Interview: We celebrate with YOGA EN RED its 10 YEARS of supporting YOGA in Spanish

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November 04, 2021

With this article we want to thank Pepa and Jimena for their commitment, perseverance and unconditional support to the dissemination of Yoga.

About to celebrate its first decade in 2022, YOGAENRED is already known by most professionals and practitioners of Yoga in Spain and many others in Latin America. It has been a consistent success with its founding purpose: to disseminate in Spanish this ancient art of life, which has acquired in this last decade an enormous popularity.

To the founders of YOGAENRED, Jimena Mas and Pepa Castro, we have asked decisions have been the keys to consolidate a digital media specializing in Yoga visited every day an average of 1,500-2,000 users. And they have cited four main ones:

1. Cultivate community every day of the year. The digital media is, by its immediate and accessibility, ideal for generating meeting spaces, but maintaining them can be difficult if users are not offered really useful and updated information every day, as well as very fluid intercommunication. YOGAENRED has not missed a single working day to his appointment with the readers, and always with new articles on the techniques and traditions of Yoga and with its well updated Agenda of events, courses, retreats, workshops ... "The secret to create a meeting space and loyalty to the community is to offer reliability and stability. We want readers to know that they will find us there every day, waiting for them with lively and interesting information," say the creators of YOGAENRED.

2º.To publish quality articles and interviews signed by the best experts. YOGAENRED bet from the beginning to specialize in disseminating quality texts of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, deepening in the techniques that characterize these systems of evolution and integral health of the human being. But they thought it had to be done in collaboration with the most accredited professionals in the sector, as it has been. Among the 5,000 entries that can be consulted today on the platform YOGAENRED, most are interviews and articles signed by the best known teachers / as and teachers / as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, ayurveda ... A very valuable heritage but free access available to anyone.

3º. Independence and impartiality. YOGAENRED differs from a yoga blog in that it does not belong to a school or yoga center, but is an independent media created by journalists specializing in Yoga. This is important, because independence generates trust, objectivity and pluralism among readers.

4º. A tool open to all. Yoga is much more than physical challenges and traditions: it is a powerful system of personal and collective transformation in continuous evolution. Aware that perhaps today it is more necessary than ever, YOGAENRED has chosen to share it with everyone. Anyone can open the magazine from their computer, mobile or tablet and read all its contents freely. And if you subscribe, also without any condition, you will receive two weekly newsletters with more than 10 new entries. To subscribe, you can open this link:

In Conscious Television we have been collaborating with Yoga En Red for many years and we want to celebrate with them this milestone in their way to spread the science of YOGA. Thank you Pepa and Jimena for your support to Yoga in Spanish.