Psoas, the muscle that speaks to your emotions

Conscious TV

May 20, 2021

The Psoas is one of the deepest and most stabilizing muscles in the human body . This intervenes in our structural balance, range of motion, joint mobility and functioning of the abdominal organs. It connects the spine with the legs allowing us to stand and raise our legs to walk.

Keeping the psoas healthy will make our spine more stable, will give better support to the trunk and the organs that inhabit the abdominal area.

Many studies determine that it is a receptive organ, of perception, with sensitivity, composed of "bio-intelligent" tissue (for its ability to capture our sensations and emit a response) literally representing our deepest desire and primary needs. It could be said that it is like the elemental messenger of the central nervous system .

For example, the sensations that we all know as "butterflies in the stomach" are a good example of this. These “butterflies in the stomach” are due to the fact that the psoas is connected to the diaphragm through the connective tissue or fascia, so it is affected both in breathing and with reflex fear.

PSOAS or muscle of the soul

The psoas talks about how we are emotionally. In fact, an accelerated, stressful lifestyle and the same anxiety generate adrenaline that repeatedly tense it, preparing it to take action or shrink to protect ourselves. Without there really being a real threat of danger.

Keeping the psoas in constant tension due to that anxiety or stress causes it to shorten and harden over time, making it difficult for our body posture and the functions of the organs that inhabit the abdomen. Back pain, sciatica, disc problems, degeneration of the hip, painful periods, digestive problems, among others.

A blocked psoas sends signals of tension to the nervous system, interfering with the movement of fluids and affecting diaphragmatic breathing. It is so intimately involved in basic physical and emotional reactions , that when it is chronically stressed, it is sending continuous danger signals to the body, which can lead to the exhaustion of the adrenal glands and the immune system. All this is aggravated by our daily habits such as the way we sit, which slows down our natural movements and tightens the muscle even more.

In our Yoga classes you will find many postures that work the psoas to release it from tension. A relaxed psoas allows us to flow, free ourselves, and feel more vital and energetic.

It improves the position of the torso, spine and directly affects the functions of the abdominal organs, breathing and the heart.

Some Eastern philosophies attribute to the psoas attributes of the "muscle of the soul", a main energy center of the body.

The more flexible and strong the psoas is, the more our vital energy can flow through the bones, muscles and joints. We understand the psoas as an organ for channeling energy . It allows us to ground ourselves with the earth by balancing our pelvis and spine from the center.

If you want to get the most out of your psoas, start practicing Yoga with Conscious TV now.