Learning tantric massage helps your relationship with your partner

Conscious TV

July 04, 2021

What is the purpose of Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient discipline that emerged in the Dravidian culture more than 8,000 years ago and has reached our days thanks to experts who have recovered this ancient practice.  Learning tantric massage techniques will transform the way you live your sexuality, providing you with multiple benefits and effective solutions to everyday problems while helping to improve your relationship with your partner.

The energy produced in the sexual act not only has a reproductive purpose but can also be channelled to release emotional blocks that produce stress and anxiety. Lack of time and the current pace of life lead to the privilege of quick, unconscious sex. Ejaculation takes on maximum prominence and becomes the objective to be achieved when the real pleasure is to seek the pleasure of the other. Prejudices, fears and conventions must be put aside in order to learn to enjoy relationships.

Sex should be conceived as a sacred act based on reciprocal giving and receiving. Tantra is love, presence and authenticity at every moment. The ultimate goal is to merge with the other in the sense that love becomes such that the other disappears in you and you in the other.

Main benefits of learning tantric massage techniques for your relationship:

  • Ability to unblock repressed emotions. In many cases, society forces us to create a shell that hides our feelings. Tantra helps to bring them out and, in this way, to free yourself. You will notice how much better communication with your partner flows.
  • Solution to problems of anorgasmia. You will be able to live sex like never before and you will learn how to achieve infinite orgasms.
  • You will enjoy sex and learn to know your body and your partner's body.
  • You will improve intimacy with your partner and together you will explore new ways of pleasure.
  • Tantra will help you to channel your energy and learn how to manage it. Your encounters will be longer and of higher quality.
  • You will forget inhibitions and sexual frustrations and feel full sexual desire again.
  • You will be able to remedy premature ejaculation problems. Erectile dysfunction affects more than 30-40% of men at some point in their lives, making sexual intercourse difficult. Learning tantra teaches you how to delay ejaculation and increase the duration of your sexual encounters.
  • You will solve erection problems in a completely natural way.

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