Improve your life by practicing yoga

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

From Conscious TV we welcome you to the beautiful video series: "Yoga to improve your life". A personalized yoga program composed of 10 short practices that you can enjoy from today.

What will you find in these 10 yoga sessions?

Yoga to keep the right weight and activate our metabolism, yoga to improve specific areas of our body (arms, abdomen, back), yoga to gain positive energy, yoga to sleep better, yoga to cleanse our body ... These are improvements that transform our lifestyle but achieved with yoga exercises easy to learn and perform.

Unlike other methods, Yoga is a holistic system that takes care of the balance between body and mind. Its varied techniques have many applications to progressively improve our lives from our own home. And those simple and concrete applications, but very effective, are the ones we want to show you in these 10 wonderful sessions led by teacher Carla Sanchez.

The 10 videos of the collection "Yoga to improve your life".

  • Yoga to cleanse and revitalize the body.
  • Asanas to strengthen your abs.
  • Yoga routine to shape your legs.
  • Activate your metabolism and gain flexibility.
  • The postures that benefit your back the most.
  • Yoga postures for arms of steel.
  • The anti-aging power of yoga.
  • Restorative yoga body and mind.
  • Yoga routine to free yourself from stress.
  • Express yoga session to sleep like a baby.

"Yoga to improve your life" invites you to enjoy the benefits of yoga applied to health goals related to daily life. Check out the program and don't miss the first and second class, you will be hooked from the first moment.

We hope you will be encouraged to follow our classes during the next months and above all to enjoy yourself. See you on the mat!