Tantric massage ritual

Conscious TV

July 07, 2021

The tantric massage ritual starts with preparing the room. Once the right atmosphere has been created, the sacred ritual begins by asking the patient to undress and put on a sarong. The masseur begins to perform tantric breathing to connect with the energy:

1. Conscious Breathing: breathing in and out through the nose.

2.Tantric abdominal breathing: "Mula Bandha" or "Sacral Pump".

  • Breathing in and out through the mouth with the intention of sucking energy through the soles of the feet.
  • Squeeze buttocks, hold inhalation, relax and exhale.
  • Compress perineal muscle, hold inhalation, relax and exhale.
  • Sphincter, hold inhalation, relax and exhale.
  • Clench fists, hold inhalation, relax and exhale.
  • Bring up energy, symbolised by the red ball, from the soles of the feet to the head, following the path: feet, fore legs, knees, legs, genitals. From the first to the seventh chakra.
  • The process is repeated successively until the 7th chakra is reached: inhalation and visualisation - stopping and rising of the energy - exhalation.

    The masseur should explain the objective of a tantra session and remember that if at any moment there is something that is uncomfortable, he/she should say so. There should be no preconceived expectations before starting the tantric massage ritual, what is sought is to awaken the cellular memory of pleasure and well-being. During the process there will be releases, moments of immense pleasure, but also various emotions will arise.

    It is very important to be aware of the breath and to keep the eyes closed so that the energy is focused on the body and not on the mind or the therapist. The breathing should be intense but be careful not to get dizzy. Once the breathing is established, we begin to gently stroke from the feet to the face with long strokes from the front and back.

    Tantric massage ritual: the embrace. 

    The active and passive subjects should be standing with the sarong on. Place the left leg on the crotch of the other and the right hand on the 5th chakra (nape of the neck) and the left hand on the 2nd chakra (sacral area). Inhale, stop, make circles first in the 5th and then in the 2nd chakra, exhale. Inhale, stop, idem and say "feel my heartbeat, exhale. Inhale, stop, idem and say "feel my sex on your leg", exhale.

    Learning tantra will significantly improve your sexual encounters and bring multiple benefits to your relationship .