Properties of quinoa, a high-flying superfood

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September 28, 2020

The multiple properties of quinoa make it a superfood which can not be missing in any kitchen. So much so that in 2013 it was considered by the United Nations as the nutritional prodigy of the year and in 1993 NASA declared quinoa to be the ideal meal to be cultivated on long journeys into space due to its resistance to adverse conditions, its versatility and its high protein content. It is worth noting that quinoa contains all six essential amino acids needed by the body to live.

Bolivia and Peru are the main producing countries and it is considered a sacred grain due to its exceptional nutritional properties. It is a seed with similar characteristics to cereal when consumed, which is why it is considered a pseudocereal, but it differs in that it contains much more protein and fats such as omega 6 and 3.

Properties of quinoa:

    It is rich in carbohydrates, fibre and contains more protein than any cereal.

    It is suitable for coeliacs.

    It provides magnesium and zinc, ideal for sportsmen and women.

    It is an alkalising food.

    Traditionally, the Andean peoples used black quinoa combined with other plants to make plasters for bone fractures.

    Dried quinoa leaves are used as a laxative infusion.

    It is a satiating food and helps to lower cholesterol.

    People with diabetes can eat quinoa, its glycaemic index is much lower than that of rice.

    It is suitable to eat it when suffering from stomach irritation, irritation, gastritis or ulcer, as the starch and soluble fibre content softens and protects the tissues of the organs.

    Due to its high protein content, it is indispensable in vegetarian diets.

    It is an energetic meal, ideal for children when they are growing up and for people who are physically demanding, such as sportsmen and women.

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