Meeting "Embraced by Sound".

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

From Conscious Television we always like to inform you of events that help you grow as a person, from the inside, that accompany you in your personal development.

ABRAZADOS POR EL SONIDO, is one of those meetings that you should not miss. A beautiful participatory and experiential space where the vibration of sound discovers us without mental resistance, connecting with the heart and naturally accessing our inner space.

HUGGED BY SOUND starts from the feeling that everything is energy in constant vibration. A vibration produced by a sound that, varying the speed, generates different notes and frequencies. These are not always perceptible by the senses but are perceptible at other levels.

From there, the harmonic scale arises, which invites the natural movement of the bodies, of the elements.

HUGGED BY SOUND connects and balances you with the natural rhythm of life, the organism enters a state of order and calm that allows its own biological regeneration. On a deeper level, these essential vibrations reconnect the heart, the mind, the body, the spirit.

Among the speakers in attendance you will be able to delight yourself with:

ZORIONE EREZUMA: "Presenting with a story of poems, meditating the emotions of a life".

RICARDO ANDRÉS TOMÁS: "They were not sounds, but liquid beauty".

MARIO SAN MIGUEL: "Workshop Talk The Fabulous Formula of Happiness".

LUISA FUENTES: "Embrace the dense, activate the Light".

NAIARA & DORLETA ROJO: "Dance Life. Life dances".

ROCIO MADRESELVA: "Oracle of the songs. A message for you".

MAURICIO AVILA: "Workshop: Ancestral Sound".

TIRSO ESTEVE MORLAN: "The sacred of the somber, voices that heal".

ANA RUBIO YECORA & RAQUEL JOVER : "Listening to the heart".

ROCIO MACIAS NAVIO: "Journey of sound, the medicine of the heart".

RUTH GOMEZ SIERRA: "Loving, the dance of the Sun, the Heartbeat of the Earth". Find the space of peace that dwells in each one of us. We are waiting for you next May 27th and 28th at the Palacio de Congresos de Europa in the city of Vitoria.

More information at ABRAZADOS POR EL SONIDO or Ayu Maya.