Natalia Herrero

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I began my journey in yoga in 2008, and this first contact was through outdoor practices, in a park and in contact with nature. These sessions transmitted me a serenity that slowly transformed into the development of a higher level of sensitivity, listening and attention to the processes of my body and mind. After noticing the benefits that the practice brought me, I decided to begin my training process, with the intention of being able to transmit this valuable knowledge to others.

I am qualified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher at the International School, recognized by the Yoga Alliance, the European Yoga Federation and the Spanish Federation of Professional Yoga, as a teacher of Yoga in pregnancy and postpartum, moms and babies taught by Sonia Casado, Saraswati, at the Madre Tierra center, and trained as a teacher of Therapeutic Pilates with Vicky Timón. These teachings, together with my personal and professional experience, have allowed me to deepen and live Yoga from a greater awareness and understanding. That is why, from my perspective as a Yoga teacher, I have specialized in advising companies to promote the healthy development of their teams through conscious movement techniques, postural hygiene and mindfulness.

I share and transmit this discipline from the affection and professionalism, with great enthusiasm and dedication. In the classes I seek to listen to the body and its relationship with the breath, always respecting the individual process of each student. A practice based on precision, fluency, attention and understanding.

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