Mayan Wisdom

Conscious TV

June 30, 2021

The Maya culture is a Mesoamerican culture developed by the so-called Mayan people, with a unique and exciting tradition, with millennia of history in America. A culture that created a special writing system in pre-Columbian history, called glyphic, consisting of complex symbols or glyphs that represent either whole words or just syllables, a culture closely linked to the earth, astronomy and mathematics; a culture, in short, sacred that loved above all nature and had a special connection with it.

It is in this context, in this culture, that Antonio Oxté, known to all as the Mayan grandfather, speaks to us. One of the last representatives of a society that is in tune with nature. From the depths of the jungle of the Mayan Riviera, Antonio teaches us with a special connection to the land through which his ancestors have passed. A journey that will take you a step beyond regulated religions or prejudices to a spirituality based on love.

Grandfather Maya has a smile that is contagious, a look that radiates illusion and is able to guide you through a deep and radiant discourse of happiness. It is about taking a step back in civilization to achieve a special union with nature: a union that we have irremediably left aside as we live in the asphalt, in the big cities, where consumerism has pushed us to destroy what we should respect the most. Grandfather was initiated in the science of body, mind and consciousness at an early age and since then he has dedicated himself to preach an ancestral wisdom, a knowledge that speaks to us of mathematics and sacred geometry. Ki and Nám, two guiding principles also present in millenary cultures such as Chinese or Hinduism, are interwoven in the sacred form of Maya spirituality. Thanks to mathematical abstraction, invisible and sacred, we can give form to numbers and letters, represented in geometry. Pishám, or vibration of mother earth, encloses life, perhaps the most sacred thing that exists for the ancient Mayan culture and has endured to this day.

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