Morphic resonance: the memory of the human species

Conscious TV

May 23, 2021

Morphic resonance is a relatively recent theory by biologist Rupert Sheldrake, which postulates that each species has a memory field that is superior to each individual (collective memory).

It is a hypothesis that is not uncontroversial but has nonetheless resonated with the scientific and pseudo-scientific community. Controversy has always surrounded the work of the avant-garde biologist Sheldrake, who holds a PhD from Cambridge University. Especially for his interest in branches that lie on the fringes of science, such as telepathy or the special relationship between a pet and its owner. Despite the controversy, some consider him a scientific genius and innovator.

What is Morphic Resonance Theory?

Sheldrake explains it this way in a famous quote from his no less famous book: A New Science of Life: The Morphic Resonance Hypothesis, published in 1981

Morphic resonance is a principle of memory in nature. Everything similar within a self-organising system will be influenced by everything that has happened in the past, and everything that happens in the future in a similar system will be influenced by what happens in the present. It is a memory in nature based on similarity, and it applies to atoms, molecules, crystals, living organisms, animals, plants, brains, societies, and also planets and galaxies. So it is a principle of memory and habit in nature.

Sheldrake's amazing theory resonates with evolutionary theory, but takes it a step further, as all our thoughts act as a collective whole that can be inherited by the species.

Not simply genetically between different generations, but a skill can be transmitted horizontally between members of the same species through morphic resonance. This positively affects the efficiency of evolution and accelerates evolutionary processes.

If someone learns a new skill, say windsurfing, then the more people learn it, the easier this activity becomes for everyone else because of morphic resonance. On the other hand, if you teach rats in Los Angeles a new trick, then rats all over the world should learn this trick faster because the first group of rats already learned it.

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