Lorena Delgado


Lorena Delgado is passionate about cooking, and is knowledgeable about a wide variety of ingredients and the energy they offer. She treats everything she does and everyone around her with love. She does what she feels and lets her creativity flow, giving rise to new combinations. With a little she does a lot, and she does a lot of everything— cooking to share, communicate, live experiences and feel emotions.

She is an expert on each food, and she knows how to get the most out of them. From a very young age she was instilled with the healing power of food, particularly fruits and vegetables. Her own personal experience attests to the transformative power of juices.

As she reminds us: “With this Medicinal Juices series, I want to share information regarding the nutritional and therapeutic properties of certain foods we normally consume, and the specific benefits they have for our bodies. The information has been collected from many varied sources, including through observation, research and consumption throughout my 36 years.

From a very young age, or rather always, my mother and my closest family and cultural circle have nourished us, and even healed some illnesses, using fruits, vegetables and plants, taking advantage of their endless nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

We want to contribute to improving people’s health and quality of life, while simultaneously getting closer and better acquainted with our natural surroundings. It is surprising to discover that the best anti-cancer remedies are found in cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, and others); or to learn that beet leaves contain hormones which help to correct women's health problems; or to know that celery has a calming effect and that ginseng is good for men, to give a few examples.

This information we are going to present you is not intended to overshadow or replace a diagnosis or medical treatment, but to complement them as preventive medicine. In addition, we hope to help identify which foods are good for some people, and which are good for others, through observation and tradition.”

I was born into a vegetarian family, and at home, learned how simple it is to maintain a balanced diet, based on what the plant kingdom offers us.

My mother, a vegetarian and macrobiotic cook with more than 30 years of experience, has been my greatest teacher and a constant source of inspiration. From her I’ve learned to relate to food intuitively and with love, to be creative in my recipes and to understand that “I am what I eat”, and that my health depends on it.

I currently do not follow any strict diet, and have introduced fish into my diet. I understand nutrition as something organic, fun and adaptable to each person, to the time of year and to circumstances, so I am always open to continue exploring and learning.

Being a yoga teacher also has made me even more aware of the idea of eating well; that is, knowing how to find a balance between my personal tastes and what my body needs, taking advantage of what each season offers, since food is a tool that not only nourishes us but also harmonizes our energy with the environment.

As a communicator I feel the need to share everything I know, and thus contribute to promote a conscious, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle at all levels.

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