Tantric masturbation: techniques of self-knowledge

Conscious TV

May 27, 2021

Sexuality is usually linked to a duality. We have the belief that knowledge comes to us through the other and it is our partner who has to know our body, as well as our tastes and preferences. As part of the path of personal development to have a full life, it is necessary to bear in mind that true knowledge comes through ourselves, so it is key to pay attention to tantric masturbation.

If until now you have not taken the time to observe your body, its needs and listen to yourself from the individuality, take your time; only by having a full sex life alone can you enjoy it in company. Use the weapons at your fingertips and let your hands explore without taboos.

Self-knowledge in tantra

Do you know how energy flows in your body? Do you know which practices give you pleasure and which ones don't? Are you aware of your rhythms?

Learning to meditate is a necessary practice to establish a link with our interior and thus elevate our sexuality to unthinkable heights. We cannot and should not blame our partner for the frustrations that may arise during relationships, once we internalize everything we need to know about ourselves, we can guide the other to reach ecstasy. If you don't know how to give yourself pleasure, how do you expect someone else to do it?

Being self-sufficient will increase your confidence and that is something that will be projected outwards. Love yourself in every way, it is the best way to be loved and to live fully without needing the other in an unhealthy way. Relying on someone outside of us prevents us from moving forward and continuing to grow.

Masturbation has always tended to be a secret matter and must be done quickly. Treat yourself with the same respect that you would treat the other, knowing how to excite yourself is not always an easy task, take time for it. Choose a quiet place, hide the clocks and let yourself go. Prepare the room as you would to enjoy sex with your partner. Relax your body, loosen every muscle and free your mind.

Use oils and awaken all your senses through music, candlelight, smells that you find exciting, flavors or pleasant fabrics. Your whole being comes into play, do not focus only on stimulating your genitals , if you go further you will discover what your erogenous zones are and you may even realize that your energy increases simply with a sound, a breath or a thought.

Whether alone or as a couple, relax, lie down and allow yourself to caress yourself leisurely, awakening every millimeter of your skin, opening each chakra and releasing your chi. Use your fantasies, let your imagination travel and return with what makes you vibrate, do not cut your thoughts and fly with them. Many people tend to hold back their fantasies by preventing them from experimenting with them.

Pay special attention to the pubococcygeus muscle as it is tightly linked with vital and sexual energy. Strengthen it through Kegel exercises (pelvic floor contraction and relaxation). Contracting it during masturbation or in a relationship will significantly increase the level of stimulation and pleasure.

Keep in mind that the rectum is an area with many endings and, therefore, especially sensitive. If you dare you can investigate the sensations that its stimulation causes you. Remember that you should only do what you want, without pressure, paying attention to your body.

Orgasm should not be the ultimate goal, live the way and learn from what you find at each step. To learn more, visit Conscious TV and sign up for our online tantra course.