Cayetana Ródenas


I studied education, specializing in music, as well as drama and dance. All of this has played a very important role in my life, and I continue to make use of that knowledge when teaching yoga to both, children and adults. As a result, I created Yoga&Arte, a yoga teacher-training, travel and events company.

Yoga came into my life in Australia; I practiced Ashtanga and studied with different teachers, exploring different styles. Observing and experiencing how yoga had transformed my way of seeing life and the world, I decided I wanted to pass it on to others, especially to children, who are pure souls and the foundation of our society.

I then trained as a children’s yoga teacher with YogaKids and the Radiant Child Yoga Program.

I taught both children and adults in different centers in Australia. Five years later, I returned to Madrid to open my own center for a period of seven years. Meanwhile, I also participated in the TV program, Sin salir de casa, presenting the yoga section.

I currently travel all over Europe teaching yoga teacher-training courses for children, and am fully dedicated to promoting this science with an open, creative, spontaneous and playful vision.