10 eating habits that will transform your life

Conscious TV

June 18, 2021

The influence of meals on mood, health, fitness, emotional state, cognitive abilities and general state of consciousness is becoming increasingly clear. The fast pace at which technology is driving us means that we have less opportunity to pay attention to the present moment, and this is particularly acute at mealtimes.

Every day more and more of us attach fundamental importance to the act of eating, but the reality is that most people still do not pay any attention to the way they eat, doing so like mere automatons. These recommendations, the result of many years of reading, research and personal experience, are dedicated to all of them:

  1. Choose the food you eat wisely. This is especially important now that the vast majority of the diets available to us are of very low energy and nutritional quality, if not downright toxic. Be aware of how each meal you eat feels to your body and avoid those that you feel may be causing you harm. Try to select less processed foods and dissociate elements that you feel do not combine well in the same meal.
  2. Stop for a meal and create a space dedicated exclusively to this activity. Never eat on your feet while running or in a hurry, as this will greatly affect your digestion and your health.
  3. Give importance to the moments and elements prior to the meal. The shopping, the table, the tableware, the way the food is cooked, all have a great influence on the final result. The visual aspect and the smells influence our mind and body exerting a great transforming power. Of course, turn off the TV, mobile phone, computer or any other element that could spoil this sacred moment.
  4. Bless the meal as an act of respect and self-awareness. It doesn't matter if you don't follow any religion, make a small ritual with words that thank the material in its previous states, those who prepare it or remember those who can't enjoy this moment.
  5. Eat consciously. Be aware of the way your back is positioned, the feel of the spoon in your hand, the harmony of your movements as you bring it to your mouth and the warmth of the food as it comes into contact with your palate. Try to be in the present moment with each portion of meal that passes through your mouth, enjoy it and savour it as if it were the greatest of gifts.
  6. Chew your food a lot and focus on the actual act of chewing while avoiding distractions. They say that a minimum of 30 times will make it much easier for you to enjoy the meal, digest the food and extract the nutrients.
  7. Eat slowly and quietly. This will give you the opportunity to be more present and will benefit your health. Let your mind's energy focus on the act itself and not on the conversation.
  8. Don't drink water during the meal, drink it before or 1 hour after, so that the water doesn't dampen the "fire" of your digestion. Do not drink very cold water either. Ayurvedic masters recommend these simple practices and if you follow them you will soon discover their benefits.
  9. Don't eat too much. It's better to feel a little hungry and eat several meals a day. You will feel less heavy and will be able to digest better.
  10. Be aware of how the meal has made you feel. Observe the sensations it left you with, the taste in your mouth, the acidity, the heaviness, the drowsiness, the small discomforts that will allow you to start the diet cycle next time with more success.