Properties of chestnuts, the fruit of autumn

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June 03, 2021

The cold weather arrives and with it the chestnuts, one of the most symbolic fruits of autumn. The chestnut tree is a very ancient tree and there is evidence of its existence and the consumption of chestnuts by humans since before Christ. It grows in cool, humid climates throughout Europe, parts of Asia and North America. Chestnuts are a seasonal food, only found fresh from early October to early January.

The chestnut belongs to the nut family, although technically it is not. It is true that it can be dried and eaten at any time of the year. Chestnuts have been an important source of food for centuries and their use in cooking has been somewhat forgotten. Fortunately that situation is changing and more and more people are including this autumnal wonder in dishes and sweets.

Avoid eating them raw, as they have a lot of tannins and can cause a heavy digestion. They must be chewed well, because being a slow assimilation carbohydrate, they require a more complex digestion. In addition, the thin brown skin that covers them should not be eaten, as it generates a lot of gas. If you chew your food well in general, you will see that digestion is lighter.

Properties and benefits of chestnuts

  • They are a high quality carbohydrate. 50% of their composition is water and they are a great source of energy, which the brain needs to function properly.
  • They satisfy the appetite as the digestive system processes this carbohydrate slowly. Many people think that they are fattening, but the truth is that, eaten in moderation, they can be interesting to include in weight loss diets. They are recommended for sportsmen and women, because they provide a lot of energy as well as fibre.
  • It is a nut that is very rich in potassium, which helps us to balance our metabolism and eliminate toxins due to its diuretic power.
  • It is rich in other minerals such as iron and calcium, which help prevent anaemia.
  • They are high in fibre.
  • They have B vitamins, ideal for keeping the defences up, and vitamin A, which is fantastic for the skin.
  • Their high carbohydrate content makes them a super energy food.

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