Types of yoga: aerial yoga

Conscious TV

September 29, 2020

AeroYoga is a variant of yoga registered by the Spaniard Rafael Martinez. It consists of an artistic method of personal growth that uses suspension in a special swing.

There are also other types of yoga that use suspended hammocks called "anti-gravity yoga" or "air yoga".

What are the classes like?

Like other types of hatha yoga, these classes focus on breathing and well-being, but using external elements such as swings, rubber bands, weights or hot stones.

Aeroyoga is the first method in weightlessness that offers 3 different variants according to the objectives sought by the student:

  • Aerial Yoga: the most holistic.
  • Aerial Pilates (AeroPilates): the most technical.
  • Aerial Fitness: the most aerobic.
  • Classes last 60 minutes.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Evidence indicates that it facilitates bending and stretching of the whole body during exercise, strengthens and rehabilitates muscles and joints. On the other hand, as the body hangs freely, the spine is decompressed. As with other forms of active exercise, the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems improve due to increased blood circulation. Yoga in general and anti-gravity yoga in particular are beneficial for emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

Is it good for beginners?

Aeroyoga does not exclude anyone. They say that "it has been studied so that the entire population, whatever their physical condition, can enjoy and get maximum benefit". Aeroyoga has three well-defined levels of intensity, the first of which, level "0" (restorative aeroyoga) is suitable for everyone. Its objective is to achieve full relaxation and let the body flow effortlessly with the help of the swing.