OSHO Festival 2019

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Once again this year, we are pleased to tell you the news of the new edition of the OSHO Festival Spain. Five full days of meditation, music, workshops and meetings in a natural environment with accommodation for 150 people, in the natural resort Amalurra, in the heart of the Basque Country.

OSHO Active Meditations, Meditative Therapies and, as a novelty this year, the Social Meditations of the Humaniversity. A complete program for you to get to know the latest in the world of Osho.

Live music will be part of the event accompanying some of the meditations, and there will be concerts by a band of musicians from the world of Osho gathered for the occasion. This year will also feature new workshops and activities, and a space dedicated to creativity and art therapy.

Check the full program on the official Osho Festival website.

Remember, from August 7 to 11: meditations, live music, workshops and the opportunity to meet with colleagues and friends of other nationalities, book these dates in your calendar and enjoy a unique vacation!

Enjoy a free subscription with your access to the Festival.

In addition, if you attend the Osho Festival, you will receive a promotional coupon from Conscious TV to access the platform completely free of charge. With this access you will have unlimited access to all our content from the moment of your booking until September 2019. Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Superfoods... and of course, the Osho Talks course "Silence shared in words".

If before the festival, you want to continue to delve into the teachings of the great mystic, feel free to visit our Osho Talks course.

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