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In an orderly world, he longed for change.

When you're like this process wake up right away I have put myself in the situation in the morning when I wake up every day

And then I was thinking isn't that waking up is something that is continuous or discontinuous in our life

They're constantly testing us, they're constantly testing us And we are constantly having openings We are invited to an approach to the real not then It is something that has never been produced and at the same time it is producing all the time

And it's also a push That reality gives you Continuously So that yes we have had as life before Sufism truth there is life before Sufism I what I don't know if there is life before knowing This question about what awakening is like The truth is that I'm not really clear if I'm awake or asleep

In fact the goal that I have more and more is not to be in any way is neither awake nor asleep I looked at me myself and I am as I am I don't know how I am no you see me awake we are awake we are asleep I can't know there's nothing to compare it to there's nothing to compare it to there's nothing to compare it to there's nothing to compare it to no In Sufism as I think you know Normally no one says of himself that he is a Sufi

Because that would mean to have reached like the end of the road that spiritual awakening

And really the one who is awakened in a certain way and from a certain point of view doesn't know that he is awakened because he is dumbfounded he has become nothing he has gone beyond his individuality he has become like that wave in the sea be it lying likewise of mojes a little grandiloquent Then nobody can know if he is awake or asleep if we do not doubt as I doubt it is that we are asleep And then the process because each one of us has had a different one, not me in my house there was like a very strong spiritual longing

Since I was Small but mostly I felt it mostly in adolescence but it was something that had to do with a lack of affinity with peers in high school

What it was really was dramatic And since I didn't have much happiness with my friends and my classmates I was reading To write To spend my nights wondering about the meaning of life

Trying to wonder what was how to fit together not what was the piece of the puzzle to be Invited to embody And from there I jumped to the university and then to the Camino de Santiago for me

The most important experience Beautiful to connect with the sense of realizing that there was a merciful force that I did not hold Continuously And that it could be lived could be savored It was on the Way of St

James that I did when I was 23 years old

An experience of Basically connecting The steps I was taking with my heartbeat And the beating of my heart with the beating of the life of the real that of god And then there puff suddenly opened the soul And he got a lot of Oh how wonderful how well you explain it I was so like going back how do you do something contrary to the Institute what the first thing I remember is that I was a kid

A bit of a nerdy chubby nerd like Martin from The Simpsons

So I was also being bullied all over the place and I had a hard time socializing with the other kids

And little by little I was taking refuge in an intimate inner world, private and also intellectual

I've always been very stubborn, I didn't tell Sergio the cameraman who is filming us before

That I liked since I was a child to program for pleasure and learn to program in Turbo Pascal even in assembler towards I have always liked that I created logic games And there comes a time when by saying so My head exploded no The university in psychology organizes a conference that we call the Integral Consciousness Conference, trying to attract the best ones

Exponents Already in videos of psychology and spirituality that we were able to find at that moment And from that experience in a very gradual way and biting in various traditions Also Little by little I came to the limits of reason and I realized that my head was taking me nowhere and that on my spiritual journey Oh my personal path consists rather in decapitating If I was able To repair my thinking and repair my head of having no head Then something was happening I was no longer fully present here and now My head was wandering and I was distracted and it was taking me to literally imaginary worlds, not to a future that was not happening

To a past that has passed Then one day Through my very interesting dental book Douglas garden What is called living without a head I noticed this not because it puts it like this not like it says if you are Fully empirical scientist phenomenologist felt real experiences here and now You will discover like me that you have no head Where is the head is not me I look at me I can see my hands I can see my legs I belly me so but I look me up And I don't have a head no where my head should be is the whole universe There is not the camera that is not being recorded is in computer It's bad day but there is no head I can't point like this to the head of the others to your head But if it teaches me the same thing That I am not as a void M from then on I began to know that I knew nothing that I was neither awake nor asleep That I didn't know who I was And that The lived the Maria as very fertile we could not say For example it could not be counted like this Come on, I'm getting too much involved, Maria, you answer me

So The if you search in wikipedia in that previous Wikipedia the Wikipedia Iriarte archetypal the archetypal Wikipedia Heart or that Sufism is the mysticism of Islam Okay Sufism is there heart of lis I mean normally What people who study Sufism usually reply And people What people who study Sufism and people who have experienced it in some way tend to say It's like the mystical dimension or the inner dimension of Islam

I don't know if that's What I wanted to know we should see now we should see now we should see now what is Islam of Islam not because normally We understand Islam As a kind of religion to be chosen not in the flea market of religions

And now we have it a little bit quarantined and the concept of religion I have it quarantined and with a mask

Because what is a religion not a thing that you have to have only one and then if I have one I can not have another if I am a Christian I can be a Muslim or if I'm a Muslim I can't be a Hindu But India has many religions And what is a religion something that is practiced in private that you can believe whatever you want a belief that you have just because you've been told about it without further ado So of course I believe that the great founders of all the traditions Christianity, Buddhism and of course Islam

They had no intention of founding a religion thus understood as a kind of a club

Exclusive and a little bit exclusivist to which it is necessary to belong in the one that has to give the carnet I already have my Christian card my Muslim card and I am a Muslim and nothing else

But the term Islam is a thing that few people know

It is a verb It is something that is done it is not a noun it is not something that is But it is rather and I am reading the Qur'an for me it is evident

An attitude towards life and attitude Well, an attitude of dedication to the real ones with a capital R an attitude Surrender of the ego serenely and willingly To surrender to the total or to the divine Every time in the best possible way not in such a way that I would say That there is no Religion that which all the great ones in fact In various passages or verses of the Koran They could be perfectly translated How the prophet encourages not to believe in any religion but simply to try to Harmonize which would be another translation of Islam With the real just like Jesus Christ does just like Buddha does just like all the founders do It is not about belonging to a group But the opposite of leaving From being in any group to be what we really are already not to be It is what we are called Cheese factory Reconnecting when true identity is that in the background From the heart that is the way of the heart is divinity That's what we are an aspect a gesture one drop one dimension Of God And metaphor is used a lot in Sufism Of the heart as the abode of the divine there is a saying of the prophet Which says something like neither heaven nor earth can contain me but the heart of the believer contains me

And there is another It tells you something like know thyself

You will know your French Luci is usually what they do Work With the heart In such a way that they polish it They're kind of cleaning it so that the heart Become a kind of clear mirror of the divine And then in it will cease to be In the cleansing of your ego to the bottom you cease to be To make Not to be completely As a source a channel of divinity Sure and it would rather consist of like taking away labels we don't have to be one thing or the other but as she says to stop being The most important Sufi master we have ever met matures assignment I was saying that Sufism is a very strange school because it is the only school The place of teaching you to be something or to become something Teaches you to be nothing And I was saying it with this metaphor that is like a factory of zeros So that I sign up for example for law school because I want to become a lawyer or medical school to become a doctor and get my diploma

Look I am already a doctor I already have like one more identity to hold onto And to suffer more on the contrary to be taking off all the label And all identity to become Nothing is nothing that Truly what we are And if we get it if that's so if we really become a zero Then maybe don't say assignment the Sufi master The unit of the real the 1 stand by our side and so A 10 A totality buy A zero to the right But for that the first thing we have to do As it says polish the mirror of our heart Finish As far as we can with our egos To connect us with divinity no and the true mystic that I am not of course the true mystic Is not or is not so much interested in the concrete membership a group a religion But the transcendence of all these categories to come to taste The experience of the real That also to the Sufis traditionally Call Jalal Down in Arabic What the taste people mean Because what we are looking for is a That experience of being nothing The 1 Luna Restaurant Well, you can use everything that you have around you And to put it to the service of that search or of that that is to clean the leather Mirror of the heart For example Me in my concrete reality What I have For what I can bring into play to get closer to God It is my relationship with my husband My relationship with my children My vacation of 100 I like Writing I like very much reading I Learning Communicating I also like very much And then after the practices What They are somehow universal The prayer Fasting almsgiving or giving service to others Pilgrimage And the recognition not the practice the recognition will try you to see the reality How communal i


trying to interpret always do That work Of interpreting reality Enclave of mercy Or interprets reality beyond The desires Or somehow learning to see that everything that is put into our life Is placed in our favor It's set for us to get closer and closer To the divine or to that love A capital A That sustains us There is a concrete practice that is indicated that I believe you will talk about Sugar would be is an Arabic word which means time Remembrance and recitation Consists in reaching the remembrance From what through the breath to the remembrance of our true Self of our identity Profound and Supreme is said in arabic the fiterana Original Closer to reach the origin Which as we said before is connected with divinity So it can be done by recycling different we could Equated to mantras In which the divine names are recorded For example I can't take it to the heart and recite the sticker Heart For those who don't like to get involved In a very traditional language Because I don't want to do it in Arabic you can use some mantras in Spanish for example I use in some occasions People who come to see me and my patients The mantra or the dam Thank you Why thank you is also a divine name that curro It is said In the Sufi tradition That divinity has An infinite number of beautiful names, but there are 99 that are special and one of them is It would mean gratitude or thankfulness Nurse gracias in Spanish would be a form To be calling also the divinity not equal to love truth truthfulness goodness goodness Cordial Abelles We have this beautiful word thank you we can not bring the attention to the heart and there the recipe And little by little we turn off the head This could be called radio pego That's like 24 hours in continuous broadcast I for I have to do I don't know you're one that does an interview Then you are going to pay a little bit our ego that continuous for I have to have it Go take the connection to the heart Through the Dicker The memory of our Another key might be To live everything as a means To reach an end Why the only end in itself is the total surrender to the divinity In such a way that if I take some partial aspect And turn it into something total And I'm falling what we take the synecdoche take the part for the whole There I'm closing the way by deleting the pull or for example when we talked before about religion If I use a religion any of them As a means as a platform as a catapult for To purify myself and get closer to the experience of the divine Then this religion will be like a blessing If I use religion as an end in itself Then religion paradoxically occupies the place of God and becomes an idol

And the important thing is to pray in a certain way today at mass on Sundays or to dress in a certain way

That's taking the place of And it's becoming a means Instead of being an end in itself instead of a means this can happen with anything What is the ultimate goal of my life This is the question that was the heart for which I get up every morning To have fun and play with the cell phone to go out and flirt to gain fame to have money to be more handsome What are my goals last king If we are polishing that intention Refining the intention what are the dipper targets Until this intention is only To polish the mirror of the heart to approach the experience of the total or the real Then we would be on the straight path to Sufism

Tutero I know what I am putting in today What a great question this is Park Of course what is usually answered is that for everything we need a teacher not to learn mathematics and I can learn mathematics I can only open Piano I alone but with a teacher I can save me years of useless efforts of work of mannerism work not because I begin to Apply scales do re re mi fa sol the high plus the fingers and then I will have if I want to continue to deepen that there is reverse is learning What costs much more than to have learned well from the beginning I surrender myself a teacher can be very useful but at the same time there are possibilities to learn and grow without a teacher I think that is something Relatively rare almost marginal But of course it can be And in the end the master if he is a true master what he should try to do To get himself out of the way as we were saying before to become that channel of the divine

May it be able to resonate and awaken The inner teacher that we all carry within us because in the end the ultimate secret that is in all the traditions It is that there are no two There is no difference the master and I are the same we are all the same we are all one Side the only real being the being that is Then the master is Sort of an indicator that it's signaling all the time

That inner master but that master has to be awakened and it's very easy to self-deceive with Stone today that there are True fortunately not true needle and awakening with spiritual as we are all continually seeing how there are a lot of people I know what Maheso who think they are the chosen ones when maybe they haven't even solved the most basic psychological aspects

Then it is also important to have a teacher who confronts you with yourself

Because the teacher is true He is dead to father-in-law When you are with the master You are Alone before yourself It's a terrible mirror to look into and to see yourself in

All your shadows, all your shortcomings and all your problems

And some people can't stand that too, that's why it's very difficult to have a mae But the true master is the one who wants nothing for himself in that in a kind of surrender of pure love he gives you everything

Each time to you And this Only I have found in about 2 people in my life in a long search I however do believe that the maes is necessary

The problem is that it is a Because the reality with the reality that we have in front of our eyes is exercising that mastery Also For us daily And we always have people to lean on in our spiritual journey Somehow there are people who are acting as teachers all the time

Even if they don't go too far Reality itself or divinity itself She is the great teacher And you must be Disciple to learn to make spiritual path The condition that you have to adopt always that of discipleship is to say That of humility in the face of what is real The one of the realization of your smallness in front of the greatness of what is real That of assuming that you know nothing in the face of the infinite wisdom of the divine and so forth

On this day we go in that Vision of the real general This is where the concrete figure of the So in Sufism If it is central it is very important Why because there is a There is a chain That goes holding From master to disciple and going back a long way in time normally Those of the suffixed factories The brotherhoods They always make a comeback This line or this golden chain from master to master all the way back to the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him And that generates as a bond a connection An initiatory reality that we have lost casino accidentally But what is key not to suffer You know a teacher and You receive the initiation he gives you the auction you take You take the staff In the hand then there suddenly something magical happens What it is is not understandable for a western mind many times But what happens something is a transmission Real heart to heart And this also happens from master disciple to master disciple and in turn It is what guarantees I am as Alliance with tradition Also guarantees The purity or cleanliness of one's own The purity of the intention of ownership Master is annihilated in another That is dissolved in another which at the end dissolved in another which at the end dissolved in another which at the end dissolved in another And so to speak So that allows That there is such a thing as A cleaning in the transmission Both at the same time Both at the same time always the answer is both at the same time

This is a question we continually ask ourselves because we also live in a globalized world

World in which suddenly we can get in touch in 10 minutes

With 10 people from totally different traditions and there is also a call that has to do with the sign of the times We believe To this encounter between traditions no and also as we have the hybrid identity Because we have been formed in a world at least Culturally Catholic Although not Your parents were not Especially practicing so to speak But we have been trained in Identity And in that imaginary Catholic and at the same time we find a more Sufi Muslim in his twenties You already had 30 hours to tell me you don't want to reveal the age of a lady

Y And for not us this was revolutionary And now after like a breach Creative but a breach and a wound in Imaginarium Also any gap in the imaginary It is always a very Powerful source of creativity You can be seen as a negative thing not because suddenly that Who you are You don't meet a teacher who is from another tradition a tradition moreover About which you have enough Prejudices What we have All so many prejudices against Islam and suddenly there's the holiest person you've ever met in your life

The person who most resembles Jesus of Nazareth if Jesus were alive and you were in front of him It is said Muslim then or it breaks your head And from then on since you have broken your head Then you have to Rebuild you again An identity that can welcome So much that you have received So much Cultural or family Like what you have seen In your wanderings in your wanderings in your adventure And this leads us to where we are now Well, we're on to something That already said a Sufi mystic of From the 13th century and Ben Arabi who was also the Spaniard was from Murcia although it has to be studied Very young because he was pursued by the alfaqis not the people so more formalistic Sorry this one had to exile But he wrote a very beautiful poem referring to the welcoming capacity of the heart From the prophet Abraham In what he said he was capable of all The forms My heart has become Beautiful They are It is signed of mystical poetry suffer the 13th century in the middle of the Middle Ages when St

Francis of Assisi or when Roomba I feel What a guide not to Your steps And you wanted our steps also as a Kind of a call What it has to do with the sign of the times We are called to meet Beyond no Forms and to recognize That divinity Sequel in the belief of the other Even if the other's belief is totally different To our belief because Because the greatness of the Mercy of the divine is i


it does not surpass Everywhere It's so beautiful And so great What it is capable of Of sneaking in For our Beliefs even if our beliefs are very And there we are we are not able as to Find brother In completely different traditions And of being comfortable In each other's house Wow what a nice thing to say Who is Romi don't you speak it you are more your topic than mine Slider the historian Well I was a You ask me about him And I see how A heart Overflowing Like a Water fountain Could define One person He said of himself He was raw He was caught And then later It burned out be Reason divine love For this to happen Although he was already a very cultivated person Ritual Experiences Critics It had to happen to the 6738 year Suddenly more came Our master Very complex Sants of Tabriz The sun of Tabriz Who was a man Difficult a man who did not Who was not as pleasing to the people surrounding Roomba But that it did To Marta Ana in the background to Rumi That subsequently the one from From Sants It moved him Deeply gendered a transformation Radical a fusion with the divine And from It was the poet Great We keep talking 786 Then Why It is still one of the best sellers of literature

Why why why Poetry was unive His heart It was universal The love that flowed from him Is able to nourish Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, I've had to tell you also Well, I have no idea, no, once they asked the master his signature is What is there after death and the master answered I don't know

How but if you are the most But I am a living master Supposedly the Sufi tradition not as we were saying that it is framed Within the context of traditional Islam and the Abrahamic traditions it is not particularly different

Hala of Christianity and Judaism are not in fact religions or betrayals

Very similar I am sure that if the science of the revisions had arisen instead of the Europe of Silos 1810 9 it would have arisen in India for example We would see Islam, Christianity and Judaism as one religion maybe Abraham himself or something like that

And in the Indian subcontinent itself we would understand that there are many different religions

However now We see them as other religions Different When you send something very Well, the most orthodox view Wouldn't that be that there's like a wolf to call Barça That would be a kind of Intermediate space where I know where The souls They wait The day the day or meeting the day of discernment the day of the final discrimination we could call the day of judgment And today precisely a vision of the murciano and see Aramil that of which has spoken now more days In which all souls are waiting as that moment of reckoning So that when it comes Comes the divinity And select which are the souls that can pass directly to the plain let's say to the paradise Not that where the word comes from Faradis paradise And there are a few not only the holiest the purest the prophets the ones who may pass Yet they They question to the divinity exhibits that we We have arrived at this level of holiness because we have I'm sorry a lot of people don't go and say this one came into my house to rob me and I instead of getting mad at him I forgave him this other one wronged me I was polished and instead of getting angry with him I forgave him and thanks to that I was polishing the mirror of my heart

Until I got to the same bed my spiritual state of Santi So I can't pass if they don't pass first and so it counts and warns me it's giving a series of successive interceptions One by one Until at the end it enters Practically the mankind learns that they did not become just like jeans, some geniuses, some spiritual beings

Jeans where does the spanish word genie come from with the genie of the lamp of Aladdin They are made of fire and then the place of these Guinness would be like fire not something like hell

So they are the only ones that go there but for them it says

And one saw the fire is fine However Behind this vision there is of course a deeper vision which is not continuously repeated in both Islam and Sufism

As in the Koran The Qur'an literally says all of Perez age Except for the Videos not the face of God in arabic is a metaphor Essential agency MSC in lillahi wa Inna ilayhi raji\'un We are all God's and there we shall return Then at some point even all this It is part of the scope That we could call intermediate or illusory Who participate in some degree of the illusion of existence the only thing is real It is the divine I AM the servant Where all will be reabsorbed again Then And well and that I have heard also although you are very very heterodox of course

Sufi masters talking about reincarnation in different ways not reincarnation

Understood a mere purging of almost nobody understands it in the eastern traditions either If not as there is one principle no the soul is composed of several principle and some of them pass through several planes dimensions And that's not incompatible with the idea of a final destiny

Because of course it breaks his head we can't understand how a limited head can't put the divinity of the universe in a box

What is there heaven hell or reincarnation very we are in compatible Monkeys are compatible for my head Maybe we turn off our head and open our heart and we will see that things are much more complex and you have another Place not beyond this little game in the 3D in the Madrid and in the space-time things work in the way I more complex already the time much more Sims Don't save me and that it is possible that both things happen at the same time and every time nothing happens So what is there after death Well I don't know, we'll talk about it, no we'll see if we go we'll talk about it on the other side

You contribute something Enough not perfect Well if I'm going to add something How much do you get for making out a bit I die sounded from the Attributes to the Prophet who is the Moriz before Ah ok ok And then We can talk about death we can say you don't know It's true we don't know what's going to The problem is that And if that still doesn't concern us And if there is something that does concern us And it has to do with With this dying to the illusory Previous the woman Don't be the In the dying Before dying at the bottom What it comes to say is If you really give yourself to life You don't die no It is as it seems paradoxical but actually If you die to the mundane If you die to all that has an end Somehow You won't die anymore When the It's the job Spiritual alkenes And there is another hadith another self-said saying of the prophet that is often put in relation to the one you say In line with what you were asking us at the beginning about how this spiritual awakening thing is What it literally says that the human being is asleep and when he dies Wake up So I think it will be like taking off the virtual reality goggles no and we will be able to see like another part of the videogame A little bit wider we won't go on we will have other bigger glasses no because they are glasses inside of glasses inside of other ones But little by little we will take off the glasses until we come back to the Supreme identity which is the only thing that in reality we have always been very much we will see that this has been A kind of daydreaming Which is not to say that I don't have a relative reality and we shouldn't fall either

In a kind of a second non-dualism in which We are acosmistic if we consider that the world is nothing but an illusion it is not also real And it is not created as a game in that it has a strong sense of both things at once

And that's why the spiritual path is also a path of Of unveiling the real To say we are very far from the real But if We were Downward Well, if we don't go up Somehow we can go unveiling removing veil The veils that separate us To make The more and more And if it is not supposed to stop This is clearly also All the betrayal What After death At death we will be more in the real And before we die during life Music we have We are more in And this is somehow corroborated also by all the accounts That I have read that I have read a few Near death not the maya of the people Near death also speaks That what is on the other side Is more loving It's more real It's more full of Sense It is more unitary not all that That's what it points to You are invited It is brought to us by death from This one is yours, we get asked that a lot

I get asked that a lot and it never falls out

Why is it Because it is that The woman as something of the external as monolithic It's like so hard to look at is that I don't even know where to look not if I can tell you what my life as a woman is like Within this spiritual path but little else because there is so much diversity

It is so complex And there are so many realities so many different countries so many different people That we could almost reduce it to the individual not to the concrete human being So I in my case If I can count Well, my direct experience I was born or better me in a world a little matrix already Not something like that In fact my parents They have 3 daughters And they raised all 3 of us As if we had gone boys it didn't matter a bit what it was Girls What guys in the Sense they didn't give us The same CSIF Let's go guys We could have taken you to college We were studying and I got good grades, that is For a long time you were in a soccer team we could not traditionally more considered masculine 15 years No Without stopping because he loved soccer, that is to say that he had a formation That I have never felt any different Possible has been a You don't call my father likes soccer very much But at the same time I always felt that there was something Matrix dis Formation there was something that was not well formalized And yet The encounter with Sufism for me It was a door a very strong adventure for healing It's Female dimension What accident has denied In what sense I say so For example when in Cyprus in our master's house there was a house for me only Y And there the men could not enter before They had entered but When I went there, it was no longer coming in It was not a Only for Well then There was A brotherhood A sisterhood A development of the Female Beautiful A sharing the kitchen when she cooks let's go 1 peel all I'm going to A get us to do Diker With guitars and violins Yes with the percussion and with everything there was An enjoy Of femininity So powerful that I had never lived And somehow the mere fact that I was there For me Shannon my femininity to such an extent that it opened up my Doors Of something I had not even considered For the world I had grown up in I hadn't thought about it when I was in my early twenties I hadn't spoken to myself

6 years I hadn't thought about it Neither getting married nor having children yet And then that opened the door to motherhood for me

That for me It has been So far The Undoubtedly the most mystical experience I have ever had The Maternity experience And it is an experience That God didn't give them only to women

And what is a spiritual path itself Why the Carrying a baby inside the quad The birthing experience What is like a great metaphor of way Spiritual Nurturing experience From the attachment of the child to the breast when breastfeeding does not stop A heart attached to your heart To cease to be one and become two Of the creativity involved The love that implies the tenderness that implies the Exercise of Mercy which implies the Sleeplessness and care That is something So beautiful That this It's a purely female thing not the father can Of course he can participate But in principle it is a gift from God has made us ah no And then heart you tell me the role of the woman in the Same on the street role of the woman in the Well I can tell you La Belle I was able to participate thanks to this one Experience so deep I have had Well, five children 10 years of 10 years of maternity Years of delivery Maternal access no And all this has been in addition Well, thanks to a man What Well, in this union of opposites Not so beautiful To which we are called we are not called to the war of We are called to conciliation Respect Of man for woman Complete And to the respect of the woman for the concrete man no And then Thanks to God In this union of opposites We have gone my If anything my husband and I I have been able to Enjoy this Where is the Mystic spa experience Science that has been undervalued Why some people want to give you Give a salary to the mothers no but It's been devalued but I really don't know it can't be done

Put a price on it because I'm going out That they are ok Valuable Who doesn't have precision pays double It's an Alex an experience Priceless And at the same time it is a gift How infinite Nice I don't know if you will agree but beyond stereotypes Usual I these turkish women who were in the guesthouse dressed with the veil and in the traditional way They were at the same time More empowered And more empowered than almost any of the women or western girls I have ever known No self-esteem crisis theory Or they had identity problems But they had their center Perfectly clear and perfectly live Well taken in fact many of us and this is not a joke to me the first one scared us a little bit were so powerful it had So much strength for example Samia or not or some soybean and already some of the women that were there

That we were even afraid of them but not because they were tough no but because they also had a very sweet aspect of sweetness But it was because they were perfectly in place and they were totally who they were

So when I compare it to others with women that there were also I have my servo as a psychologist no but when I compare it to some western women That they're in this search for identity it's very surprising how they did have it clear

That's the thing about Of course, of course Who has the You bring the tradition there is no neuro Neurosis also there is not so much long freedom as a continuum exactly something like that Well as far as I know is that the reality The reality of the history of Al-Andalus is very complex, there are people who say that Well, that they were a few Muslims who subdued the Christian Terrible There are others who say that it was the best time in the history of From the Iberian Peninsula by Say it not from Leganés Vendor grana Opening love in fabrics Dating traditions And I think it is that The subject is more com Portivo very different times And within the same society of Al-Andalus There were very different social groups Then there were great figures Current and me Well, we can already talk about Averroes or Maimonides who was Jewish but lived In al-Andalus We can talk about Ibn Arabi of iberjas Sam the author of the dove necklace We can talk about Authors of aromas of Seville and bemasar RA1 very many People With a development Spiritual sharp Outstanding But at the same time many of them had to go into exile

And they lived with problems Happiness From problematic for The companies The one that lived not then It is a very complex reality And you can't take it out as Easy conclusions Not what I'm interested in Only because of what I have I am a historian And so what I opt for when I get to this point it's usually like Search biography Because in the biography Much more reality fell than the manuals Historical What do you want for dinner Generalizing realities that are In general Don't talk to them because for example We have lived This past year not the pandemic Seeing it I forget a confi Very loud and you ask 5 different people About what happened And each person has had a Really different For some it has been a moment They almost see Vicious because they have Used as a retreat Spiritual Others have lived the Scary 2D It was very grammatical Undoubtedly the worst You forget Others have entered a Labor CISS Or else they have been helped to see So that the work was not going to work was not what They really loved IE They have made a major life change or have gone to live in the country or whatever

So that every The person and has it To the side At the historical moment I could totally tell you a pension Well, I think that the anda Al-Andalus Who had a history Well, from the 8th century to the 15th century And then A track that was left after A reality You can as Distill Rescue in a monolithic manner for This is how I see it from my Poor Look Well, I would recommend a book that unifies the world

Which is titled like St

Teresa He accompanied me to the Sufism of One of the best authors I know and I say this with full knowledge of the facts that is Maria Herrero

And as someone will be ashamed to say it and you do well I'm going to throw a lot of morro And I'm going to go I'm going to also talk about the last book that I published because it's just with that idea How to approach From a perspective that is fun with a sense of humor And at the same time as deep as it has ever been able to go

What has been Sufism both from a theoretical aspect as well as in my own experience in Sufism and of course how to unite Sufism and psychology or psychology and spirituality It is titled How to be a Sufi and die in the This last book and we also have a Youtube channel Which is called psychology and spirituality where among other topics Well, we are trying to To solve always this question of what is Sufism And now you make a real recommendation that is not self-promotion

No but Lots of interesting bibliography From A lot behind Songs of the From hibernate blond What are huge works In part Translate English The works Tellano A introduction Halil Barcena More and more formal It is very Halil Barcena Smash Moms X Master Udit Yesterday you go funny Beautiful Blackberry Study centers dedicated to the work of Ibn Arabi In Murcia By Pablo Beneyto Reality It is a world that Yes, it is interesting Especially last me And in Spain Because in Spain we have also a very rich past and my time of Al-Andalus which is practically unknown

Hospital of being interesting to vindicate this part like Something that is also not Spanish identity and that enriches it not and that gives it a depth even Andalusia I would say that some of the moments of maximum beauty and splendor, even leading according to level Natural and scientific Almost as a kind of pre-birth occurred in Randall's time

Then we can also claim this as It doesn't make any difference For me there is one thing as key or important It's like The exercise of the Song To where the attention does not deserve to be taken This would be like One of the key problems of not Society That is to say, our attention is taken or directed all the time since children are very young

Do it, I won't eat it So the video game screen like it in the social networks Cheese Look completely the search of oneself not because in the end it reduces the self

By pleasing others Institutional and non-institutional lies Continues Then The harassment Mediatic the Taste for the artificial The taste for consumption The speed and the speed of things Civilization as opposed to nature What are so many things that deep down They talk about that not about attention boosting

Where the attention doesn't go It is true and we are selling our soul at a very cheap price

Just for a few likes for really very superficial aspects Another thing for example to link with the previous question that we discover in Cyprus Is that nobody cared much about the physical aspect and that was a great liberation

No then it was a woman who didn't mind having a few love handles to a man who didn't mind being a little bit fat

Well that made his life much richer and denser meaning he was not enslaved

Because of that ego because of that self-image But if it's true what Maria says it seems that we live in a world In which everything is perfectly fine-tuned and everything conspires to make us absent-minded or distracted

When really what we are called to as human beings and what we are called to do as human beings and what would be To realize in some way our ultimate humanity It would be the opposite to be concentrated to be looking for the center with the attention It is what we truly are In that connection with the divine and that's why we do the practice that we've talked about in this talk about the biker

The remembrance of the divine within us The search for God in the heart The only thing And what's really worth being busy about Would be these Summer in every instant and in every moment always here now another of the names of the sufi is the son of the instant Because we are born and we die always here now in Cali shelf Searching for that connection with the Center and with the divinity Trying to remove or put away all the idols, everything that distracts us

That throws them off Me what is really important It's the only way it deserves The human life is worth living in a certain way And to a certain extent I exaggerate a little bit maybe everything else is a waste of time Everything else should be done as a sign or as a means

To reach that centrality Whatsapp divinity not lethal evil that I can distract me awake and wake me up for a while Loving my children I send it to my wife but I will try to do it to you and for me it's very difficult For the love of God no For the sake of the thing itself I do not want to love it for itself but I want to discover God's glance in her glance and I want to love her because I love the totality and she is God's way of manifesting himself to me the concrete face In what The totality of reality manifests itself in my life Especially with her, who is the one I share it with the most

So that's what I want to see God in your eyes

You liked it

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