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December 22, 2021

Agni Yoga: the Yoga of the texts Agni yoga is a spiritual teaching founded by the artist Nicholas Roerich and his wife Helena Roerich in 1920. Followers of agni yoga believe that this teaching was given to the Roerich family and their associates by Master Morya, the guru of Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society. The seventeen volumes of agni yoga were translated from the original Russian into English.

The agni yoga teaching is also known as the Teaching of the Living Ethics, the Teaching of Life, the Teaching of Light, or simply as "the Teaching".

The objectives are incorporated into the books of the Agni Yoga series. In them is a synthesis of ancient Eastern beliefs, modern Western thought and a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific. According to the Agni Yoga Society, unlike previous yogas, agni yoga is a path, not of physical discipline, meditation, or asceticism, but of practice in daily life. It is the yoga of fiery energy, awareness and responsible, directed thought.

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Speaking about the role of the individual in human spiritual evolution, Helena Roerich wrote: "the greatest benefit with which we can contribute consists in the broadening of consciousness, improving and enriching our thoughts, which together with the purification of the heart, strengthens our emanations. And, therefore, raise our vibrations so that they restore the health of everything around us.