Visions, Icarus, Power Animals and Testimonies.

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In this chapter of the series "Ayahuasca, the medicine of the soul" we get to know the less known part of ayahuasca, such as the most common visions or the icaros as healing weapons, the power animals that accompany every ayahuasca experience and finally you will get to know the testimonies of 4 people who have experienced the ceremony.

Ayahuasca is not only a mother who supports, but also, a mother who reveals, and she does it mainly through visions

As usual, they are not proper hallucinations, if not, pseudoperceptions, to which you have to pay attention, and hold onto the stage of the mind

As in the dream, with Ayahuasca, a retrograde movement of psychic energy occurs, Instead of expressing itself, in action or thoughts, it goes towards the perceptual pole, which, activated, will produce the visions

The content of the visions, can be of several types: there are autobiographical visions, in which the patient, sees himself as part of dynamic scenes, with family and close people

Frequently, these are scenes lived before, that now arise as visions, not just as memories

The value of this situation, is that he will be able to understand, perhaps for the first time, what then escaped his attention, or listen carefully, something barely heard before

The visions It's a world

It is the world in which we enter

through this plant, through the Ayahuasca, the moment we entered to its medicinal state our body, is separated from our spirit, for that time, for that period of hours of time, in which we can like, see each other, we leave our body to be able to observe and what we observe are things, of us, all the visions that manifest in that way, are images related to your life, to your body, to your spirit, to your emotional state, to your physical state, it is a way too, tends a lot to also link the surroundings, the space, the people, the visions are manifested In this way like vibration of all that energy, the vibration of the sounds, the songs, the vibration of all the moment in which we are turning

that's why also

being able of taking the medicine, on the soil where this plant grows how to experience that, it has a lot

A lot of information, visual also, in a way, that brings you to enter those other worlds

Yes and also, two visions are seen, in the way in which these patterns arrive "fractualized", that we see and there is a story told by some healers from here who work with this medicine

When one is sitting in front of you, they can see your body, with all energy points, all meridians, and they see them like this with these patterns that I have here, and they say that when

when we have a disease or an energy blockage at some point in

our body, of our energy body, our aura, they say that there, those lines, their way of perceiving them, are disorganized, it is like "crooked", a black, dark ball, so what they do is through their song, through their Icarus, they start to sing

sing, sing, sing

and they are singing, until all those lines that are inside us, begin to fix

And in that way also, and the experience of the person, also their visions, they begin to get ready, be prettier and have more shape

Animals are like our brothers, it's like our family here on Earth, and thus, through his teachings, through talks, conversations

it is how We also learn from them to live here on this earth

They they also have their power, Its essence, and then, His teachings, its medicine, They also bring us healing, they also bring us learnings, in the world of plants, and in the world of



Also exist those guardian animals as mentioned, the snake, The jaguar, the hummingbirds, the Eagle, the Condor

All the animals around us, this way here in Amazonia, they have that teaching to leave us, and so

well, that way of

Of sharing, the hummingbird for example, one of the animals that has taught me a lot, to manifest his medicine towards the people in whom I'm sharing medicine, well, bring a medicine of joy, full happiness for the heart of the human being, through its presence, its aura, which is the rainbow, brings us that joy, that happiness, to manifest it also in that way, And it is a great example for human beings, that you observe the hummingbirds and they are like

absorbing the nectar of the flowers, of each flower, of each plant, and thus, too, it is a clear example for human beings, absorb the nectar of life, and live in a way in peace, in joy, to be able to manifest also in this way, around us, right? The jaguar, which is also a very powerful animal, every human being, I think we have a feline inside, right? and through that inner strength, of each one of us, It's how we manifest many things, right? The jaguar too, we interpret it as the strength of all those Amazonian indigenous peoples, all those towns that still prevail, survive through all those changes, and it is also a clear example of

of its presence, of its energy, when they are addressed, to observe its prey let's say in a way, they are very concentrated, and they have a very deep look, And they watch it, they hypnotize it, and suddenly

they are going to get your food

Actually every animal has as its properties, its energy, and all animals like this when they come into our life, when we see them or we dream of them or we see them in visions, they are bringing as a message, through its energy and its properties, like for example

an example can be a porcupine, that animal has a lot of protection, in its body, it does not let anyone touch it, then if that animal suddenly arrives on our way or in a vision, is bringing a message to us, suddenly some protection, or limits, is a way, for example

so And in the birds, there are birds like the eagle, that fly high in the sky, higher than any other bird, and that can also bring us a message, of being able to overcome the things of life, to fly high and have perspective, better perspective on life

In that way, we are always taught by the creatures that appear

The eagle is also the symbol of the Great Spirit, and that through this energy, medicine too, teaches us too as an example for humans when sometimes we get distracted by things to

and no

and we can't reach our goal

The Eagle has a fixed look where it goes, where it flies and that way they are never distracted from vain things

The macaws, also some very colorful birds that In a way, They bring that medicine from

the joy of the message, they are messengers

Every bird, bring and carry messages, when they sing like that around you, when they sing bringing a different song and again another song in a different medium, there is a meaning, right? a meaning that in a way, living and relating more and more closely with them, you can also understand their language, and also we can call certain animals, at times when we need them

If we need protection in a moment, or strength or perspective, We can call these animals, their spirit, to be with us, teach us and guide us in this way

I feel that every human being can achieve Attracting also, an animal, in particular And well those, this

those surroundings also manifest themselves according to your personality, they also manifest according to what we need, in the moments, in the times in which we need a guide, a support of teachings, and well in that way they get closer

Nature is so wise This land is so wise that somehow They are talking to us, they are always communicating to us, and sometimes, for so many things, for so many activities at home, at work, in the city

sometimes we don't pay attention to them

And in that way, sometimes we lose that contact, that communication that we should every time the human being have it here, like our ancestors also, at some point, they spoke directly with each animal, they communicated, they also offered to

to be able to bring it, somehow and be able to generate

That way of respect for them

Yes, and

the way in which this medicine makes us more sensitive to connect with Mother Earth

Nature, helps us a lot to strengthen that connection, and in that way, the beings of nature that are still wild and free, also brings us closer

In the Amazon, the song or melody used by healers during the ritual work they perform is called Icarus

Its literal translation, its meaning at the operational level, it is much deeper and more important

Shamanic chanting is the healing weapon, the wisdom and vehicle of the healer's personal energy, the symbol of his power

The action of icarar, implies charging with the power of the shaman an object or potion conferring some specific property to be transmitted to the receiver, be it cleaning, protection, healing, hurt, or to influence his will

This is done by singing the Icarus directly over the transmitting object or substance

The object, will then be sent to the interested party and the substance ingested in the case of liquids, potions or the blown smoke if it is icarado tobacco

The Icarus is a fundamental part of the quack work of the Amazon, summarizes the knowledge of the shaman constituting its curative heritage, his work weapon and the inheritance he leaves to the apprentice, being the vehicle of its energy, its efficiency depends largely on the preparation of the healer, through diets, ingestion of purges, regime of life and integration of ancestral wisdom

A teacher does not transmit to his apprentice techniques or formal instruction, but accompanies and guides him, to grasp the knowledge that is predestined for him

As part of this teaching, he is giving up his Icaros

Each shaman owns his icaros as he owns his experience and wisdom, for having received them in turn from their teacher or directly from nature

It is common for healers, manifest that the things they know, including icaros, have been learned in dreams, in visions or that

they have been given to them by plants

They say that, in these states of consciousness induced by master plant concoctions, They have caught the melody, without will or reason, feeling that it imposes itself, and many times in unknown language

At the moment of healing, usually, it arises in the same way

Neither the words, nor the understanding of the Icarus text, are essential, but the melody is, and that the healer feels, share his spirit

If he blends with the Icarus he will know when, how and with whom to use it

The icaros used by shamans, have very simple handwriting, alluding to certain plants, animals and elements of the local landscape, holders of power or symbolism

The power of the icaros, has a

a very important relationship within the ceremonies, that vibration of the icaros, help to move that energy, help, to circulate also around the entire ceremony space, when we are in front of a patient and when we sit down, to be able to feel it too, those songs that come, we see it, we observe the person's body, in a geometric way, And through all those drawings, those geometries, when we see that one line does not agree with the other, that's where it is sung, and until the moment in which, the precise order can be taken in a perfect geometry, that is how the job is really done

The process of healing as well

The legislation that governs Ayahuasca worldwide is quite ambiguous for the moment the cultivation, commercialization and consumption of the huge banisteriopsis caapi lianas, and banisteriopsis inebrians, it is not prohibited, since harmaline and the other alkaloids of this plant, are not included in any of the international lists of prohibited substances

On the other hand, the DMT contained in the other plants that are usually present in the Ayahuasca mixture, it is a prohibited substance, which belongs to list one of internationally controlled substances

However, the amount of DMT in an Ayahuasca dose is not always subject to the penalty tables, that exist in some of the different national legislations, Nevertheless, there have been some cases of seizures of several liters, accompanied by complaints of trafficking and possession of illicit substances, mainly in Spain, Germany, France, And Holland

There are also countries where the consumption of Ayahuasca is perfectly legal, such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil

This last country, It even already legislated on the matter after an investigation, in which it determined that no damage or damage inherent to consumption was observed, and that even in some localities, an improvement in the quality of life had been found among users of this substance, attached to an organized church

The first time I took Ayahuasca was I think about 15 years ago, and well then, the truth is that first time, was pretty smooth I was menstruating and then well, it was not convenient either being the first time take a lot of quantity, and it was soft but hey there it opened me up somehow, something opened there

I wanted go deep inside of me, I wanted know myself more or wanted find peace, I wanted to feel good with myself and then was, I was willing to


well, whatever it was for for, for finding myself, and you are

These encounters with Ayahuasca were a great opportunity to connect with the spirit, with

With the source

The plant, as it took me in the first, in the first take that I had with the medicine, it took me in a good way, then always my visions were really beautiful, because in each vision I always saw many flowers that were born throughout the

in all the atmosphere where I saw the flowers were that

how to burst, like a spring, so beautiful flowers came out


in the first, I didn't know anything about medicine, right? because friends always told me that so it makes you see the future, the past, but

I was always with that with that wanting to know what medicine is like, but now and once I did

well, I had a very strong problem with my

with my partner and I was very very sad, I was living a very very

How can I tell you

overwhelmed, then one of those, a friend told me, they explained to me that medicine could fix my life, my love life, then he would tell me: "if you take the medicine everything is going to be cleaned", then I said well, I had a faith in medicine and I said:" well I do want to take it" to see how, right? I have taken in many times, maybe twelve, thirteen times, and on all occasions it has been a hard experience, in which there have been important learnings and there has been always psychedelic, there have been above all internal visions of circumstances of reality, that have manifested themselves to me and have taught me things about my path

I also understand that there are many fears at the beginning to get close to this plant, because it's a complete loss of control, of reality and that generates many barriers but I understand that if they are overcome, in the end, a positive experience and great learning come

There are hard things of course, but those hard things better in my opinion, Well, don't hide them because sooner or later they'll come out, because they're there

So, the vision that the plant gives you, is useful, because it is healing things that you know are in there

All that, what has brought me? first, it has brought me a perception of me which is much wider than that I could imagine, a perception where I, I could find out places, sensations, experiences of myself i would say records inside of me that neither knew nor could imagine that they existed also a different way different from understanding sometimes life, to understand the people, and to face some situations that maybe before, they were more complicated for me, more difficult to see

But, just once, because it was an encounter with a person who well, there are many people who bring Ayahuasca and that well, they don't know it that much maybe, well they make the mix

Really to me it caught me for

for my

for my

well, for my unconsciousness is that moment, well, I had taken an antibiotic in this case, I didn't know that the antibiotic had had an effect on my body quite, lt';s say quite drastic, at the level that you run out of mitochondria and that is what supports your body and well freshly taken the antibiotic, I took a strong dose, and well, with a person who did not have resources later for maybe help me and well I had the trip of my life, honestly It was very hard, I know some people who have had these very hard trips, and well It was also a test, that thanks to all the tools that I had had and all the times that I had lived, I could have fun, I took

my vision I took it and there I saw it as

how my spirit began to leave my body, and flew through to heaven it went in such a way (gestures)

He left, and he tells me

I already saw it, I already saw some lines golden, in shipibo colored lines

different phosphorescent colors, and how I also saw how are the fireworks for Christmas falling from the sky as well as some beautiful stars, of different colors too, golden, and gold, silver

So they fell beautiful, and so, and more I also saw that it was then no more, the shipibo lines of colors, and since that time, everything that was going wrong in my life, everything was fixed for me, and I was happy without problems, with nothing and no regrets, my mind all free and until today I am happy

The taking of Ayahuasca in ceremonial context is something very serious

I do not think it has to be for anyone, it is not a matter of leisure, it is not a leisure or spiritual, nor is it a leisure like an amusement park Psychedelic, I think it is, that it is something very serious and that there are people that there is no doubt that they can do very well, but I believe that many of the people who take Ayahuasca, In my opinion, they should do many other things, before exposing themselves to an experience from Ayahuasca, and also, if someone decides to take it, what I would say is to be very careful with whom it is made and in what way the Ayahuasca has been cooked

Things I can comment on from my own experience, as I have always had visions of all kinds, in many cases psychedelia, in others cases I have seen well beings that they were there accompanying us, power animals have also appeared to me

In other cases too, because I have simply seen my genealogical tree, my own family, I have had experiences of every type, in many cases accompanied by light, color, in some cases, really beautiful, where there is a great opening of the heart, in other cases when the mind has been more closed because of great hardness and and of great difficulty for not having given up

That is what I have felt

To take the medicine, you have to know the masters well, because it's not just a matter of taking it, is it? You have to inform yourself first, how it is, what happens, everything that happens, because there are times, many times many who only come to drink it because they want to see colors

It's not about that either

That you must first inform yourself to take the medicine, because it is not like that, because many give you the medicine only for money, not because they want to cure you or want to get you out of

the problems that you are going through

I had that moment because I was ready to have it, I mean, I I think that Ayahuasca does not give you what you are not prepared to go through, It is true that after that, my life took a turn, it was a very big change in my life, that thanks to that change, today I am another person, actually, because I had to enter in a space that I entered, to take a very, very big, important step that has taken place in my life at this time

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