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The postures in this session are specially designed to release and release tension. We will work with joint movements through simple postures that will allow the breath to move better, relieving that feeling of anxiety and stress that collapses your body and unbalances your mind.

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén

I welcome you to today's session where we are going to work with postures specially chosen to combat stress

It is an evil that

affects all of us in our daily lives and that generally, among other things, tends to

accumulate in our joints, for example

So, what this produces is a stiffness in them, little mobility

and also a muscular tension

Especially, we are going to try and work with articular movements, simple postures in which you will be able to feel how the breath will be able to move better and thus, fight stress

Let's start, like this, as I'm sitting on my buttocks

A comfortable position with your legs and your hands resting on your knees

Slightly bring the ischiums towards the ground, at the same time as the sacrum, avoiding the occurrence of an exaggerated curvature in the lumbar area

Stretch your spine well, keep your shoulders down and back and your head in line with your spine

Feel how little by little you give that intention to the dorsal muscles

so that they go a little bit forward, towards the chest, so that the chest can open

Feel the space in your clavicles, the distance between your shoulders

Above all keep a wide gaze, a panoramic gaze

Try not to let your gaze go to a fixed point

Feel how from this position of your body, the breath can flow

much better

If you are more comfortable, you can close your eyes

Create awareness in your posture

In all the parts of your body

keeping one

active posture, but at the same time relaxed

Observe how the chest opens more and more

Breathing flows better and deeper

and balanced

Exaggerate the depth of your breathing

Very important to contact her

Very important that you feel them as part of you

Notice the mobility in the ribs, that as you do it, it becomes easier and easier, the mobility in them

Very good

Slowly if you have your eyes closed, slowly raise your gaze, try not to do it all at once

He looks first to the ground, then a little at a time, you raise it until finally you look ahead

It is always very important may your eyes be calm and that during the session, try to keep a wide look as I said at the beginning, panoramic

Keeping in mind that the eyes are a projection of the brain, if they are relaxed, if you keep a wide gaze, as I said at the beginning, panoramic

a calm look, you are going to transmit that feeling of calm and tranquility to your brain, very important to combat stress

This, together with your breathing, you will be able to make the posture calm, gentle

and relaxed

Let's start lying on the ground


You lie on your back

That's it! You stretch your legs


And you leave your arms completely loose for the moment

Keep your legs a few moments active with the foot vertical, trying not to let them fall sideways

If you keep the firmness in your legs you can see that there's a

there's a stretch in your spine, a lengthening of your front spine going from the pubis upwards, towards the throat

And you get with this, a looseness and an elongation

in the belly

Whereupon, you will feel with more evidence that the upper area, the rib area is especially opened up, a space is generated

Slowly take a deep breath

Very good

Keeping all the time the attention on your breathing, which is calm, deep

And at the same time attention on your body, let's start with the first posture


We're going to bend your legs

You rest your feet on the floor, making sure they are parallel to each other

Once there, we are going to begin to do some exercises to feel the articulations of the body, to start unblocking them

Let's start with the head

Little by little, let it roll to your right side, bringing the ear towards the ground

Breathing in, you return to the center and drop it to the left side

We do it three more times

When you breathe in, you go back to the center and when you exhale, you go down to the corresponding side to breathe in again

And in the center, you leave your head there

Very good

We're going to put our right arm around the head

and with your hand you hold the other ear

And now, we do the same thing, but pulling on that side to stretch the whole area

left side of the neck

Pull the left arm down, to create more space between the ears

and shoulder

And take a deep breath

You go back to the center and we do the same with the other arm

At the level of the ear, you hold it, bring it to the opposite side and pull that right arm down


You return to the center

Very good

You leave your head in the center

That's good

We're going to catch with our hands, now the head from behind, not in the back of the head, if not a little higher and only with the strength of your arms, you raise your head to look at your navel


Try that

the whole cervical area to stretch

while you breathe

And very slowly, having gained that travel in the vertebrae, you're leaving your head on the ground



Once you're here, we're going to take your right hand, your left wrist and pull to your right side

of the arm, as if you want to pull it out of its place

Let the shoulder go to your hand

and feel it stretch and go to that part of the shoulder blade

Bring the breath to that point so that it can release more in that area

Very good

You go back to the center and we'll switch

You pull your right arm now

and let the whole shoulder blade area, shoulder and bring your breath there

so that it relaxes

You go back to the center


And interlocking the fingers of your hands, you turn your palms together

and pull your palms towards the sky

Keeping the elbows very straight, little by little, you bring your arms above your head

And now, pull your hands back

Feel how little by little, the sides lengthen towards the wrists and the breath moves deeply

Throat calm

and relaxed belly

Very good

You're back to the center, you interlock your elbows and with the help of your hands you pull your elbows back, feel again how the sides stretch, how the spine stretches too

and there is a greater opening at the level of the chest


Get in touch with that sense of space

Feel all the time, the coming and going of your breath

All right

And you come back to the center

And you're back to the center

We're going to stretch our arms to the sky and making fists with our hands, turn your wrists to the side

Feel like you're making a very big circle, avoid moving your wrists to the side

the whole arm, it's just the wrist

One way and then the other way

That's it! And hard, you open and close your hands, very tightly

Feel the palm of your hand stretching nicely as you open it

That's it


Breathe at the same time

The belly and throat calm


And the next time you open your hands, you leave them loose, along with your arms on the floor


Once we're here, we're going to stretch the right leg forward, pulling the heel forward

That's it

Stretching the entire back leg and then extending the instep, feeling how the whole front part stretches

That's it

You stretch the heel again, when you release the air and when you breathe in, you stretch your instep

Leg very firm

Breathing out

heel forward and breathing in

instep forward

That's it! A couple more times


And you put your foot down

We do the same with the left leg

Heel in front, stretch as much as you can and feel with awareness all the time in the back leg

On inhalation

the instep stretches

And so on, a few more times

And then

And then you put your foot down

And then you put your foot down

Let's take the right foot, on your left thigh

Once here, with your left hand you hold your ankle, and with the right hand, you push that thigh towards the wall in front of you

Now you have to feel the lengthening in the whole right side

Take the opportunity to take a deep breath in and stretch the spine backwards

Feel the skin

how it stretches

the muscles, the hip joint that now opens

it's an area that's

very important to relax the nervous system and combat stress

Breathe deeply

Very good

You put that foot on the floor and switch legs

You do the same with your right hand, now you pick up your left ankle, and with your left hand, push your thigh forward

Stretch the spine well

Keep the shoulders far away from the neck, from the ears

Try to create a lot of space in the neck, an area also, where it generates

above all it accumulates stress, it accumulates tension

So, always try to create a lot of space in it


All right

You put that foot on the ground, you put your right foot back over your left thigh

and you lift the foot that was on the ground, bringing both legs towards you

Holding under the left leg, and bending the elbows and bring them towards the abdomen

Shoulders always down, remember, plenty of room in the neck

Try not to shrink the chest, only force your arms from the elbow, towards the hand

Feel your hip, how it's opening

how it's loosening


Very good

Put your leg down and we do the same with the other leg


Remember: Shoulders down, little by little, with the help of your arms you bring your legs towards you


And bring your attention now to your left hip

Feel how little by little, it's loosening up more

the deeper musculature at the joint

Let that whole area relax

Very good

And now you put both feet on the ground

Slide your left leg forward leaving that's active and the foot is vertical

You bend your right leg toward your abdomen and embrace it


Bring it as far as you can towards you without shrinking the abdomen, opening the chest

And with your left hand keep holding it, the right arm leave it on the ground and little by little, bring it to the left side

Very good

What's important in this posture is that your right shoulder is touching the ground

Try to make it so, and little by little, go carrying with the help of your left hand that knee down

Feel how, little by little, the whole dorsal area becomes more flexible


The belly, the throat

turn in opposite directions

You return to the center

Very good

Stretching your leg

Okay and raise your head up a little bit and let's see


to stand up straight

Once you've checked you bend your left leg and again hug it towards you

The one that remains stretched out on the ground active remember, and the vertical foot

With the help of your arms, bring the left leg towards you

Lengthens the belly

Open your chest and breathe


And with your right hand, you now bring that leg towards the right hand

the opposite side

Left shoulder to the ground

Belly and throat, very relaxed

Very good

And you're back to the center


You bring both of your legs towards you now

Let the lower part of your back, relax

It is very important

the twisting postures in yoga

It is especially important to open, to release

to decongest, to cleanse

apart from all the organs, to release your spine

It's fundamental to unblock

to feel that space that the body needs and at the same time

, your mind will ask for

Very good

We're going to do the same thing as the previous pose, but this time with both knees together

Okay, okay, okay, okay

Let's go

to take them to the left side

That's it! Make sure that your right shoulder is still resting on the ground

and the head turns to the opposite side


Try to get the belly to relax, so the spine can rotate

Bring the attention to the chest and take a deep breath

You return to the center

Very good

And we do the same thing to the other side

Knees to the right side, head turns to the opposite side


And you return to the center

Very good

You embrace again, your knees to your chest

Stretch your spine well, when breathing in

And when you exhale, keep that lengthening of the sides, that opening in the chest

Breathe all the time

breathing, very present

All the time feels like shoulders actively and clearly, they're getting closer

they're moving away from your ears

Leave space at the neck, don't tense your throat

It's a very clear way for you to all the musculature and cervical of your neck can loosen

Feel your head free, your neck relaxed

Very good

With the help of a belt that we are going to place on the right heel, we continue making torsions, we continue making the dorsal area more flexible, just the one that is at the level of the solar plexus

Fundamental to be able to open this zone and to de-stress the whole body and the nervous system

Let's fuck with the left hand the belt, the two ends of the belt

Both legs are going to be active

The left foot, is going to tip a little bit towards the ground and bending the elbow and bringing

and bringing the leg towards you, we bring leg and arm over to the left side, until they're resting on the ground

You look at the opposite hand and belly and throat calm



And you're back to center

And with the help of both hands you take the belt

Bending your elbows, you bring your leg towards you

Avoid shrinking

All the time lengthen, all the time open the chest and breathe

Very good

We do the same thing with the other leg

We go back to adjust the posture, aligning yourself well

That's it

It's now the right hand the one that takes the belt

Both legs firm

Bend the elbow, but not the leg

Bring it towards you

and little by little, you drop the right foot down first and bring the leg to the opposite side

Very good

You look at your left hand

You have the attention all the time

to the belly, passive, to the chest, very open


You return to the center

With both hands, you take the belt and exhale

you bring your leg towards you

Very good

We put the belt aside

Legs bent, we are going to place our hands supported with the palm of the hand facing the ground

That's it

Once here, with our feet parallel to each other, we're going to lift our hips up

Avoid raise your hips from the lumbar action

Feel how there is a push of the feet against the floor

and they're the ones that help you bring your hips up


Walk with your hands a little bit towards your feet, give your neck some room

Relax the throat and with the strength of the feet raise the hips up

Feel the opening of the chest

The dorsal action what is it going to do? the diaphragm, the sternum, have more space

Very good

Continue with your hands under your buttocks as you lower your hips

You adjust your posture a little bit more, trying to bring your elbows together, and you stretch your legs


From there, with the strength of your arms, you raise your head to look at your feet

You lower your elbows a little more and bring the crown of your head to the ground

Important: Do not stop pushing with your arms on the floor, so that your neck still has its space

Keep your legs steady, your feet active

And from the bibs give it a little push

with the bibs towards the chest, to increase the diaphragm space

It is always very important to have a lot of space in that area to avoid possible tensions

To eliminate stress

Breathe deeply

Recreate yourself again and again in the air that comes in

and goes out

Feel the movement of your ribs

Very good

And slowly

You slide your head on the floor, we take out our hands and let the palms of your hands face the sky

Feel for a few moments your whole back resting on the ground

The soles of your feet

in contact with your mat

Observe the passivity in the womb

the space that you have generated in the upper part of your body

Notice how the breath flows better


Let's stretch our legs

Check one more time by raising the head, that you are aligned, on the mat

We prepare the Savasana posture

But first, the heel of your right hand, or your left hand as you prefer, you place it right in the center of your forehead with your fingers resting on your head

And, simply wear the weight of your hand towards the eyes, so that the skin goes over them and towards the nose

It's a way to make the brain have that sensation

of descending, resting and falling

To incite you in some way to rest and relaxation

Once that is done, leaves the other arm on the ground

You turn the upper arm out a little bit to continue to create that space on the side of the upper part of your body, at the level of your chest, in your diaphragm

Let the belly sink towards your lower back

And measure with each exhalation that the organs rest on your back

Let your shoulders

arms and hands, are loosened deeply on the ground

And notice that the thighs

fall very heavy downward



Your whole body


Body, mind


Slowly begins to move slowly and to feel

Every gesture you make

every gesture, every movement

or stretching that you feel like

Move, wake up

Whatever you need

Notice the sensation of feeling good now

Breathe that feeling

Slowly roll onto your right side

With the help of your hands, you stand up

to sit up

Try to keep your eyes closed for a few moments

Bring your attention to your body

Keep being in it

And now watch that opening feeling

of freedom

Feel every part of your body freer, looser

and let that sensation be engraved in every pore of your skin

Let your brain and soul be impregnated with that

Let that calmness and that tranquility

fill your whole day today

Remember to breathe every moment, breathe each moment, each sensation of peace

Stay with that

I thank you

for having been once again practicing with me


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