Nita Miralles


Originally from Elche (Alicante), Nita Miralles has made the world her home by sharing her love for Yoga wherever she goes. After an episode that marked a turning point in her life, she decided to leave everything she knew behind and set out on a more nomadic lifestyle. Yoga has been at the center of her universe for more than seven years.

She is fascinated by the connection between body and mind in the now, synchronized with the breath. The practice of yoga is a daily exercise on freedom and raising awareness. It is to feel pure again. Sharing yoga is one of her passions, along with writing. She had been immersed in the business world since she was a child, and after graduating with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing in Holland, writing and meditation became fundamental pillars to base her life on. She lived in Finland for a year, where she began to cultivate patience and love for herself while working in an executive role in a company. She returned to Spain once again to carry out a hotel project, which energized her entrepreneurial side but consumed her spiritual side. A new path was opened, and she progressively regained harmony and connection in her life through the discovery of Hatha Yoga. Finally, after a series of unfortunate events, she made the irrevocable decision to leave everything behind and soar without a clear direction.

Her personal journey took her to countries such as Nepal, where she volunteered in an orphanage and could breathe the oxygen of the world’s greatest peaks; India, where Ashtanga yoga conquered her soul and she began to understand the depth of the endless yogic journey; Myanmar, where she found infinite peace; and Thailand, where she decided to take the reins of her life once again.

Following her heart, a new stage began in Israel where she lived for three years, completing her second Yoga course under the teaching of Aryann Vedh; she learned Hebrew and wrote her first book ¿La Injusticia de la Justicia? (The Injustice of Justice?) which came out in 2012, with a second one on the way.

In 2014, the project El Reino de Nita was born, a tool she uses to share her nomadic Yogic life. Unexpectedly, the universe brought her to the United Arab Emirates from the promised land, where she partnered to open an Ashtanga Yoga center in Abu Dhabi, teaching Mysore classes. However, as she is not a huge fan of big cities, after a stint in desert-like Abu Dhabi she put on her backpack and ventured back to India, Thailand and Laos.

Indonesia was her most recent Asian adventure, and she has happily returned to Spain for a few months to teach Mysore-style classes and workshops in several cities. Through her travels, she continues to acquire experiences that enrich her practice and being. She maintains a dynamic, healthy and spiritual lifestyle, teaching and spreading the light that we all have within.