Cristina Pacheco


As her parents are health professionals, she has been in contact with physical and mental wellness and alternative therapies to improve people’s quality of life since she was a child. Cristina specializes in meditation and relaxation techniques, postural control, breathing control, Reiki, Tibetan singing bowls, EFT and Facial Yoga.

She is a certified Hatha Yoga y Vinyasa Yoga teacher by the A.Y.M (Association of Yoga and Meditation) in Rishikesh, India. A follower and practitioner of this discipline since 2003.

Cristina has learned that continuous meditation and asana practice can lift you above your thoughts, bringing you to a state where you can interact with your mind and body in the way YOU choose, without fear and without limitations, allowing for the most important things to come through, which is to accept life and enjoy it.

She is qualified in Japanese Facial Massage/Shiatsu by the Spanish School of Shiatsu Yasuragi, and Co-founder and Director of Plan MBT Empresas (Mind and Body Training) offered by the WERGYM Community, an app that focuses on wellness in the business community from the perspective of Yoga, Mindfulness and Nutrition training.