Yogi Gifts: Mother's Day

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

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Next May 6th is Mother's Day and to celebrate it we propose you to give the gift of calm, health and wellness with Conscious Television. A platform where you will find hundreds of online classes of yoga, meditation, healthy eating and personal development for you to practice anywhere, anytime.

Our catalog includes classes and guided practices of different styles, durations, levels, teachers and goals so you can always find the perfect class for you.

Among all our content offer you will find:

  • Yoga classes: Recorded in incredible natural environments by the best international teachers. Designed for different levels and to work different parts of the body.
  • Yoga for Beginners: A complete course recorded with teacher Silvia Jaén in Lanzarote that will help you in the process of getting started in yoga.
  • Yoga for pregnant women: Silvia Jaén, a yoga teacher with more than 20 years of experience, has prepared a series of sessions to help you during the pregnancy process. Practicing yoga at this stage will help you in childbirth and postpartum.
  • Yoga for kids: Yoga teacher and actress Marta Nieto teaches us how yoga can be a lot of fun. A great exercise to practice as a family.
  • Ayurvedic conscious eating: Improve your health and find a balance to live longer and better with our expert in Ayurveda, Jane Hernandez.
  • Mindfulness: Disconnect from daily stress, offer yourself time and reconnect with yourself. You only need 10 minutes a day.
  • Meditation: Learn to meditate and different practices that will help you to discover your anxiety, improve your sleep, increase your self-esteem...
  • Tantra: Power your sex life. Anand Rudra has made an introductory course to Tantra in which you will learn the complete massage from woman to man and man to woman. In addition, you will get a downloadable book with which to deepen your knowledge in this field.
  • Superfoods: Learn to eat consciously. Food is key to feel good inside and out. There are many foods that bring us multiple benefits if we incorporate them regularly in our diet. We teach you the properties of 20 of them and simple recipes that you can make in your daily life.
  • Medicinal Plants: Learn natural remedies for the most common ailments from our expert in medicinal plants, Carolina Bueno.
  • Osho Talk: Hundreds of videos with the OSHO Talks (OSHO Talks) subtitled in Spanish. In addition, 6 introductory videos on the meaning of his Talks are included.

Upcoming courses:

  • Tea Expert Course: A course oriented to people who wish to begin their training in Tea in various areas such as culture, typology, production processes, forms of preparation and benefits.
  • Detox drinks workshop: A workshop to become an expert in green juices and healthy, nutritious and detoxifying smoothies.
  • Witches documentary: A unique documentary piece where you will know in first person the life, traditions and meaning of life of the women known as witches. Women of power and wisdom who have influenced tradition and popular knowledge throughout the years.

New yoga classes oriented to ailments, injuries and physical discomfort: Get rid of back pain, hip, lumbar, with short sessions of 15 minutes. Yoga for athletes: Yoga is the best complement to the sport you practice. No matter what discipline you do, doing yoga always helps and improves your health.

Show your affection by giving them an unforgettable experience where they can learn yoga, meditation, conscious eating, ayurvedic cooking, superfoods and much more, it will help them gain wellness, health, inner calm and happiness.

* By contracting the annual premium subscription we give you a yoga mat valued at 35 € plus a personalized plan of 3 weeks. Leave your personal information.