Meditating with Osho

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November 19, 2021

One of the most important tools of transformation that Osho left us as a legacy is HIS talks, the OSHO conversations, collected over thirty years of meetings before international public audiences of visitors, disciples and friends.

The phrase that opens this article "Silence Shared in Words" might at first seem a contradiction, but in fact it can help us to understand that these talks are not at all like witnessing an intellectual exercise, or attending an academic conference, or any of the other subjects that our minds are continually bombarded with in the media.

Osho has often told us that his message is a message of silence and that his talks are an opportunity to share and awaken in us this experience.

Osho tells us about his speaking and the purpose of his talks:

"My purpose is especially incomparable: I am using words to create gaps of silence. Words are not important so I can say anything contradictory, anything absurd, anything unrelated, because my purpose is simply to create gaps. The words are secondary; the silences between those words are primary. This is simply a mechanism to give you a glimpse of meditation. And, once you know that this is possible for you, you have traveled far in the direction of your own being.

"Listen to me as if you were listening to music. Don't listen to me as when you listen to a philosopher; listen to me as when you listen to the birds. Listen to me as when you listen to the sound of a waterfall. Listen to me as when you listen to the wind ringing through the pines. Listen to me not through your discursive mind, but by participating, through the heart."

"My success does not lie in convincing you, my success lies in giving you a real taste of something true so that you can be certain that meditation is not a fiction, that the state of no-mind is not just a philosophical idea, but a reality; that you are capable of experiencing it and that no special qualification is needed".

In the OSHO Talks program of Conscious Television you have the opportunity to begin to explore this treasure...