tantra preparation

Conscious TV

September 29, 2020

Preparation of the room Preparation_of_the_room_1 Before starting the tantric massage sessions, it is important to find a comfortable and warm space that is our sacred temple, without any potential interference with the outside, where we can have a complete space of disconnection with the day to day to get in touch with our divine being.

This massage, from beginning to end is a ritual of worship to the divine essence of the receiver. The ritual begins with the preparation of the room, giving presence to every object, every detail, putting the best of ourselves in every breath and every movement. The energy follows the intention and thus creates a sacred environment, charged with energy conducive to the divine essence of both the receiver (Sadhak) and the giver or channel (Tantrika) feel magnetized and allowed to flourish.

Like the massage, the environment will stimulate the senses. It is therefore important to create a different environment than usual, to stimulate our senses in a different way and create different internal states. The dim light of the candles, the music, the smoke of the incense, the colors, the flowers, the archetypes or symbology can transport us to that time and place where Tantra Kaula was practiced in temples and palaces.

It is also important to be comfortable, so cushions and sheets of natural fabrics will be very appropriate to increase the comfort in the room.

Rose petals will symbolize the beauty of the sacred space and the act that is going to be performed next. If we have the opportunity we will scatter white and red rose petals as a symbol of masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti, consciousness and energy, purity and passion.

Let's try to put a dim light that invites sensuality and surrender. The light of the candles reflected on the objects in the room offer a changing and hypnotic color very appropriate for the practice of Tantra. We will also place 3 candles forming a triangle symbolizing the 3 planes of being, the material, the energetic and the spiritual. If you wish, you can put a spiral with 7 candles representing the 7 alchemical states of Love: Repulsion-Attraction-Interaction-Adhesion-Cohesion-Fusion-Fission.

Let's look for an archetype to which to offer our ritual and we must put it in a preponderant place and orient the whole ritual of the practice towards it by way of veneration.

We will offer the wine to our deity, in this case Parvati mother of Ganesa and wife of God Shiva. We can also include aphrodisiac foods such as strawberries and chocolates that will sublimate the contact with the senses.

Peacock feathers symbolize beauty, spiritual nobility, besides providing a transmutation of energies towards beauty. These will be used in the massage for its quality of touch and caressing with extreme delicacy and intention, as if it were an extension of the Tantrika's own body, will awaken and transmute the energy channels of the body.

In Tantra it is very important to get in touch with the body through the senses. Burning incense can get in touch with olfactory sensations that see very primitive areas of our brain. In the choice of incense, we can use a fresh energetic cleansing incense such as cypress, rue, pine, lavender or citrus while preparing the temple. During the ritual we will use a sweet or woody incense to raise the energy of the earth.

It will be convenient to use a soft and sensual music that leads us to relax and let us go to deep and tasty sensations within us.

The Shiva and Shakti will not fast but should avoid heavy meals before the ritual. Since the breathing should be intense and continuous, it is recommended to eat caloric and nutritious but light food. Before starting the ritual they will have thoroughly cleansed their entire body, including mouth, nostrils, ears and genitals. They will be dressed only in a sarong or sarong that will allow them to caress themselves gently and remove it easily.