Types of yoga: Surya

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December 22, 2021

Surya Yoga

Surya yoga is an advanced concept of yoga that teaches how a person can obtain energy and nourishment from the sun's rays and by merging (Laya) with the universe.

What is surya yoga?

Hindus believe that many supreme masters reside in the Himalayas by meditating on the supreme power or God without taking any food or water. These masters get their energy from the Sun (Surya), the eternal light for the world. They say that everything a human being needs can be acquired from sunlight.

The concept behind surya yoga

The rays of the sun are full of food consisting of the elements and solar energy that can be utilized for the physical and psychic development of a person, eventually leading to a universal being or God. In other words, the photons of the solar system can enlighten us and with them we can balance our body, mind, prana and soul.

How to practice Surya Yoga?


  • The most important thing is to avoid any fear of the sun and develop love, devotion and faith for the sun.
  • Wear light clothing, this helps the sun's rays to easily penetrate the body.
  • Have a very light drink or snack before practice.
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  • It is good if you can do the practice right after receiving a shower; it is not essential, but it is advisable to do so.
  • During the practice never wear goggles or any form of eye protection.
  • You should sit in the sun with the help of a mat or a chair.
  • Rub between your eyebrows and place a silver coin between them. The coin may come off the first few days, so there is no need to worry about that.
Sun meditation

  • Stand in the sun without doing anything for 10 minutes.
  • Slowly close your eyes and put all your concentration on the third eye or the silver coin we held before.
  • Over time, the practice of surya yoga can bring about a deep meditation session.