Loving oneself, more important than having a partner

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Today we will delve into how loving yourself is just as important, if not more important, than having a partner. It is common for women to give so much love that sometimes we put ourselves at the bottom of our priorities.

We love our partners, children, friends, pets or things like music, art, nature, sport... But what about ourselves? How much unconditional love do we give ourselves?

Throughout this post we are going to give you some keys and ideas to improve the relationship you have with yourself. If you are tired of feeling that internal fragmentation where you feel separated from yourself, stay with us.

My first recommendation is that you practice self-compassion. As a mindfulness facilitator and practitioner I keep compassion in mind.

Although we sometimes forget to be compassionate with ourselves, I think it is vital to be compassionate with others. To silence our inner judge, to allow ourselves to be and to leave comparisons aside. We tend to beat ourselves up about those things we are not very good at, to criticise ourselves mercilessly for that thing we forgot to do, or what is also very common, to constantly point out those parts of who we are that we dislike.

How often do we emphasise what we are good at? How often do we reinforce our talents and gifts? How often do we notice that little detail of our body that we are happy with?

The least, but don't worry, because this is normal. Re-educating ourselves in self-compassion and self-love is a task that takes time and cannot happen overnight. Change the beliefs you have about yourself and choose only those that empower you.

And I know, sometimes we find ourselves in an unfavourable environment to remind us that we have the ability to decide how we feel and it can be uphill, but we must do our part to rise above our circumstances and not let them get the better of us.

As you would do with an idyllic partner, say nice things to yourself, value your good deeds and give yourself the love you need. Allow yourself to pamper yourself, allow yourself to take care of yourself and treat yourself to things (or activities) that make you feel good. Plan a romantic date with yourself!

However, I recommend that you don't stay on the surface and get to know yourself better, work on yourself and dedicate the time you deserve. Ask yourself questions, read good books, sign up for courses...

In short, attend to your own inner growth and don't settle for life on autopilot. If you come up with a thousand and one excuses for not getting down to it, ask yourself if you can't wake up a little earlier, modify your list of priorities or move away from the well-known "time-stealers" (such as your mobile phone, television, social networks...).

Last but not least, surround yourself with women who are on the same path as you. It will be more pleasant to walk in good company.

Since ancient times women have come together and networked to work and support each other on women's issues such as motherhood or our cycles, for example. Now, more and more we are separating ourselves, creating absurd rivalry and comparing ourselves to each other. Participating in women's circles, connecting with our peers and finding a space of trust where we can be ourselves without fear is something that will push us to live from our most loving essence.

And to help you and give you a little push, I can't help but invite you to a weekend getaway with your best lover: yourself.

Next 19th, 20th and 21st of October in the mountains of Madrid will take place the third edition of the women's wellness meeting: Mujer Viva. Workshops and activities such as yoga, Japanese facial massage, reiki or mindfulness, healthy diet, nature and many surprises will be waiting for you.

Visit our website for full details and to book your place. I hope this article has motivated you to transform your relationship with yourself and take a step closer to healthy, deserved and respectful self-love.