Plants at home: discover all the benefits they bring to your home

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Having plants at home has several benefits, according to Feng Shui, plants are true reservoirs of energy and great allies to balance the chi, the energy of our home. But you have to pay them the necessary attention, an excess of vegetation, in uncontrolled growth, plants in poor condition or placed incorrectly, radiate harmful energy that you should avoid.

Human beings have always lived in nature, receiving from it everything they need to live. This does not have to change, nature still has countless benefits to bring us so do not hesitate to bring it into your home.

Benefits of having plants at home:

  1. They fight depression and bring freshness: the presence of plants improves the mood.
  2. They absorb electrical waves and therefore the headaches they cause.
  3. They diminish excessive noise, dampening our home and creating a peaceful atmosphere that creates peace.
  4. They purify the air by removing pollution. A clean environment is especially important in homes with children or elderly people as it reduces breathing difficulties. According to NASA research, plants remove up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air every 24 hours, which considerably reduces toxins.
  5. They improve our hydration by hydrating the air we breathe: we benefit from the water vapour released by plants. Thanks to the process of photosynthesis, plants release 97% of the water they take in, helping to humidify the environment.

And these are just some of their properties, don't wait any longer and make plants part of your home. Soon we will talk about the most suitable plants according to Feng Shui and where to place them.

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