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Following the work of the first session we will grow to deepen our practice. Feel how your body flows in each position and how the breath makes its way. A job especially focused on decongesting the neck, back, shoulders, arms, the upper part of the back and the chest.

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén, I welcome you to the session that we are going to dedicate today, specially to combat stress

Very recent and not so recent studies, have proven that stress damages very much all the organs of the body, joints, musculature

in general tends to to reduce a person's quality of life quite a lot, that's why we have decided to to do this session, so that you can enjoy the calmness that yoga postures can bring you, the breath and all that it can bring to your life

Let's start this session, sitting on the buttocks, in an easy posture, comfortable, your legs crossed and your hands quietly on your legs, on your knees

Stretch your spine well, it is very important that you do not to fall, that it is all the time growing towards the sky, so that you can experience the space between the vertebrae, ribs therefore, and also that the lungs have much more space to be able to breathe better

Begin, bringing your shoulders slightly back, with your head in line with your head

with your spine, and that you can feel that the posture grows, that no moment falls to the ground, that no moment crumbles

Keep in mind, it is very important to find the physical space

in your body, so that you can breathe easy, peacefully and may this bring you peace and serenity

You can close your eyes or you can keep them open, looking straight ahead, but without focusing your gaze on a fixed point

Try your gaze to be very wide, panoramic, almost as if you could see from your temples, so, in this way, we're going to get the brain to expand, to open up and to have

So, this way, we're going to get your brain to open up and expand so that you can get

a greater quiet and calm, so with that said, keep your spine erect and bring your attention to your body

To begin, feel your legs, feel your sitting posture, and clearly feel how the shoulders go down and back

And once you feel that space, the posture that is alert, conscious

once you feel this, direct attention to your breathing, notice how as you Breathe in, the chest opens slightly, exaggerates the breathing a little, it's not going to be a breath of the day-to-day, the one you're used to doing, let it be a breath much more obvious, much clearer, that you can feel again and again, breathing in and breathing out

And little by little, we are going to make movements articulations

The stress all the tension tends to accumulate in our joints and as as a consequence, it tightens the whole musculature, generally going to areas such as the neck, shoulders, trapezius and also tends to accumulate in the lower back, especially today, we're going to work this whole area

Many times it also accumulates at the dorsal level and it doesn't let you breathe, so that also we're going to work on the twisting, so that you can see the flexibility that we're going to give to the dorsal spine, so that you can see the flexibility that we're going to give to the then all the musculature can move more easily when you breathe

Fundamental, breathing

Fundamental, correct postures in yoga, so you can decongest, you can also de-structure your body, and then you can re-structure and feel that breath, that will relieve those moments of stress, that will avoid those moments of stress

Okay, we're going to bring the attention to the head, to the neck

so it's going to loosen up, then little by little you're going to bring the head to the chest, trying to keep the spine stretched as it is now

Feel that your head falls clearly towards the sternum

And that the posterior neck stretches

If you drop it down enough, you may feel a very clear stretch at the dorsal level, let it stretch, and at the same time breathe for it to release

Okay, with an inspiration, you're going to raise your head

on your right side, you drop it, but not all the way back and then let it go down your side left, and so, two more times, you breathe in, you go up the right one and when you breathe out down the left

Once again

And we do the same thing, but you start to breathe in and up

on the left side, so that the face doesn't fall too much, you go down on the right side

Two more times

One last time

Very good

And slowly, you raise your head

Okay, with your left arm, you go around your head holding your head with your opposite ear, without sinking the spine, remember it has to be very stretched, you pull a little bit of your head towards the shoulder left, and stretch your right arm, as much as you can, to feel the whole stretch, in the area right of the neck

Deep breath

All right, you're back in the center

and do the same with the other arm, go around your head and pull it gently to that side and now stretch your left arm

Feel that area stretch

Take a deep breath

And you come back to the center

All right, so now your back, you straighten it back up, your head in line with your spine and releasing your arms, we're going to make circles with our arms, we're going to make circles with our shoulders backwards

Very wide circles, so that you notice that the whole of your upper back is loosening up


An area in which, as I mentioned before, a lot of tension usually accumulates, you feel, as little by little you are unblocking, you are releasing a little bit more and that move makes you feel much fuller

As you breathe in, raise your shoulders, as you exhale, lower them

It's, exaggerate a lot of movement, recreate that gesture

Okay, when the shoulders go down, we're going to do the same thing but bring them forward

That's it

There noticing that you're unloading that whole area

That's good

And you stop in the center

Okay, once you're here, we're going to place your right hand on the ground, as far away from you as you can, with the other hand, placing it over the waist, help yourself to pull from the side down and feel now how stretches all that left side, feel from the lumbar area, up to about the armpit, how it goes stretching that area, it is also typical that the whole lumbar area is stretched, that there's discomfort afterwards when there's tension, when there's stress, so try now to create the whole space that you can on that side

That's it, stretching the arm you have on the ground a lot, little by little bring the right shoulder back, little by little I'm bringing the left shoulder back

backwards, that is, to look up to the sky

All right, you stretch out your arm and bring the palm of your hand towards the ground and pull that arm up nice and straight, Open the entire left side, and little by little I'm taking the chest towards the sky

opens the ribs

Pull that arm tight and take a deep breath

All right, you go back to the center and we do the same thing, on the other side

You take the left arm as far forward as you can, and with your right hand, you help yourself now to pull that side down, okay, start to feel all the stretch from your lower back

That's it, and once you've got it, the right shoulder go to the back, little by little we're going to be doing movement, to the dorsal area, to the diaphragm area, so that it opens up, so that you can feel the opening and the breath flows easier

Okay, stretched out right arm, palm facing the ground, pull that arm and turn a little bit more, breathe

Feel the ribs opening

Good, and you're back to the center

We're going to repeat, but this time we're going to exaggerate the opening much more

of the chest towards the sky, so, bring the upper arm as far back as you can

and keep turning more, more, more, more

You're going to feel, that more or less from the armpit, it's going to stretch this area clearly up to the shoulder

Turn more, as much as you can


And you return to the center

And back to the other side

Open wide, and slowly come back

Well, hold on for a few moments in the "sukhasana" posture, feeling now

Notice that we have clearly stretched every muscle, this whole area and the area of the sides, of the sides

Feel how it just, that relief, it's calming down

Breathing flows better

The sensation is lighter, if your body is light, so, also your brain, your mind is going to be

and it's a very good form to combat stress, lightness, ease and openness

Breathe deep a few more times

Okay, keeping your spine very straight, bring your hands behind you, resting on the floor, on the fingertips, and little by little, and little by little, you're directing your chest upwards

That's it, push yourself with the help of your hands, to stretch the spine more, to open it up

the chest, breathe

Open your ribs wide as you breathe in, and slowly come back

Okay, let's continue, with the movement of the cat

So, we're going to put on the knees, which are separated, the width of the hips and the hands that are resting, which are shoulder width apart, shoulder width apart, make sure that the wrist is just below your shoulder

Okay, let's go to go little by little, rounding the back, the last thing that will be rounded and to loosen up are the cervicals

You exaggerate a lot, that posture, that position of your spine, and feel the breath and the back ribs

Feel that area stretching and creating space in that area

All right, as you breathe in, you're sinking your spine, now opening the chest wide and clearly feeling the front ribs

Move your breath there

That's it, and try not to let the posture sink in this way over the shoulders, and push with your hands on the floor and always creating a lot of space in the neck

You let the spine to sink now

Very good

On expiration, again rounded vertebra by vertebra

That's it, until the head lets go, make sure it really lets go, that you feel the weight of your head

And as you you breathe in, you sink your spine

All right, we're going to continue doing this gesture, but now a little bit more fluid

When you exhale, you round up, and when breathing in, you sink the spine

A few more times

All right

Now, once you're here, let's put our knees together, we're going to bring our gaze to the right heel

The intention of this is to stretch the opposite side, that is, the left side

That's it, pull as much as you can, feeling the opening and now in the ribs and from this same angle, you carry the gaze towards your left heel

Take a deep breath

Feel your left side

Notice how the whole area is stretched

All right, you go back to the center and we'll do the same thing

We're going to look at the left heel first, noticing how it stretches, how the opposite side opens up, and then you look a little bit more at your right heel


And you come back, to the center

Okay, you spread your knees apart again and this time we'll do a cat movement but more unstructured

Let's try to release the whole body

You have to let go of the body to let it unlock, to let it flow and little by little to eliminate all the tensions that you may have

Do whatever movement you feel like, let it come out, a wavelike movement or in the form of a circle

You can go, to sit on your heels, stretching your sides, stretching out your arms and then sit up again, placing your hands at different heights, so that the different parts of your body and your back, go decongesting

Do whatever movements you need to do, try to keep your head, the neck to loosen up, as you do these gestures

Move your shoulders, let the whole body to flow smoothly

Let it move

Okay, end up sitting on your heels, with your arms stretched far out in front of you

Take a deep breath


And very slowly, you get back into the cat position

Okay, we're going to pass the left arm resting on the back of the hand on the floor, the other hand close to your head, push with your left arm on the floor, so that your ear does not have contact with the mat, if not, to move away from it

In this way, where we are going to access is the scapula area, also an area very punished by stress, by tension

Let with this gesture, this area can be well stretched

And direct there, where you're feeling the stretch now, take your breath

All right, we're going to do the same thing on the other side, you pass the right arm now, support it, lean the back of your hand on the ground, the other hand close to your face and push


Take a deep breath, let any tension you may have now, dissolve

All right and you're back in the center

You sit on your heels, and you hold on for a few moments with your hands on your legs, making sure that the sacrum descends, directing the ischia towards the heels

Push the thighs a little bit with your hands, to straighten the spine

Release your upper back

Open your chest wide And take a deep breath

Feel that each exhalation, is relaxing you more, is releasing you more

All right, we're going to sit on the floor

Cross your legs, with the help of your hands clear your buttocks, so that you're sitting well on the ischia, and we're going to place the left hand on the right knee and the other hand behind, leaving it as far back as possible

you can, to favor the torsion

Once again, bring your attention to your upper back area, so that like this, I can turn the column a little bit more with the help of your hands

Always remember, any gesture or posture that you do in yoga has extension, flexion or torsion, like in this case, first you have to stretch the spine to create space and then you can the movement that comes later

In this case go well turning your spine

That's it, and when you breathe in, I give an extra stretch and when you breathe out, you're pulling a little bit more

If it doesn't bother your neck, your head turns with your spine

Breathe deeply and above all, do not let the belly impede the movement of your spine now, which is turning, which is releasing all the nerve endings

Breathe deeply

You go back to the center and we do the same on the other side

The hand as far back as you can, when you breathe in you stretch your spine well, you help yourself with both hands doing leverage on the floor and in the knee and without losing this stretching you also turn with the help of the help of both hands of your hands

When you breathe in you stretch your spine and when you breathe out you rotate

Breathe in

All right, you're back in the center

In the center, you do a little bit of leverage, with your hands on your legs to straighten your back

You hit it again that broad stroke to your back, to your spine, to your lungs

Very good

Okay, for the next pose, we're going to use a blanket to straighten the back out nicely

That we're going to to bend, this way and we're going to sit on top of it

Well, what we're going to get with this is more stretching in the spine for so that it can lengthen perfectly and you can be more comfortable as well

Let's stretch the left leg, leave the foot vertical and the right leg flexed

Okay with the help of your hands, hold in front of your knee, and straighten your spine

That's it, make sure you grow well and that at the same time that you stretch, you widen your thorax with your breath

Now with your left arm, you wrap your left arm around your bent knee, the other hand you bring it to your left side

back, holding the other side of the blanket, if possible

You stretch your spine again, and as you exhale, rotate a little bit more

That's right, bring the shoulder well back, to allow the rotation

clearer to your back

The belly lengthens

Breathing goes more to the sides

Good and back, to the center


We do the same thing with the other leg, you stretch now the right leg and flex the left leg, and before you turn, you stretch your spine well, and take a deep breath

you open your chest wide, Okay with your right arm, you now go around your bent leg and the other hand, hold the other side of the blanket

As you breathe in, you stretch your spine well and when you exhale you go pulling

Left man well back

That's it, throat and belly very relaxed

And as you exhale you're turning more

And slowly, you come back

Okay, we'll go back to stretching both legs, we'll do dandasana here

That's it, you straighten your spine up nice and straight

Shoulders well back, head in line

Okay, we bend the right leg again, this time you separate it a little bit more from the leg that we have

stretched out

We are going to bring the right arm forward, as far as you can, going around your knee in front of you, and then now circling the waist from behind you hold with your left hand

If you can't reach your hands you can help yourself with a belt

Good, you stretch your spine well

to the front

That's it, keep your leg straight and a little bit at a time

you bring your chest forward and your head in line with your spine

Good, little by little, breathing out you go down a little bit more, you don't have to go all the way down

Good and from here, you stretch your spine looking straight ahead and maintaining that stretch, you turn your chest, towards the sky


Return to the center, stretch your right leg and change

Very good, to straighten your spine well, now, you go as far forward as you can with your left arm around the knee, with the other arm, the waist from behind, you stretch your spine well and when you exhale you go forward

You don't need to go down a lot, today we are not going to try to go down a lot, above all stretch your spine

with the exhalation you lower a little bit, but not too much

Very good and again, you look forward, you stretch your spine and then little by little you look with your chest

towards the sky

That's it, bringing your right shoulder further back, breathe

And you come back to the center

All right, you cross your legs for a few moments, to straighten your spine, feel how you do it from your lower back up

It takes all the time the attention to your breathing, feel how little by little you are decongesting, how you are releasing, and how all that tension is being eliminated, possible stress

Try to let the breath dissolve any kind of tension

Bring the consciousness again and again to your body

Feel the air

Feel the deep calm


you can keep sitting on

on the blanket, you can take it off if you're

now it's easier for you to bend over for what you're

we're going to do

We're going to place bending the right leg and heel, pretty much in contact

Okay, once we're here, with your left hand on your straight leg, you straighten well the spine and let the chest face the front

That's it

Okay, so once we're there we're going to reach out on the straight leg, holding the inside of the foot

If you can't reach it, you can pass a belt around it and make the spine a little bit more stretched out

Now, once you've done that, with your right hand you bring the skin from that side down and a little bit at a time, we're going to stretch the spine

That's it, bringing the shoulder well back

If you think you can go a little bit further, carefully, you put your elbow in front of your leg, but you're avoiding shrinking the spine, if you can do this, keep this posture, lengthening our sides well

That's it, and once you're there, you're pulling your chest towards the sky

Very good

As you breathe in, stretch the spine more towards the foot, and as you breathe out, you're turning more

The elbow that's now on the floor, leverage your leg and give you a bigger possibility to be able to turn more

Stretch your spine well when you breathe in and when you exhale, rotate

Very good and you go back to the center

Okay and we do the same with the other leg

You stretch your right leg, you bend the left one directing the heel towards that groin

You hold by rotating the arm in this manner, the inside of the foot, if you can't, remember, you take a belt and hold a little bit further

Leg very firm, foot vertical

Little by little, with the left hand, on the waist, you stretch the side and slowly bring the elbow supported in front of your leg, on the inside of your leg

You stretch your spine, that is, lengthening as much as you can

You lever your arm that's on the ground, on your leg and so we're going to be able to turn better

Breathing in you stretch and breathing out you rotate a little bit more

Opening the chest a lot

Stretching the sides to the maximum

And slowly, we are coming back

Very good

Okay, you stretch your legs out a little bit, straighten up a little bit

the spine

All right

We're going to use a brick now, to give

to keep giving chest height

We're going to place it like this, on the ground

Stand in front of it to check that it's straight, because then we're going to lie on it

So the brick is going to be right at the level of your dorsal, between the two shoulder blades, very important

that it's straight, because if the brick is twisted, you're going to twist yourself

So, we leave it right there, you lay down on it

Very important, it doesn't have to be in contact with the cervicals, neither with the lumbars, it means that it has to be well placed, between the two shoulder blades

Okay, once that's done, and with the help of your hands, you bring your buttocks forward, so that the whole lumbar area can stretch and so does the rest of the spine, towards the cervical spine

If you are comfortable like this or if your lower back is bothered, you can keep your legs as they are or you can stretch them out forward, And dropping the feet sideways, let the head let go, let the arms relax, with the palms of the hands facing the sky

and let your whole body abandon itself completely on the brick

You don't have to show resistance on the brick, on the contrary, if you are comfortable, let your back soften on it

Observe the passivity in arms and hands

Observe the passivity in your neck

Passivity in your legs and feet

And little by little, as you jump your back, you check how he's doing, he's doing, much more relaxed on brick

Like this is opening up that sternal area, diaphragm, helping you to unblock, to release, to eliminate these sensations, that come due to stress

Once you feel that space, breathe it in

Once you feel that space, breathe it in

Slowly, you put your feet on the ground, carefully, you take out the brick and leave it to the side

You stay in the "savasana" posture, with the arms relaxed, legs completely loose

And now, you will be able to feel that cooling sensation, in the area where the brick was, I mean, you know, congested that area of space, of release at chest level

Breathe in that feeling of lightness

Soak it in, while you relax deeply, while your body is deeply abandoned to relaxation

Little by little, you bring your attention to your body

Go feeling, making any gesture, any movement, that you need

Breathe, a couple of times, deeply

And start stretching, to wake you up

Feel the new sensations that now reach the whole body

The sensations that now you can also have in your mind and in your head

Turn slowly on your right side, recreate yourself in the turn, there is no hurry

With the help of your hands, little by little, you are getting up

You contemplate for a few moments, from the seated position, that calm, which can now invade your whole body, that feeling of well-being, of non-stress, of ease and deep calm

Breathe these sensations for a few moments

Once again, I thank you for being there

Have a nice day a nice day


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