Carla Sánchez

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I was born into a vegetarian family, and at home, learned how simple it is to maintain a balanced diet, based on what the plant kingdom offers us.

My mother, a vegetarian and macrobiotic cook with more than 30 years of experience, has been my greatest teacher and a constant source of inspiration. From her I’ve learned to relate to food intuitively and with love, to be creative in my recipes and to understand that “I am what I eat”, and that my health depends on it.

I currently do not follow any strict diet, and have introduced fish into my diet. I understand nutrition as something organic, fun and adaptable to each person, to the time of year and to circumstances, so I am always open to continue exploring and learning.

Being a yoga teacher also has made me even more aware of the idea of eating well; that is, knowing how to find a balance between my personal tastes and what my body needs, taking advantage of what each season offers, since food is a tool that not only nourishes us but also harmonizes our energy with the environment.

As a communicator I feel the need to share everything I know, and thus contribute to promote a conscious, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle at all levels.