Anandamayi Ma: Mother of the World

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Anandamayi Ma was an Indian saint whose name translates in English as "Joy-permeated". Those around her attributed to her gifts of precognition, faith, healing and miracles. Who was Anandamayi Ma? Let's discover the life and impact of this beautiful Indian saint.

You You Shri Shri Anand Maima was one of the greatest spiritual luminaries of our time To many she was joy peace and compassion incarnate To many a forlorn and dejected heart Mars benign presence and silent communication provided solace purpose and direction to life All felt That she was truly a divine mother full of bliss and that she was the very embodiment of the divine she radiated spiritual ecstasy from her very birth Anand Maima was a great saint of India

She used to help too many people Whether they are poor whether they are rich whatever problems they are having they used to come and tell to Ma she in one or the other way try to solve their problems or Try to give whatever she can

This is a satsang room here Ma used to sit here on this particular bed She used to sit or she used to sleep and take a good night's sleep on this bed This is Mars garden as you can see it totally a full of greenery Whenever at the time of morning or at the time of evening

She used to take a good night's walk here and she followed by a goodness company In your interviews with the devotees of Ma you may have noticed that when you ask a devotee of Ma who was Ma many times We're just quiet or tongue-tied because who can say who Ma was

We only know what we know of Ma through her grace and That's the only way we even know who or what she was in the little small amount that you do know People ask her who are you Ma through the years? She would give sometimes she would just say I'm your little girl or I am whatever you think I am I had I personally had no idea who she was and the as I said that I went as if I would was going to my Grandmother's place

We met Anandamayi Ma so many times

I I was teenage teenager

So, you know, but but I just went there and okay, Ma How are you Ma? Ma, how are you? We speak in Bengali, right? Ma Anandamayi Ma and others is different only because Anandamayi Ma was so simple like a like a my own Ma She was a real divine universal mother on this planet with us she was like a personal person like ordinary people but she was over and above that

What you perceive of me is what I am This is what Ma would say but she would never she would never reveal herself But at times you would get glimpses of Ma the divinity in Ma She would just show it to you for reveal it to you for a brief second and you know exactly what Ma was My mother who's still alive and who's 96 Was a greatest devotee of Ma Anandamayi, and I think you should meet her Anandamayi Ma was very beautiful Wonderful person as a person she was wonderful

Yes, we all learned a lot of things from her sing also very well She she has touched the lives of so many people around the world She never had a selfish motive I mean she was the most selfless person I can ever imagine They don't even want to know if you ask me honestly as to who she was and what she was trying to say Her mere presence was good enough See Anandamayi Ma See Anandamayi Ma she was born in a Bangladesh East Bengal in a place called There is called KHOR Khori near Dhaka And not a very pious Brahmin family Ma was born into a very very poor family in Dhaka Bangladesh a few days after Ma was born A great a great rishi a saint a great sage walked into their little home And looked into the cot and said today you see this little baby, but this is the mother of the world See Anandamayi Ma Even as a baby everyone came from the village just to see this remarkable shining little baby when she became a young girl They called her Rangadiri the colorful sister they say when she went to the goths everyone Would just be amazed just to see her they were just attracted by seeing her This is another attribute of Ma that was from her very first moment The last of her life with this power of divine attraction Her whole life was motivated by the needs the desires necessities the longings of others So even as a little girl she was always serving she was always doing everything She grew up she was married to Bholanath who then became a great disciple of hers because he realized that there was much more to her She wasn't an ordinary girl He saw unusual things Spontaneously she used to recite all the mantras Though she was an unlettered lady she never went to school Suddenly when she waved her hand suddenly the plate with the camphor light used to manifest And flowers used to manifest And then Deity used to manifest And spontaneously he saw all these things And husband saw oh it's not an ordinary person So then fell at her feet and called her Ma So they did not have any physical contact And at that point of time there was another great gentleman called Bhaiji who was just an officer an ordinary officer Bhaiji was the one who gave the name Anandami Ma to Nirmala Singh But he recognized in her something that was also beyond this consciousness Beyond this ordinary consciousness And he left everything overnight Wife, family, everything to follow her into the wilderness And Ma said if you have faith come with me She had this beautiful smile, this calm look about herself Her mystic eyes Her smile was a very magnetic smile It used to pull everyone who ever saw her I'll never forget the many times that Ma has looked at me or I've looked at Ma Never forget a single occasion My first darshan with Ma I sat in front of her And for a long time she just looked directly into my eyes without saying anything And I realized for the first time someone has actually seen me No one has ever seen me before Everyone just sees the mask on the outside I myself, I saw my own self for the first time We could see Ma sometimes out in the garden, open space And Ma, one thing about her was she was very, very, very, very caring She never gave you the occasion to ever go back unhappy or sad She would always fulfill you in every manner possible with a lot of love, affection and kindness Wherever Ma used to go, Ma was like a big giant ball of bliss The entire area surrounding that ball of bliss would be supercharged with joyful energy She would always give a big smile, her divine smile, which was enough Music Don't die, don't die, don't die Don't die, don't die, don't die Don't die, don't die Music Yes, with Ma there was always this wonderful motherly sweetness She had many different vows or manifestations she could appear in But always there was this wonderful sweetness and an intimacy you felt with Ma There was a paradox though In one way you felt Ma was the closest thing to you, the dearest thing to you As you were staying with her you felt like you'd known her forever, as I said At the same time you felt like she was a million miles away She would always have us on her lap and give us a cuddle So as youngsters she made a big impact on us We felt that this was the nearest to divinity that we as little children of seven and eight could ever really be My parents or my grandmother, they used to tell me the stories about the Ma What all things she has done for my family, so I'm truly devoted to her Ma is just like Ma is cooking khichdi for us Ma is calling me, Babu, where are you? Just come here, take your food and then you play Ma like my own Ma, like your own Ma, you can feel that way, no difference My mother, my earthly mother was absent and I was born in Hungary We came through a revolution, lived in five countries, that's kind of the 32nd version of it I was in India two years ago, I went to the Banaras Ashram I was in front of her where she used to give darshan and there's a big picture of her on a seat And all I could do was look at Anandamurma's picture and just without even knowing where it came from This question came, will you be my mother? Just as I said that, there is this shower of love that took over me And it came, it's like she came into me And this answer out of the blue in my mind, I heard, I will, I will be your mother And I have to tell you this was two years ago and I feel like she hasn't left me one day since She called me, motioned me to come up on the stage So I got up and went up to the stage I prostrated at her feet, I just put my head in her feet And she took out a garland, garlanded me And she started petting my head and my back and that divine touch was so overwhelming That love was overflowing, coming, it came flood like And just opened up all my chakras, all my whatever emotions were pent up inside And I started, I broke down, I started crying and I couldn't take that love, it was so immense I was in another world, it was so beautiful It's hard to explain in words, all those feelings But they are still with me, they haven't It's like, it feels like it just happened yesterday When we knew that Anandamoye Ma was coming to her little ashram in Ranchi We were invited to go to that audience or her satsang or whatever Last time I saw her, Dayamata and her were together Now this time I got to see her by herself And I do remember that she had like a bath towel around her neck And she also had one on her lap Because devotees were going up to her and they were crying and crying And the towels were absorbing all the tears And then they were just putting garland and garland and garland over her And it was, the Indian devotees were just so captivated and devotional And caught up in who she was, they knew It was a very devotional, emotional experience that was going on There was an incredible joy just to see Ma You have the word darshan which means blessing by sight When you just see someone you get a blessing And Ma embodied this, just to have the darshan of Ma, just to see her for a moment As a kid I always wanted to meet Ma And I always told her that I want to meet you, I want to talk to you And I want to meet you in person Once I had this amazing experience When I was sleeping and something within me said that Ma has come to meet me in our temple We have a small temple in our home I went to the temple and she was actually there She looked just like I had always imagined her In a white shawl and very pleasant, she was smiling She was glowing and I was scared I was laughing and sometimes I was crying And she told me that you always ask me to come to see you So I have come and she wanted me to hold her hands But I was too scared to do that But she still took my fingers in her hand That is something that even now if I close my eyes I can still feel it From 1932 to 1982 for 50 years Ma traveled throughout India non-stop Never staying in one place more than a few days or a few weeks at the most And it was all prompted just by people's longings in their heart Ma used this car many times from 1970 to 1977 In 1937 Ma took the darshan of Kainash Ma taken as per books Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh And then in 1937 Ma took the darshan of Kainash And then in 1937 Ma took the darshan of Kainash Ma taken as per books two months Because that time that road was very difficult This trek is a spiritual trek from the Indian point of view There are batches of people who go And the trek is towards to Mount Kailash and the Lake Mansarovar Mount Kailash is a holy place for Hindus And I think a lot of the scriptures when they talk of the sages living in the mountains They are considered to be living in Mount Kailash in that area And so Kailash is a very very important pilgrimage for Hindus He taken the darshan of Kailash And took bath on the Lake Mansarovar And when welcoming back to return to India At Almora he left his body And Ma given samadhi in that place So when Anandmai Ma came to Pune in 1952 She was passing from the south She had gone on a tour of the religious pilgrimages of south India And was on her way back to north India But many a times there were so many people who wanted to worship her That it became uncontrollable many a times But she would wait till the last person She would satisfy the poorest of the poor The people's gathering around Ma Were just to have darshan of Ma Just to look towards her, just to bow to her Because they were getting peace of mind They were getting their pain in the heart removed You see in every gathering or every sangha or every meeting There were thousands of people who would come in And I have personally seen from prime ministers to ministers to secretaries to government officials To sweepers to the gardeners to the common man Nobody was ever stopped from reaching up to her And she always welcomed each one of them In the same manner she would talk to the high officials She would speak to somebody like me or an ordinary human being And for her everybody was a child of hers Thousands of people were rushing to see her Even though thousands of people were gathering Everybody was feeling that Ma has seen her, seen him Everybody The person when he enters the pandal He would go and sit and he would feel a ray of light coming from her eyes Acknowledging his presence in that That happened to me The nightly satsangs with Ma were periods of great joy Ma would always be cracking jokes and making everyone laugh But always using it for instruction She had a fantastic sense of humor She would make even the great masters who were very serious She would make them also laugh many a times Ma had a very unique laughter It was right from the bottom of her being Like the sound would come right from inside her It was not an artificial laugh It was not just a ha ha ha, okay No, the laughter would start from right deep within And then spread out That's how her laugh was They all laughed In fact the serious people would try to cover up, muffle their laughter But the others who had no inhibitions Muffle their laughter Madhuram, madhuram, madhuram, madhuram Madhuradhipate rakhelam madhuram Aadharam madhuram badhanam madhuram Nayanam madhuram asitam madhuram Hridayam madhuram gamanam madhuram Madhuradhipate rakhelam madhuram Vajanam madhuram charitam madhuram Vajanam madhuram charitam madhuram Always there was some function surrounding Ma Ma would always be surrounded by God's name The whole day, some chanting, some meditation, some aarti would be going on The songs made a great impact even now on us Gurudev daya karo din jane Gurudev daya karo din jane Wow, well done In those days when Ma used to be in Pune Because we were so happy to be with her We would leave all our work, all our studies And we would be around Ma from morning till night We would be doing service in the ashram Looking after the guests that came from all over India Looking after the very important guests Some ministers, some kings, some queens, some ministers They would all come to seek Ma's blessings Divine singers would come to sing in front of Ma Vajanam madhuram charitam madhuram Murali manohara aau aau Manaman dirame bas jaau Jino din khacha masin khacha damina Ma keeps saying that the chanting of the Lord's name The chanting sets in tune certain vibrations Certain cosmic forces Which become beneficial to the development of the entire human being So when we reached there we saw Ma was standing outside the hall And very pleasant appearance She was clad in white clothes She was having her hair tied on the top of her head Like Lord Shiva And she was playing holy with people And she was playing colors She was throwing colors to people And I remember at that time She was singing a song That song was Krishna bole aau aau Hari bole aau Krishna bole aau aau Hari bole aau Radha raman bole aau aau Radha raman bole aau aau aau She was singing this song in such a pleasant voice It was really I was so delighted and thrilled to hear that song And I remember that while singing this song She was throwing color on the people And all the bhaktas, all the people They were so They were blessed They were in such a state of bliss They were in a sort of trance As if the God is standing before them What attracted me most in Ma was her voice It was like a beautiful bird singing and humming It was a bird, a morning bird you can call it And she had that lovely little voice But it was Ma's voice which could carry the evening through It was part of a kind of a ritual where Anandamai would, just like a mother She said, let's go, it's time for bed And all the devotees would kind of plead with her Can we please have kirtan? No, no, too late, time to go to bed And eventually the devotees would pray The devotees would prevail And she would agree And then it just started going Ma would lead the chants So it was called in response for Ma So many miracles took place every day But they weren't as though she was performing these miracles They just happened naturally Ma used to say that she didn't believe in these miracles But Ma, it happens When someone has done something, it happens There are so many miraculous stories connected with Ma But the thing is, when you were with Ma This division between the natural and the supernatural just vanished Because Ma was so supernatural in her being That it wouldn't surprise you whatever she did One day, after the satsang People went to their places They were cleaning the place, etc Ma was lying on her chowky bed She asked, what is the tithi? Swamiji says that today is Trayodashi After hearing this, as she was lying on the bed Immediately she woke up, sat straight And seeing towards the sky She exclaimed, Trayodashi Sarva Siddhi Immediately a transformation was in her everything From toe to hairs Everything was completely red, red, red Hairs also, dress also Everything was completely red I was very much astonished to see that Spontaneously some mantras were flowing from her mouth That was also a very astonishing experience We were to go to this place called Nimesh Nimesh Aranya on the banks of a river We were scheduled to turn up there And start a spiritual practice Telegram came, do not proceed The area of encampment is flooded, totally flooded There is no way I can set up camp What mother said then was Would you please get me a glass of water? Quite an innocuous remark One of the young ladies got her a glass of water on a tray So she picked up the glass and she said The way I am drinking this glass of water If the Lord so wishes He or she could drink up the flood waters of this river Now she used to talk in this enigmatic, mysterious way in any case So I didn't pay any attention Soon after there came a call saying The water has receded, I think I can put up the camp Please arrive tomorrow as scheduled A few hundred of us took buses and trains and turned up there And I still hadn't put two and two together The next day's papers had it as a headline Mysteriously the waters have receded My aunt was sitting with my

They were all in the Yashir Mandi Mom was very quiet and there was this little child that had gone out to play And suddenly Ma started, Ma shouted and said Water, water So my aunt and all the other didis in the ashram They were quite frantic, they rushed out and got Ma water to drink And then Ma's sari was totally drenched Ma was drenched as though she had been in a pool or whatever And Ma said water, water And a few minutes later this little child came running to Ma's ashram and said Pointed to Ma and said Ah, she just saved me She'd fallen into a well I might come and pull her out And all along Ma was sitting there and saying water, water In January 1947, Sri Ma organized the Shabit Yajna at Varanasi Which lasted for three years in the midst of communal conflicts The Yajna was initiated by Sri Ma Not only for the good of India, but for the humankind as a total entity And we are all aware of that within the period of time of the Yajnas How India's attainment of independence and consequent republican status Changed the pattern of human history from imperialism towards democracy In the Varanasi ashram, for three years there was an unbroken Havan, a fire sacrifice for the Gayathri mantra Just for the purpose of Vishwa Kalyan, that's universal blessing And undoubtedly this at this time gave stability to the world As it was recovering from the world war And in these turbulent times when India was trying to gain independence It obviously had a profound effect on the whole human race Ma has impressed nearly all the political leaders of that age And about Indira Gandhi, she was looking towards mother as her own mother And because whoever came in Ma's company started feeling the joy emanating from her Jawaharlal Nehru used to come to her because his wife Kamala Nehru was very devoted to Ma She never changed her tone, it was the same tone she maintained Whether she was speaking to late Mrs

Gandhi or she was speaking to me Ma loves all, we can specify in such a way that Ma loves me better than you She loves all She loves all Anand mahi chetanya mahi sathya mahi parande Anand mahi chetanya mahi sathya mahi parande Anand mahi chetanya mahi sathya mahi parande One very great learned man, he went to see her Then he put certain questions from her, she spontaneously answered And then he went back, collected all the professors of that university They took the leave and then they went to her For three hours they grilled her, putting questions after questions Spontaneously she answered all the questions And then they were simply amazed because they exhausted all their questions But throughout she ever remained as precious a flower And then they addressed, she was not a holonite person, she was anand mahi mahi Whenever Ma spoke, she would speak in very simple Hindi or Bangla And would make it easier to comprehend, even if it was full of deeper meanings Music Whenever I saw Ma I did not feel that I was meeting an individual The moment I used to, I am standing before divine consciousness So I used to fall flat and do And then I used to come to the railway station platform I used to come out of the station and when I was about to get in the train, I used to reach there I used to say, look, look, look, get up, get up, get up, get up, what are you doing, what are you doing Nothing happened, your blessings are always around me, look, look, what Baba is doing While Ma is there, there are no worries This is your experience, this is my experience, this is the experience of everybody who had the chance to be with Ma, even for a second Ma is there, why worry Music Jai Jai Mata Ananda Mai Jai Jai Mata Ananda Mai Jai Mata Ananda Mai There is a French Swami here who came as a young man in India, he was a doctor, a psychiatrist He came, he was in his early thirties, maybe late twenties, and he met Ma and never went back to France And he's still here, he's about 95 years old now, and still very sharp, frail, but very, very sharp mind And still adores Ma See, on the first sight, it was something strange with me, although I didn't intend to go immediately, it would have missed a little more Something strange happened, but what, I say suppose you have a keg full of powder, gunpowder Somebody's going to imagine it, nothing happened at the moment, but you know something is surely going to happen So I said something is going to happen, so I was staying at Clark Hotel, you know where is the Clark Hotel? So I went to the Clark Hotel after I met Ma, I stood at the keg stand with this time a wonderful keg stand And when I got in Clark Hotel, the keg power exploded, it was something unimaginable, some unearthly bliss A bliss that never felt in my life, some bliss, and there she blissed Atmananda was there for more than 50 years, that was her dream, that she would live for 50 years with Ma And she did, she lived for longer than that with Ma, I think she passed three years after Ma did I met Ma here, I didn't know about her in Europe, I've never been out of India for 46 years So I thought well she looks very beautiful, but I was very sceptical You were sceptical, you were critical I was critical by nature, I've seen her for an hour, Ma said yes I remember you She remembered you Ma remembers everything I found that she by a few words exploded my problem you see I asked her something You were looking for a solution to a problem Yes, yes I was, and she just, it was so simple that I thought how is it that I didn't find it out for myself I started doing translation of Ma's words you see From Bengali to English Yes, I learned Bengali specially for that, it was a Ma's miracle at that age you know to learn How old are you now? I am 77 First of all the people who would come to Ma were the saints of this country Neem Kauravi Baba was respected by Anand Mai, she would always leave her seat for him, she loved him a lot So when she stayed here in 1960, there was a group of saints who had come with her That group of saints would get up at 4 o'clock in the morning And there was a maaki, a pandal, what you call a pandal over here, in which they would play the harmonium, the tabla and the kartal and the bell And they would take, chant loudly, loudly all the names of the Lord My name is Kanti Bhai Patel, I am a sculptor This is my studio and we just entered into our studio Ma Anand Mai visited this place in 1973 It took me just one year and all the time I was leaving her presence within me This is Didi Ma statue Ma Anand Mai came here while I was making the clay And she also took some tools and she was also doing the clay model Didi Ma was another great soul of compassion, another incarnation of compassion Her face radiated continuously compassion Guru Priya Didi Guru Priya Didi, of course She was there One could see face to face God Whether one knew it or not, but it was so Ma came, God appeared in that form And one could see, one could talk with her, one could get the love, knowledge, everything, direct There was no medium, this is the greatest level So you cannot turn your face, you cannot turn your eyes It's not actually I used to do a little movement in the hulk, there was a lot of rest I'll tell you something I had two American ladies come in here last month, like you have come Her name was Marcy and Bonnie, they were two sisters At the age of 12 or 17, she came across this book, Autobiographer Yogi, in Oregon in America And she says, when I saw Ma's picture in that book, I felt that I know this lady And from that time, there was an urge in me to where, where can I find her, where can I find her The first time when I visited Anandamai Ma Ashram, I knew who she was Because I had read about her in the Autobiography of a Yogi, and the picture was so powerful It's as if it was calling to me In the orange robe is Yogananda, who started Self-Realization And he brought a lot of people to Ma and included her in his book of saints At the time when I read it, I would say to myself, she's still alive The Autobiography is in print, and I'm reading the book, and she's still in her body Music At that time, some people, like myself and many other people from Europe and America Became attracted to Indian spirituality At that time also, I was well aware of the fact that Anandamai Ma was still living And her pictures, the pictures that were in the book, just drew me magnetically And I wanted somehow to meet her My mother tells the story that I was very enticed by the flowers on the altar And I would run up to play with the flowers, and she would run after me to tell me No, no, you can't do that, gotta come back And that Anandamai would stop her and say, no, let her go And then Ma would take me on her lap So she ran to Anandamai She was quite far away from me, so I wanted to catch her So Anandamai suddenly stopped me with her hand And she says, no, no, no, don't touch her, bring her here The day I arrived in India for the first time with Daya Mata We flew from Bangkok to Calcutta I remember when I got off the plane and I walked down the stairs That first foot that touched the ground in India I felt like a current of electric spirituality just shoot up into my body Anandamai Parameshwari Anandamai Parameshwari Parameshwari When I was living in India with Maharaji He had a temple in Vrindavan where we used to stay And Anandamai Ma had a temple also right around the corner down the road in Vrindavan We would go to see her and there was always so many people there But we'd be able to sit outside with her and it was so beautiful And she would always sing Jaya Bhagavan Jaya Bhagavan Over and over and over again, almost every time I saw her she sang that And I never forgot that feeling of sitting with her and singing that Being with somebody who exists only for that love is just such an amazing experience Jaya Bhagavan Jaya Bhagavan Jaya Bhagavan Jaya Bhagavan Jaya Bhagavan Jaya Bhagavan She could read our thoughts also Many times I used to go with a problem in my mind But by the time I reached her she would say something to another person and that problem would be solved I said how come she is telling him when this is my question It was like that, the question reached her before I could express it to her About particular sadhanas when we were keeping our question before Ma Ma, how to perform this? She was just looking, repeating our question Yes, so and so You want to perform? Yes Just she was looking, immediately how to do that particular prakriya sadhana was arising in my mind That was my experience for so many times The guidance we can never find in any book or by any other mahatma She was just transferring that She could see it right through you from inside out She knew exactly what you were thinking She would in fact reveal your thoughts to you I could not keep anything secret from her So much so, if I tell you an incident of my life which was very secret But because now I am getting old and I can share it with you I used to sit in the satsang every evening between 7 and 9 pm We would do the satsang with Ma in the Pune ashram hall Being a young man, luckily my father was fairly rich and I was also quite a handsome young man So I used to like to go to meet the girlfriends and the girls So I used to go to the Pune club Every Saturday there used to be a movie over there And when Ma was here, I would not normally go But you see I was attracted to one particular girl But every evening it was my duty to sit in front of Ma And after the satsang was over, the mound would get over at 9 o'clock in the evening So then I used to take the bowl of prasad to Ma She would bless the prasad And then I would distribute the prasad in the hall to all the devotees who were there Now it so happened that it was a particular Saturday on which there was a movie in the Pune club And I was sure that the girl I liked would come And I was caught between my emotions and my duty to Ma My heart was saying let's go and meet the girl in the club And my mind was saying that you have to distribute the prasad in the ashram So my heart took hold of me and I put on my best clothes And the movie would start at 7, 7

30 and get over by 9, 9

30 in the night So I went to the club with my best clothes And as luck would have it, the girl didn't appear So I kept looking at my watch, when she'll come, it became 7

30, it became 8 o'clock, it became 8

15 I said now she's not coming, let me go back to the ashram So I doubled up on my scooty, on my motorbike, small motorcycle that I had And I went to the ashram, normally I would never dress up in my party clothes and go to Ma I would wear a very simple dress in front of Divine Mother But I went and sat in one corner of the ashram, in one corner of the hall You know, in front of her And she looked at me and acknowledged me She didn't call me to give the prasad And somebody else gave the prasad Because I was hiding in the corner because I was feeling guilty But she was so blessing me, so blessed, she was so nice, she was so lovely After the prasad was distributed She got up and she walked right diagonally across the hall to me And she said like this to me That girl is not in your luck You see Ma's face was very seldom serious She always looked beyond, you could see that she was physically here But her consciousness was in various places, all over She was super conscious She was conscious of the ant moving on her clothes And she was also conscious of a planet maybe millions of miles away This was the level of her consciousness She used to say many times Baba, nothing will happen Whatever was there, will be there And it will remain like this So she was timeless Time had no meaning for her There was no expectation There was no future In Raipur, someone had asked Ma Ma, where were you in your next life? Ma, where were you? No, you were sitting in Raipur Now you are here? Where were you before? Ma, where were you? Ma, not the future, the past This is what you learn from Ma's words Whatever is there, will be there Jai Jai Maata Anandamayi Jai Maata Anandamayi Ma has a total of 24 ashrams in India But most of them are in the northern part and eastern part But in western India, this is the only ashram This is Shri Ma Anandamayi Ashram, Bimpura, Chandog It's a very holy place All the saints have put their sadhana here Ma first time came in Gujarat in 1937 She was going by the boat And she pointed out this tree saying, this place Even Ma used to sit under the tree there And even today people sit down, meditate and do satsang there So that's the center of our ashram In 1978 and 79, when Ma used to come here I remember there were so many times I used to sit in the spot where I'm sitting in front of Ma Which is just three feet away There were times when it was me and Ma Jai Maata Anandamayi Ma has a total of 24 ashrams in India But most of them are in the northern part and eastern part But in western India, this is the only ashram Madhu Sudana Krishna Madhu Sudana Krishna Sundara Manohara Radha Krishna Madhu Krishna Madhu Sudana Krishna Madhu Krishna Madhu Sudana Krishna Sundara Manohara Radha Krishna Sundara Manohara Radha Krishna Madhu Krishna Madhu Sudana Krishna Madhava Krishna, Madhusudana Krishna

Madhava Krishna, Madhusudana Krishna

Madhava Krishna, Madhusudana Krishna

I am in Maa's Pune Ashram, India

As you can see, we are sitting in Maa's own bedroom

This is Maa's bed, where she used to rest

When I come here, I feel there are magnetic powers here

Just when you enter the gate of Anand Maima Ashram, however worried, however stressed you are, when you put your foot forward on this land, all the worries, all sorrows are just washed out

Whatever is there in your mind, if you cannot tell it to anybody, you can always come to her and express yourselves

You can feel within you that she is listening to each and every word very patiently, and you can find all your answers here

Still, if you go in Konkhal or Pune, it's still there

No matter, Maa's body is not there, Maa is there

Smiling, you can feel Maa everywhere

Jai Maa! Actually, what I would like to mention is that both Nandu Bhayan Didi Ji and Jai Maan Didi Ji, they are one of the oldest and very senior devotees of Maa, particularly Nandu Bhayan Didi Ji because from a very young age, she has lived with Maa in her Ashram and served her

She has spent her whole life just serving Maa

Maa wanted to take me to her Ashram

I said, no, I won't come

You will cut my hair

Your hair was very long

My hair was very long, so I said, you will cut my hair

She said, no, I won't cut your hair

Your hair is very nice

You used to play with my hair

Maa used to hold my hair and play with my hair

Our Maa was making hair for Maa

My Maa used to sit like this

Maa used to sit in Bimpur Ashram and Maa used to sit here

My Maa was making hair for Maa

While making hair, Maa used to sleep here

She used to go to Samadhi

My Maa also used to go to Samadhi

Maa used to run all the time for work

She used to give food to the guests

Maa is God, she never let us think

We are all one

Maa treated us the same way

After Maa left, I don't know what we did to Maa

I don't even know Maa

In 1926, I saw Maa in this Ashram

Now I am going to recite a song for you in the glory of Maa Anand Mai

Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Durga Tinasini, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Durga Tinasini, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Durga Tinasini, Jai Maa Durga, Durga Tinasini, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga

Towards the end of her life she was universally known and respected throughout India

So the last few years before Ma passed away, my body, my still with us

She became more mono, rather than talk, just you know kind of a little bit mono

So that actually was a hard time for me because I like to talk with Ma and Ma is not talking

You understand what I mean? No, but you know still I have one photo, it's still there, you know the connections

When I want something I ask to look at it

I know especially Folingo, I know Folingo who got a close connection with Ma, just through a photo

Her connection is close

And if a person keeps Ma's photo respectfully and prays to Ma, you could even say her mantra Om Ma, Om Sri Ma, Jay Ma, Jay Jay Ma, just her name, and really tries to keep Ma in their heart and life, Ma will be there and Ma will direct Ma in the right time

Do I wish I could have met Ma in person? Sure, yeah it would have been lovely to have met Ma in person, however I feel as if you can easily meet Ma in person

You may not meet the physical body, but you definitely meet what it is that Ma brought to us all, and that's the embodiment of love and compassion, and that's how we meet Ma

Even though Ma has left this mundane world about 29 years back, I feel for the first time that somebody is helping me all the time

I feel that

Ma used to say, this body doesn't go anywhere

So you just say, Jay Ma, Ma is there, Jay Ma

HALA HALA, HALA HALA, HALA???????????? and I will give it to my mother

When I am not in government, I will give it to my mother

When I am not in government, I will give it to my mother

Mother, I will come to you when the governor comes

I will give it to my mother

I will give it to my mother

I will not stay here for long

I am going back

I am going back

And in 82 August, Ma left the body

I will give it to my mother

Where were you at that time? I went to see her at Dehradun

It was forbidden to go in the room, but I went anyway

So she listened to me very kindly

So this time she took out four fruits and she gave it to me

So I went out, I stood at the door, looking at her

And she looked at me very, very long, very long time

And she gave me the impression, very, very crazy

She gave me the impression that everything will be all right

So knowing Ma, I know Ma

We knew that she can get right

In a trice she can get right

So I came back to the ashram

I told from the medical point of view

But knowing Ma, the impression she gave me, I think she will come back

I think to people, I talk to people

She will come back

And then we heard

It was a terrible thing hearing

Then I didn't believe it

I thought she made him so mad

It was very, very hard

Ma used to like two, three songs

One is

When my father used to sing and she crying, just crying

That means the song, see, I can feel

The song is, Ma, don't die

If you die, who will take care of me? I am your baby

I am your child

I am your little kid

This is the conversation about the little kid, the baby born, and Ma

Oh, Ma Anandamani Ma, just crying and crying

Say, Poonam, if you don't mind, can you sing one time? This is the real kirtan

This is the style of kirtan

Morona morona ma go

The way

This is the kirtan

Dhorito maan sri charane

I am touching your feet and keep you here

Don't die, Ma

This is the song

Ma mole ma mele na ma

Khujile ma tibhu bani

So Ma, I want you

My mind, even though does not have the reach to understand God's meticulous decisions, but still, due to Ma's grace, I have the firm belief that everything finally is going to be for my good

Ma is very relevant even today

If you hanker for her, you seek her, Ma will guide you forward

And still today, she guides us, guides me, and that's how I feel my life purpose is sought

She is Ma, our own mother, and she is still that way

As Ma herself said once, that once you come to this body, as hard as you try, you are never going to be able to leave it

And that is the truth

I do not know what the next generation will say, but it is our belief

Ma lives always sublime

Jai Jai Ma

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