Patricia Valseca Marques

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Patricia Valseca has a degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Universidad de Educación a Distancia (UNED). She has a Master's Degree in Clinical and Trauma Intervention with EMDR. She is the director of Aware Psicología Noroeste. She is an expert in Clinical Hypnosis with F.D.S., expert in Child and Adolescent psychotherapy. Trained in psychopathology. Trained in Dissociative Disorders. Trained in the use of the sandbox in psychotherapy. Trained in SHEC method (advanced level). Trained in EFT. Trained in gestational loss grief. Trained in Attachment. Certified in Positive Discipline for families. Certified in Positive Discipline for couples.

She has written the children's story: Tú tormenta, yo lluvia - Editorial infantil BABIDI-BÚ