LIVING WOMAN: Women's meeting on yoga, health and wellness

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September 28, 2020

Next October 21, 2017 you have a very special date with Mujer Viva. A meeting made by and for women is waiting for you. There will be activities around personal coaching, meditation, Reiki, yoga, and you will be in contact with nature through hiking and meditative walks.

Behind this event is Lorena Molinero, Nerea Panera and Mara Martin. Three women who know very well the benefits of combining the practices of which they are experts. According to Lorena Molinero herself: "One morning while having breakfast I saw clearly that I had to make an exclusive event for women that included both of them. That is, to unite us and create something that could transform the lives of the women who attended through coaching, meditation, yoga, reiki and nature. It was one of those ideas that comes in a moment of lucidity and that you feel you have to develop however you can. And so, a month and a half ago, "Mujer Viva" was born, with the intention of facilitating their path of personal growth and endowing their lives with greater meaning."

For this reason, the meeting will take place in the middle of nature in the mountains of Madrid. You will wonder .... What does the ticket include?

  • Rustic accommodation for one night in a single room with bathroom in "la casita" of the group "El colladito".
  • Morning Hatha Yoga session with instructor Mara Martín of 1 hour and 30 ′ duration.
  • Group meditations in the middle of nature.
  • Healthy food with special menus (vegetarian / vegan / celiac / allergic) with drinks included.
  • Experiential coaching workshop with Lorena Molinero of 2 hours and 30 ′ duration.
  • Energetic session with Nerea Panera of 1 hour and 30 ′ duration.
  • Conscious outdoor walk guided by Mara Martín of approximately 2 hours and 30 ′ duration.
  • Welcome pack to make your experience total.

Lorena tells us, "One of my intentions with this women's gathering is to create bonds and raise awareness among women that together, it is better. I try in every way to eradicate that war between women that seems to exist lately, that absurd rivalry that leads us nowhere else but to separate us and create problems. On the other hand, our goal is that every woman who attends finds her inner peace, feels beautiful and accepts herself as she is. To create a connection between all of them that can last over time (as we will create a group in social networks to maintain contact later) and that the meeting will serve them to be more compassionate with each other and with themselves. "

Undoubtedly, it is a meeting that seeks to prioritize physical, mental and emotional health. The idea is to raise the self-confidence of each of the participants. Recharging batteries for their return and giving free rein to their dreams, turning them into a reality.

"The power that each of us carries within us is infinite. Fortunately, our feminine qualities can take us wherever we want to go. Capable of giving life, of caring, of loving without limits, of nurturing with our own body, our fantastic gift of surrender, sensitivity, intuition and pampering..."

"Those strengths that we seem to forget when we try to adapt ourselves in a competitive world of hurry and worldly desires. In this meeting we are going to reinforce our undeniably wild and artistic nature. We are going to give a 360 degree turn to our perception of natural beauty, away from social and corporate standards. We will shine our lights and embrace our shadows. Let's reconnect with our essence. "

Mara, Nerea and Lorena are looking to make themselves available to you. If you want to participate and need more information click here.

An integral weekend awaits you where the important thing is you.