Meditation to achieve emotional and spiritual balance

Conscious TV

23rd May 2021

Christmas is here; One more year there is a party whose true origin fills us with happiness and an emotional vibration runs through our entire being: celebrating the birth of light.

It is from the Winter Solstice when the days, the light and the sun, founders of life, return to Earth. The darkness, the night, will return little by little to be shorter to give steps to longer days. This is how it has been celebrated since the most remote Antiquity, a simpler time and of greater contact with the primal nature of the cosmos that surrounds us. These days, it is constant that instead of thinking about the light and the time of peace that it augurs, we feel overwhelmed by Christmas shopping, family responsibilities, excess consumerism or the thousands of external stimuli that do not allow us to reconcile a emotional and spiritual balance .

Just as we try to put our house in order, we need to order our mind; Only in this way can we reconcile the bustle of these dates with the balance of a full and healthy life. This is corroborated by the results of numerous studies such as that of the Johns Hopkins Medicine center , according to which practicing about 30 minutes of meditation a day can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Thus, Madhav Goyal, researcher at Johns Hopkins University and director of the study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine , states that "meditation seems to provide relief similar to that found with antidepressants in other studies."

From Conscious Television we want to ask you one thing: take care of yourself and meditate. Find 10 minutes a day , in a quiet and relaxed place, and try to sit cross-legged and focus on your breathing. Doesn't seem like much does it? Start with ten minutes and work your way up to 20 minutes , the optimal time for meditation. Try to clear your mind and gently reject all the thoughts that cross your mind. Just breathe. You can also focus on some of the following:

Pay attention to every part of your body. Pay attention to gravity. Feel how it holds you to the ground; in how your hair, your arms, your legs tend to go towards the center of the earth. You have never been aware of how the law of gravity affects you: now is the time. Focus on the dark. Your eyes are closed and your mind will want to flood you with a thousand images of to-dos or past images. Like I said, discard them gently but firmly. Concentrate on the breath. Feel how the air enters through your nostrils; how it briefly nests in your lungs causing them to swell and hold your breath for a few seconds. Now go the reverse way, and once your lungs are empty, hold for a few seconds before the next inspiration

From Conscious TV we want to wish you the best Christmas, and a new year full of consciousness and inner peace. You can see our courses on Meditation and Yoga on Conscious TV.