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September 28, 2020

Tomorrow is Pachamama Day, one of the most popular and deeply rooted traditions in some central regions of the Andes (Peru, Bolivia, Northwest Argentina and Northern Chile).

What is Pachamama?

The term Pachamama is formed by two words of Quechua origin, "pacha" which means Earth (understood as a whole as a whole) and "mama" which means mother. So we could say that it is translated as Mother Earth or Mother Nature and is considered the goddess of fertility and feminine, represents the spirit of the Earth, which protects us and provides us with everything we need.

What is the origin of Pachamama and what is celebrated?

Its origin dates back to the Inca empire and the peoples who inhabited the Andean region, highly linked to nature and ecology.

It is an ancestral tradition of homage and gratitude to Mother Earth, whose rituals have varied over time (in the past, animals were sacrificed in her honor) and has lasted until today despite the Christianization of indigenous peoples during the Hispanic era.

In fact, in some regions it is practiced in parallel to Christianity, with some families being both Christian and Pachamama (for example, in regions such as Bolivia or Peru, Pachamama is identified with the Virgin of Copacabana or the Virgin of Candelaria respectively).

When and how is Mother Earth's Day celebrated?

It is celebrated on August 1st and although the ritual varies depending on the region, we can say that in all of them, the common goal is to thank Mother Earth for everything she offers us and ask for the crops, livestock, wild animals and bless the artisans.

In some regions a clay pot is buried as an offering to the Earth, with cooked food, along with coca leaves, alcohol, wine, cigars and chicha, among other things.

It is also customary for the celebrants to wear black and white cords -tied at the ankles, wrists and neck- made of llama wool spun to the left to avoid punishment from Pachamama.

However, in our culture we find ourselves more and more disconnected from Nature. Progress and the technological era have brought improvements, but at the same time, they isolate us more and more from our origins, from what we are. That is why in Conscious Television we invite you to reflect on all that Mother Earth offers us and how you give back or thank her.

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Happy Pachamama Day!