Yubirí Fernández

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Like everything in this life to feel something we must experience it. Live it and you will understand it from a feeling. We are born alkaline and with the current diet and all the chemical agents to which we are exposed make our bodies become acidified and if we follow the teachings of Dr. Sebi along with the experience of carrying out this diet, we will realize that when your body returns to be alkaline many of the symptoms disappear which you thought were part of you or you attributed them to age, diagnoses, etc..

At 44 years old I have better health and vitality than when I was 20, I no longer wear glasses (I was diagnosed with myopia and astigmatism when I was 9 years old and wore glasses all my life), my injuries or back pain disappeared and I stopped needing every week to go to a physio, many symptoms integrated in me were leaving and now I feel it again when I go over the line and acidify my body. And I am not only talking about noticing a positive change as far as physical health is concerned, it is also felt in mental health, you are happier and more connected with nature and all its beings.

Like everything in life each one must find their dose in everything, I do not like to be strict or radical, I like to flow but above all listen to the body and thus be able to lead a healthy life without pain. To integrate this diet into your body requires a minimum of 31 days, through various phases of detox and integration, after that time you can identify how your body manifests itself and you will know what you need and what really suits you.

At the same time of this experience as a detox you also do a cooking training with all the recipes that I have created with the list of foods of Dr. Sebi where you will learn to cook delicious, nutritious and satiating dishes and many of them reminiscent of flavors of a lifetime. In this diet you do not go hungry, on the contrary! You enjoy flavors that fill you with joy and above all bring light in all senses.

After eating following the guidelines of this diet, your energy rises and you never feel heavy and there is no inflammation. Of course, you will go through a cleansing process and like everyone else, it requires your body to eliminate toxicity and symptoms will appear, and then you will find the natural health that human beings should have.

"No one wants to hear that the foods they are eating are creating diseases in their bodies. The information is everywhere, but you have to be committed and dedicated to make a major lifestyle change."

Yubirí Fernandez is currently developing her knowledge by teaching trainings through a 31-day conscious detox experience. This personalized medicine will serve you as a resource for lifelong healing.

The training includes:

  • Daily accompaniment throughout the process of cleansing the body and the symptoms that appear.
  • Philosophy and knowledge of electric alkaline nutrition.
  • Weekly course with recipes
  • Natural remedies with alkaline plants.
  • Consumption of "Bendícete" infusions.

At the same time Yubirí works giving training courses of the Electric Alkaline nutrition and carrying out her cooking in conscious retreats where she has more than 15 years of experience.

For more information write to: yubirfh@gmail.com