Lalita Devi


Dance has been a part of my life since I was a child. In my early years I lived immersed among dancers, tablaos (flamenco stages), and flamenco guitars, which led me to study Classical Spanish and Sevillanas Flamenco dancing. Life brought me to pursue a degree in Veterinary Medicine, and to enjoy this intense yet rewarding stage of my professional career. But, as I cannot resist dancing, I resumed my studies professionally, discovering a subtle way of perceiving flamenco... through its roots, belly dancing.

Under Patricia Passo’s guidance, I delved into Belly Dance/Flamenco, Belly Dance Fusion, Contemporary Ethnic and Indian Fusion dance. At this stage, I also completed my studies with the teachings of Tessi Ladera, in Belly Dance Fusion, and Dance with castanets, veils and other elements.

From flamenco to India, from strength and passion, to subtlety and devotion. I began my professional studies in Indian Classical Dance (Kathak) with Sikta Devi, as part of the Official Kathak Dance Studies Degree in Allahabad, India. Likewise, I was trained in Kathak Dance, Rajasthan folklore (Goomar, Kolbelya), Punjabi folklore (Bhangra) and historical and musical concepts of Hindostan. I also studied in Mohiniyattam (South Indian Classical Dance, Kerala) with Eugenia Carrillo. I participated in Oddisi workshops with Colleena Shakti. Furthermore, I have received professional training in Contemporary Dance at Carmen Senra’s School in Madrid, studying various techniques with teachers like Chevi Muraday (National Dance Award), Nuria Jiménez (Graham), Mercedes Pedroche (Free Technique), Jesús Rubio (Classical Dance), Mercedes Larrañeta (Release) and Ana Erdozain (Contact), among others. In this period I collaborated with Chevi's company, LosDedae, participating in street performances in Alcalá de Henares.

At the same time, I researched how movement allows access to more subtle planes of consciousness. I traveled to India to deepen my knowledge of Yoga and Meditation, which led me to train as a teacher in Vrindaban and discover a culture that truly captivated me. I studied Chakradiagnosis for 3 years, under the guidance of the method’s creator, Laurence Plé. I have also received training in Usui Reiki, Egyptian Reiki, Shkm and Akashic Records.

In Turkey, I had the pleasure of learning under Banafseh Sayad, integrating dance from its spiritual and liberating side. I participated in the Semá of the Sufi community of Yalova, where I studied the practice of Sufi spinning, in depth.

I received training in Rome and Spain, from Miriam Peretz: Silk Road Dance, Persian Classical Dance, Mystic Dance, Turkish Roman Dance and Afghani Dance. In my artistic career, I have collaborated in different shows and performances with nationally and internationally renowned musicians such as Ida Segal, Kaveh Sarvarian, Pedram Khosravi, Bill Cooley, Luis Paniagua, Carlos Guerra, Eduardo Laguillo, and Tata Quintana, among others. I have also collaborated with renowned dancers, including Arnaldo Iasorti, Miriam Peretz, Eva Chacón, Clara Bueno, Lubna Shakti, Tessi Ladera, Sikta Devi and Eva Sampedro.