Trafalgar Consciente presentation event, come and meet us!

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

The practice of ancestral spiritual disciplines is increasing year by year. From Consciente we believe that we must facilitate the rapprochement between the public interested in personal development and expert teachers in different disciplines, that is why we have created Trafalgar Consciente. The meeting will take place from June 22 to 26 in an incomparable setting at the foot of the Trafalgar lighthouse in Caños de Meca (Barbate, Cadiz).

The official presentation of Trafalgar Consciente will take place on March 16 at 20:00 hrs in the Espacio Ronda hall in Madrid. This first event will be a meeting point for experts in various conscious disciplines such as yoga, tantra or meditation, who will share their experiences with anyone who wishes to come and reserve their place for free *. This meeting will take place in Madrid to facilitate the approach from various parts of Spain and will be attended by teachers from different disciplines, artists and representatives of the City of Barbate.

All those interested, in addition to making inquiries to experts from different communities such as Kundalini, Osho or Hare Krishna and learn about the practice of these disciplines during the meeting, may register for the event in Caños de Meca. They will also learn firsthand how the project came about and will be participants of surprises that anticipate what they will be able to experience during Trafalgar Consciente.

Caños de Meca is the place chosen to host the first edition of Trafalgar Consciente because it is a unique and magical setting where pagan rituals have been performed for more than 2000 years. For five days, from June 22 to 26, everyone who wishes to attend will be able to enjoy yoga workshops, kundalini dance, tantra, yoga, transpersonal therapy, meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating and many more.

In addition to putting these disciplines into practice, attendees will be able to enjoy various shows, including a performance by the musical group Mirabai Ceiba, among many others.

* Information of interest about the launching event of Trafalgar Consciente:

  • Day: March 16
  • Time: 8 pm
  • Place: Espacio Ronda hall in Madrid (Calle Ronda Segovia 50)
  • Please confirm (free admission upon reservation until full capacity is reached):