Mula Bandha: technique and benefits

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July 04, 2021

The Bandhas or keys of the body are intentional contractions of the muscles whose purpose is to forward the current of energy through the body. Mula Bandha or the Root Lock is the key located in the sexual organs. To stimulate it it is necessary to contract the sexual organs, the navel and the rectum. Mula Bhanda cannot be perceived with the naked eye, it is an internal key.

Among its main benefits are that it improves digestion and skin problems, increases blood circulation in the perineal area and strengthens the area. It also massages the liver, kidneys and spleen. It intensifies sexual energy and improves the quality of relationships. It prevents premature ejaculation in men and strengthens women's vaginal muscles helping to achieve more intense orgasms.

The Mula Bandha practice

It consists of three parts:

1. The anal sphincter is contracted.

2. Contraction of the sexual organs.

3. Contraction of the lower abdominal muscles and the navel towards the spine.

Through these movements we will balance and stimulate the energies involved in the navel, rectum and sexual organs by redirecting excess sexual energy to creative energy.

We are now going to do an exercise that can be done in pairs or in a group in a circular position. The first thing you have to keep in mind is the Base Chakra breathing.

If you are going to do the exercise as a couple, you can do it with your hands on your partner's shoulders or in the form of an embrace with your left leg on your partner's crotch.

1. Contraction of the anal sphincter while maintaining abdominal breathing.

2. Contraction of the perineum while maintaining abdominal breathing.

3. Join the 2 previous ones.

4. Contraction of buttocks.

5. Lower stomach inwards.

6. Unite all with closed fists and tongue on palate, close to teeth.

7. Visualisation exercise of red energy rising from the centre of the earth to the crown of the head and hands.

8. To finish we will grasp the hands of our partners.

These techniques increase the speed of the Kundalini energy, which allows the experience of the higher state of consciousness.

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