Laura Cárcel

Laura Cárcel

I am passionate about Tantra since I met him 15 years ago, I have been integrating a profound change in the way of seeing life thanks to A Course in Miracles that I have been practicing for about 8 years, I am grateful to experience life every day more joyful, free and loving, I have turned my passion into my work, and I love to serve as a guide in the processes of transformation.

My first source of inner connection was through dance, where I felt that there was an inner joy, which was expressed through dance and that did not come from him, but was something much more alien to what I did with my body, I started a dance academy and making my passion my way of life.

My searching soul led me to deepen and train in the studies and practices of Kundalini yoga, Chinese medicine, massage and especially Tantra, where I drank from several teachers and I could experience this beautiful tool that gently opens your heart.

I also trained at the school of Forgiveness of the Consciousness Association with Jorge Lomar and Reyes Ollero, as a facilitator and companion of non-dual forgiveness processes, based on A Course in Miracles.

I direct the intensive online training "Tantra and Non-Dual Forgiveness Training", the basis is the understanding of a mentality based on Oneness, not duality. I have specialized in couple relationships and conscious sexuality.