Karma Yoga, the yoga of actions

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

"Karma Yoga is the selfless devotion of all activities both internal and external, as a sacrifice to the Lord, of all deeds offered to the eternal, as Master of all energies and austerities of the soul."

Bhagavad Gita
Karma-yoga translates literally as 'yoga of action'. The term karma derives from the Sanskrit root kri, which means 'to do'. Human beings must fulfill their dharma or religious duty while remaining detached from the good or bad results of the activity. If the results are surrendered to God, karma will produce no reaction, so the person gets moskha or spiritual liberation.

It is not what you do that counts, it is the attitude during the action that determines whether it is a karma yoga task. What is paramount is the real motive behind the action, so the motive must be pure.

"Man generally plans to get fruits of his labor before he starts any kind of work. The mind is so structured that it cannot think of any kind of work without remuneration or reward. A proud man cannot do any service. He will weigh work and money in a balance. Selfless Service is unknown to him."

Swami Sivanand
You should do good in a totally selfless way, without expecting to receive anything in return, simply pursuing to do things in the best way you are able. Do not act according to external opinions or self-interested ends. Always give your best even when no one is watching. Work for good in order to contribute to the construction of a more humane society. Do not think about the results, neither good nor bad.

In the philosophy of Karma Yoga, to exist is to act, but one must act without expectations, motives or rewards so that the mind can be purified. Do you practice Karma Yoga?