How to perform Khechari Mudra

Conscious TV

May 22, 2021

A Mudra is a sacred gesture performed with the hands that is able to take us to different states of consciousness. Mudras are usually performed with the hands, but there are also mudras that are done with the eyes, the body or through breathing techniques.

In this post we are going to talk about Khechari Mudra, which is performed with the tongue and brings great benefits in the practice of tantra.

What is Khechari Mudra?

The Bandhas or Mudras are like energetic locks and what they do is to close the base chakra and raise the energy towards the throat chakra. In the practice of Khechari Mudra the tongue on the hard palate circulates the energy making it return back to the first chakra creating an energetic orbit going up through sushuma (artery or central vein) and down through the previous chakras.

When the tongue is placed on the soft palate what happens is that the energy does not return and is released into the higher chakras. This exercise is important to perform retro ejaculation in the orgasmic plateau phase. This happens because the tongue is a channeler of energy as are the hands and the lingam.

Mudras exercise with hand, thumb and middle finger together

This powerful Mudra performs an energetic ascension of the Kundalini to the higher chakras at the same time as the Khechari Mudra.

The thumbs (first chakra) and middle finger (third chakra) are joined together, thus leaving the index finger (second chakra where sexual tension is accumulated) free, what it does is to make an energetic circulation from Muladhara to Manipura. By connecting it with Kechari Mudra it rises directly through the Kundalinic channel to higher chakras.

If in the mudra, the tongue is applied to the hard palate, the orgasm is channelled into the throat and occipital chakra.

If in the mudra, the tongue is applied to the soft palate, the energetic inflection goes up to the sahasrara and bindu chakras.

Kneeling exercise Kechari Mudra with partner

kneeling in front of the partner holding the phalanges of the other and joining the pelvises we perform Khechari Mudra leaning backwards, as if looking at the sun with our eyes and with our tongue tightly pressed on the deep palate. The Mudra is performed at least twice.