are warming up exploring what's going on with our hips which is an area that accumulates a lot of emotional tension

Breathe it Very slowly transfer the weight to the other side without lowering too much turn towards the beginning of your mat, hands in front, knees flexed lengthen, open Prepare to make a big step forward Feet parallel close, Uttanasana bend knees a little bit, bring arms forward, lengthen back up with strength, stretch, lift yourself up to the sky I open my arms to the sides tracing a full moon Hands to the chest Bring your hands forward in offering, open yourself to the universe, wide circle Hands back in the lumbar region legs very very strong raises the chest up, opening the heart Back to the vertical the arms return tracing the circle of the moon, the circle of the mysteries, inhale exhaling bending towards the Earth left leg back in one big step stretched out straight Leg in front flexes, knee in line with ankle Raise right arm in torsion bring the arm above the head opening a little bit more and we explore the phases of the moon brings the arm parallel to the ground backwards towards the heel And slowly turn slowly over the head, inhale Exhaling open backwards inhale open overhead, exhale inhale open above the head, exhale back you bring the hand in front, lengthen the chest we go to the right side, walking slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, sorry the left side completely So we remain as before with the trunk between the two legs, holding the ankles Prasarita Pattanasana

Breathing Lengthen your back, open your right foot a little bit, bend your knee and go to that side maybe now you can go down a little bit more, it all depends on your flexibility

listen to your body don't force Transfer the weight to the other side Lower with the help of your hands, they always give you support

the right foot is in Flex And slowly walks with the hands to the back of the mat, the knee is flexed You raise your right arm, sorry left arm, going up in torsion, as you can see this playing back and forth on the mat can work out a little bit confusing at first, you bring your arm above your head, inhale

exhaling bring your hand backwards brushing the ground imagine it's a clean lake bring it to the heel, up inhaling exhale hands back up, inhale, exhaling hand to the heel Bring hand in front plant it on the floor, go to the plank inhale, exhale lower the knees and bring the pelvis backwards Walk with hands forward one big step mat width separation inhale exhaling the heart melts to the ground Ansatasana heart posture open the heart and connect The legs are sliding backwards and the trunk forwards brings the hands under the shoulders elbows close to the sides, legs active, inhale, climb up Cobra Exhaling pelvis up and back, Adho Mukha Shvanasana three breaths long and quiet Lift the left leg up, don't do hip, bring the left leg up, don't do hip, bring the left leg up

the foot directly in front Between the hands lengthen the back walk with your hands to the right side so that the trunk is in the middle of the trunk feet parallel, hold heels or ankles, lengthen back, inhale Exhaling fall Prasarita Extending the column to the front Slightly open the little toes the left foot flex the knee we go downwards with the pelvis Hands in front, right foot on flex Careful not to close your back how you're seeing it from behind and I think it's very graphic try to lengthen and open

Transfer the weight carefully to the right

the hands always helping you and the pelvis has to be higher is perfect look for your measure, walk with the hands to the right side, rotating the whole trunk knees bend, inhale open, exhaling step forward Uttanasana closes Bend knees, bring arms forward, lengthen back, raise block, straighten legs, inhale upwards exhaling open to the sides, full moon Hands to chest let's go the last lap a much more fluid, more creative lap More feminine too Legs very active inhale exhale opens hands forward offers inhales opens exhales hands Over the lumbars Inhale open your heart to the universe exhaling you come back to the front your arms go with you you carry all this wisdom to your heart you inhale, exhaling you flex forward hands to the sides of your feet Right leg after in a big step inhaling exhale Twisting to the left Inhale bring the arm above the head try to follow it exhaling bring the hand backwards brushing the air inhale up open heart, exhale hand toward the heel One last time inhale opening Exhaling hand backwards Take it to the ground, walk with your hands all the way to the right side we remain With the trunk between the two legs inhale stretching forward Exhales caes Prasarita Pattanasana, inhales lengthen Trunk forward, open your left foot a little bit, flex to that side, drop down maybe now you can explore a little bit more the balance bring your hands forward or even on your forehead, carry the weight to the other side force Hands on the ground and bring the weight back to the other side, don't go down so much

And let free the trunk coming from the side to the other inhale Exhale with total freedom exhale all the way to the left side and turn to that side inhale lengthen the chest exhaling turning to the right raising the arm Inhale arm above the head brushing the air hand to the heel inhale Opens overhead Exhaling long arm to the heel, once again inhale Up exhaling hand backwards, bring it to the ground go to the plate Exhaling knee pelvis backward and very fluid hands forward inhaling exhaling melts heart to earth Anahatasana slide the chest forward stretching the legs backwards Hands under the shoulders Cobra inhaling Exhaling pelvis Up and back Adho Mukha Shvanasana Three breaths raise the right leg far and stretched, inhale bring it exhaling in front in one big step, lengthen the back turn to the left leg slowly lower the pelvis, hands on the chest together or on your forehead transfer the weight to the other side carefully with control according to your capacity hands to the ground and we start dancing to the right side to the left side Right trunk release let go, let the energy flow and explore in a more natural way

Creative go all the way to the left and turn to that side

Inhale Exhaling closes in front Uttanasana Arms in front lengthens the trunk up up up up up up A small extension opening the heart to the sky exhales opens sideways Hands to the chest Close your eyes Breathe deeply you will notice that the heart is working which heat in your body Let everything go at its own pace little by little

breathing undoing hands you open your eyes And you are going to place yourself now on the side of the mat you are on but facing forward We're going to keep working side to side playing a little bit and if this has been tiring to you get ready for the following Let's go back to work slowly very calmly with a lot of conscience You may have seen that the salute to the moon is quite intense but at another level We all know the sun salutation is not just one

There are many, many versions because The sun salutation is not something ancient in the practice of yoga, it's something that came about in the 20th century

As well as the moon salutation which is the counterpart of the moon salutation

the greeting to the sun vitalizes you it gives you a lot of energy it activates you however the moon salutation helps you to prepare for meditation, it helps you to sleep well helps you to go into the subconscious to awaken the pineal, dreams

intuition all that has to do with the night and with femininity and the feet apart to the width of the hips Activate the legs, sacrum towards the floor, activate the abdominal area, open your chest turn your shoulders down and back, raise your arms to the sides, intertwine them

fingers leaving index and thumbs stretched Kali Mudra inhale lengthen exhaling Leaning to the left Inhale center exhale lean to the right Center inhale, exhale open arms to the sides Bring the hands towards the lumbar area and open again the chest protecting this area

back area and back to the center You're going to take a very, very wide step with your right foot

To the side Feet parallel or slightly open Raises arms upward in a five-pointed star Inhale exhaling flexes elbows And the legs on the goddess inhale, rise up to the starry sky again Exhale flexes plus inhales Opening exhaling Flexing in goddess Stretch arms out to the sides At the same time that you stretch your knees open your right foot to the side and close the left one a little bit Takes air exhaling lean to the right side, to hold the leg at the ankle maybe a little bit higher if you are flexible you may touch the floor but be careful the tendency when we go to triangle is that the trunk is going to go forward Much better especially in the first round Hold the leg aligns The trunk with the leg you are gripping you turn the trunk upwards and from there you can stretch The arm towards the sky Utthita Trikonasana we are going to break it down posture by posture inhale, exhaling the hand well to the ground Both hands on the sides of the foot turns the pelvis forward Maybe we have to close the step a little bit, it depends a lot on your flexibility

lengthen the spine to the front Inhale Exhaling let it fall Towards leg Parsva Uttanasana Breathe in and gather your abdomen creating much more space

Extend your back to the front, bend your knee and take a small step forward inhale, exhaling knee to the ground Arms up inhaling Exhale stay Crescent moon inhale, exhaling hands to ground stretches back leg And walks with hands to the left side turning again we go to mid split now that we're hot maybe you can go straight to hands forward or hands on your forehead transfer the weight to the other side Right foot on Flex hands to ground turns with whole body does left leg Knee to the ground raises arms Holding the moon between the hands opens chest heart The pelvis is very heavy inhale, exhaling, hands on the sides of the feet, stretch the back leg and slowly you also stretch the front leg, remember to adjust your pace a little bit and go forward

or keep it back depends a lot on your flexibility, lengthen the spine, inhale

exhaling fall down to the leg Parsvottanasana Lengthen the back to the front turn the heel back inward hold the ankle with the left hand, the other hand goes to the waist to go a little at a time aligning the trunk with the leg that you hold, opening the chest and preparing Trikonasana, look up raising the arm toward the sky With your next inhalation the strength of the abdomen, you raise your trunk to the forehead you close your feet star up in inhaling exhale bending elbows and knees, goddess inhale, lengthen exhale, flex, last inhale above Exhale flex prepare to close to the right side Feet and hands together close your eyes Breathe integrates the lived experience these new movements that we are going to repeat to the other side legs very very strong, interlace the little fingers, Kali Mudra stretches the arms upwards inhale, exhale lean now to the right Inhale center exhale Left inhale center exhale open to the sides, hands to the lumbars open your chest towards the universe you go back to the center, prepare to open with a big step to the side Left in star raises arms, inhales exhaling sees the goddess inhale, stretch, expand your heart in a small stretch you return to goddess, one more, inhale exhaling go back to goddess, how I like this posture, stay Stretch the arms out to the sides, open the left foot, close a little bit the right foot

Trunk centered with the hips, legs very strong, inhale, exhaling we go to the left holding ankle or leg higher up Rotate the trunk towards the sky creating a single line From hand to hand inhaling, exhaling Hands on the floor turn the right foot inward Parsvottanasana, lengthen the back inhale exhaling hip lengthen the spine forward start to flex the knee forward adjust the step by extending a little bit more inhale exhale knee to the ground inhale up both arms, hold the moon don't separate the hands Anjaneyasana or crescent moon, inhaling, exhaling hands to ground walk with your hands to the right side, sit up straight leg straightened foot on Flex hands on your forehead or chest Shift your weight to the other side hands to the left side turns the pelvis, lengthens the back knee to the ground, both arms up inhale, exhaling, exhaling, hand to ground, straighten leg in front and plant heel inhale, lengthen exhaling trunk falls Parsvottanasana observes how in each turn the body is responding more and more flexible Lengthen the back to the front turn the back heel inward preparing Trikonasana holding the ankle with the right hand straighten the arm and lengthen without losing that single line that traces turn the chest to the sky with your next inhalation up the trunk force in the abdomen adjust the position of your feet up star star inhale exhale go and exhale to the goddess inhale above Last up expand, exhaling goddess stay much strength Preparing to close with a big step to the left side put your feet together, put your hands together, close your eyes

and take a deep breath feeling all the new energy flowing through your veins arteries, nourishing your tissues and deeper still open your eyes release your arms, place yourself back at the beginning of your mat facing forward feet parallel, open your arms out to the sides, taking a breath Join hands together exhale, bend forward and let's do a little Vinyasa inhale lengthen forward exhales right leg back rear in one big step exhale in plank, inhale exhale bend elbows down, one two, three Cobra or upward facing dog exhale pelvis Up and back three wide and deep breaths Raise the right leg up flex the knee foot in Flex and rotate the trunk, the leg to the left Try to keep the shoulders forward Only hips open, pelvis forces arms, head releases straighten the leg, you're going to bring the foot directly in front in a big past

bring the ground on the back knee hand on the front knee check that there are Alignment and pushing with your hands on your knee raise your chest bring the pelvis slightly backwards feeling how you gather with the legs energy towards the center And from here the pelvis falls forward again presses with the hands on the knee helping to open up strong abdomen center the trunk stretch the right arm to the side Raise your left arm Up Inhale exhaling leaning to your right We want to elongate we don't want to collapse at the waist, so it doesn't matter if you don't touch the floor with your finger or fingers

Open Strength in the legs that are holding you too

Back to the center opening arms to the sides inhale, exhaling leaning down Towards the other side waning fourth Maybe you can take your gaze to the right side by opening a small extension You come back to the center with the strength of your abdomen, bring your other arm up inhale stretching towards the sky exhaling open back holding the moon between your hands Half moon inhale, exhaling hands to the ground leave them there, stretch the front leg, take a breath, exhaling let yourself fall back to the leg, half Hanumanasana Relax the head, it's very heavy Lengthen the back forward Flexes the knee transfers the weight to the foot stretches the back leg Adho Mukha Shvanasana, inverted V or downward facing dog whichever you prefer shakes its little head sideways releasing We are in the last stretch of this class you lift your left leg up foot in Flex Flex the knee and drop the foot to the right turning shoulders centered that I know it's a little bit difficult But we put intention Stretch out your leg and bring your foot straight in front between your hands bring the knee behind Lift the chest hand over the knee lift yourself up and bring the pelvis slightly backwards What we want to do is to reposition the hips and embrace the midline of the body with the energy of the legs

from there We drop the pelvis forward and press with the hands on the knee opening very much the chest And you re-center Stretch the left arm to the side raise the right arm up inhale exhaling leaning to the left, without collapsing your side we are creating a lot of space space is a key word in yoga if you know its translation in Sanskrit space is "Akasha"

Akasha between your muscles, Akasha Between your joints Akasha in the breath returns to the center opens expands, exhales you lean to the other side maybe it's a little bit easier to touch the ground if so that support should be firm it has to help you open to the left side in a small extension helping with all the energy of the body, muscular energy Back to the center Inhale Exhaling opens expands crescent moon Inhale exhaling exhaling hands on the sides of the foot bring the pelvis back, stretching the left leg adjusting stretch bring it to the front inhale exhaling the trunk falls towards the leg as much as possible breathing in dropping down Lengthening the spine forward bring the leg back knees aligned with hips if you want to check it out lift your trunk up you should be very stable this is the position it doesn't go any further back or any further forward you bring your hands to the ground You move forward with them in front of you a big step apart from the width of the mat we want a lot of space on the chest inhale exhaling you drop the trunk maybe you have to move the hands a little bit more Anahatasana chin or forehead on the ground with every breath your heart, sinks into the ground connecting very slowly bring your hands under your shoulders, pushing the ground you go backward, settling on the heels, stretching arms forward child's posture and move to one side towards the other gently cradling your own body You stop in the center you hold the heels with the hands you hold them well because they are the base of this posture bring the forehead as close to the knees as possible, resting the crown of the head on the mat

close maybe this is your posture today maybe you can go a little bit further go lift your pelvis Stretching the back as much as you can Rabbit posture is a closing posture

Compensating for all the extensions we have done today giving the back a break and slowly you go back Hands on the sides of the knees lengthen the cervicals pressing the mat with the hands climbs round, vertebrae by vertebrae until reaching the vertical The head is the last thing to reach the top observe the sensations at this moment open your eyes, you had them closed Let yourself fall To the right side pelvis touches the ground, the feet are very close just as you are now, do not modify bring the right hand back touching the floor push it to help you stretch the spine the arm has one action the other hand goes on the knee or on the thigh lengthen the back, inhale, exhale, turning to the right you will notice more limited twisting than others, so I invite you to open the chest doing a small extension, looking up or looking backwards breathing inhaling, exhaling returning to center Sit to the other side Feet very close now you can see them more clearly you carry the left hand back firm support, helping you to lengthen your back is not On the beach we are not supported there back aligned with an imaginary line that connects you with heaven and earth The other hand on the knee or on the thigh lengthens the intake of air exhales and turns Open your chest a little more in extension Back to the center bring the legs forward Both feet together hold them with the hands, hold their ankles and place The elbow of the forearm on the leg, be careful that they don't stay outside, this is very common

Try to follow the instructions what we want Don't reach with your head to your feet that's a classic what we want is to flex forward creating again Akasha lots and lots of space in our hips

And in our abdomen from there inhale lengthening exhaling bending with the back the flexion itself makes your elbows naturally push your legs downward And we stay there breathing you can close your eyes if you want to killing all that space between your belly, your chest, your face, your feet, your hips

inhale and exhale during all this class we have been also working with Svadhisthana the second chakra whose color is orange and is connected with fertility, with sensuality

Pleasure and the pleasures of life With emotions and creativity all of them lunar elements very slowly unravel, lift the trunk Close the legs with the help of the hands support the feet Let fall the trunk on them embrace them, support the cheeks with the forehead resting giving you a good hug right now go untie your hands, lift yourself up and lie down in Savasana for relaxation if you feel like putting on socks, a little blanket wherever you are to be more comfortable and not to lose heat lie on your back with your legs a little more than hip-width apart, letting your feet fall outward, adjusting them to fit your body

the position of your pelvis Stretch your arms to the sides leaving space at the sides, palms facing upward Lengthen the neck, adjust also the position of your head and close your eyes

Savasana is the most important posture of your practice so I encourage you not to skip it, stay here

Because it integrates All the experiences lived during this exploration every sensation, every posture, every stretch, every discomfort are now integrated little by little into your skin In your muscles, in your joints, in your bones, creating a new memory Beginning to transform your body Opening it to the mysteries of yoga inhale and exhale through the mouth if you feel like it feeling how the body gets heavier and heavier the legs fall, also the pelvis the back, the trunk, the arms are heavy Head very heavy but breathing is getting calmer and calmer soften your face, soften the thoughts allow yourself a deep rest do nothing no purpose, no intention, no expectation exhale as it comes naturally it will look like a sigh it may even be a yawn energy returns to your body again You can start activating it by wiggling your toes of the hands Moving the head from one side to the other as you wish If you need to do some free movement or some stretching allow it Let yourself fall to the right side completely, lying on your side

Open your eyes and let the light come in again

observe the space where you are And when you feel ready, ready with the help of your hands and your back very round and soft, sit up

find a comfortable sitting position, cross your legs or on your heels, whatever you prefer

lengthen the spine bring the hands to the chest again, close the eyes And I invite you to reconnect again with the intention that you have created for today, with that lunar intention observing how you started and how you are now fill yourself with gratitude be filled with compassion And thank yourself for dedicating this time to yourself

for being with you for taking care of your body, mind and soul Namaste

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Ying Yang Yoga Class - Lorena González

Ying Yang Yoga Class - Lorena González

Awakening the body 2

Awakening the body 2

Hatha Yoga: working the torso

Hatha Yoga: working the torso

Class 1: Movement and body fluency

Class 1: Movement and body fluency

Relieve cramps

Relieve cramps

Yoga for Kids - Review

Yoga for Kids - Review

Yoga for kids - London

Yoga for kids - London

Class 4: Salute to the sun and standing postures II

Class 4: Salute to the sun and standing postures II

Routine Base 3

Routine Base 3

Secuencia de posturas entrelazadas

Secuencia de posturas entrelazadas