Judith Ciprés

Judith Ciprés

With humility, respect, effort and above all, a lot of heart, I have managed to make my two passions, my professions, psychology and yoga. I have more than 15 years practicing as a psychologist, almost 20 years of personal yoga practice as a student, and almost 10 years sharing my learning as a teacher of hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, and meditation, in person and online. I also teach workshops and retreats in different cities. Since my early childhood, I have been attracted to spirituality and personal growth, which led me to have very clear from a very young age, I wanted to study psychology.

During my studies, I had my first contact with yoga, back in 1998, when I was not even 20 years old. After a period of practice, I left yoga, thinking that it was not for me. At that time, yoga was still not well known, perhaps it was not the style I needed at that time, nor was I ready to receive all that yoga had to offer me. Later, studying with a scholarship in the USA, I resumed my yoga practice, and since then, when I returned to Spain, I continued practicing but intermittently. Until I decided to train as a yoga teacher, with no intention of teaching at first, and it was here, when I began to commit to my daily practice. A study that continues to this day. Since then, my studies in both psychology and yoga have never ended.

I received 400h of Hatha Yoga (certified by the Yoga Alliance and AIPYS), 145h of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (certified by the Yoga Alliance), 50h of Yin Yoga (certified by the Yoga Alliance) and 100h of Mobility applied to yoga, to know better the anatomy, and use the movement of the body to learn, know, and prepare it, before the postures, in order to avoid possible future injuries. In addition, I always attend workshops and conferences, which allow me to continue learning from the best.

For me, yoga implies and encompasses many things, but in general, I find it a very powerful tool for self-knowledge, a way to work the mind through the body. During the practice, I try to give myself to my students, seeking to move to the rhythm of the breath, creating a moving meditation, to become aware of the body, the prana (vital energy), and the mind.

Bringing the mind to the present moment, and aligning the body to project the strength, flexibility and balance that we work on from the body, into the mind. In all classes and styles, we always dedicate a short time to work meditation and pranayama, even in parallel, I like to introduce sometimes, a little bit of philosophy. Joining psychology and yoga, is what led me to create my project YOGAMENTE, which consists of workshops, where I combine tools of psychology and yoga, to work body, mind and spirit, in a global and holistic way. I hope that if you join my classes, you will enjoy a lot, and we can breathe and flow together, bringing light, calm and balance.