Trafalgar Conscious, a spiritual encounter.

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November 26, 2021

Trafalgar Consciente is born with the firm intention of being the first edition of a series of meetings that make grow spiritually and mentally to everyone who comes to Caños de Meca (Cádiz) between June 22nd and 26th. During these days the attendees will be able to release emotional blockages produced by daily stress and obtain health improvements thanks to the programming of Trafalgar Consciente. This spiritual meeting includes workshops on yoga, dance, Kundalini, tantra, meditation, transpersonal therapy, healthy eating and many more.

"Because of its historical tradition and its environment where sea, wind, sun and nature, the 4 elements, converge, Caños de Meca becomes an ideal place to awaken the energies that rest in man" declares Alvaro Alonso, spokesman for Conscious Television, who confirms that "the location is fundamental to be able to unite all these disciplines with teachers and lovers for only 4 days".

In addition, Trafalgar Consciente will feature several shows. One of the nights will be dedicated to Mirabai Ceiba , responsible for their own compositions in different languages, Kundalini Yoga mantras and even traditional American Indian chants. Lalita Devi, Adama or Mundo Tatana, among others, will also perform.

With this combination, spiritual and musical, Trafalgar Consciente is characterized for being the first initiative that seeks to unite religions, disciplines and visions in a single meeting, which breaks with the daily life of all attendees.

Also, if you want to participate in the raffle for 1 of the 5 vouchers to attend the Trafalgar Consciente shows, go to their Facebook page to see the rules, you have until May 31 to participate!

The first edition of Trafalgar Consciente will be held from June 22 to 26 in the town of Caños de Meca (Barbate, Cadiz). More information at